Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me? – Is It Normal?

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Me

Dogs are naturally affectionate animals, and so they will quickly build up a bond with their owners and even with other members. Nonetheless, too much affection and obsession can be dangerous both for you and your dog.

And as a matter of fact, many dog people observe that their dog has been following them everywhere in the home and even showing signs of possessiveness.

Hence, we always come across the question, “Why is my dog obsessed with me?”

It could be for many different reasons. First off, many dogs are bred for centuries as “Velcro dogs.” These dogs will like to stick beside their owners, often referred to as ‘clingy.’ Another reason could be your dog is reinforced to stick to you. It happens when the dog identifies he is only given good food and treats when he shows obsessiveness.

However, such over obsessions or clinginess can be pretty dangerous. Also, right on the opposite side, some people complain that their dog doesn’t love them as much as they would like.

In this Embora dogs guide you’ll learn the following:

  • Reasons for dog obsessiveness
  • Its possible outcomes
  • Dangers related to it, and how to prevent such clinginess
  • And increase the bond between you and your clawed friend.

So, it’s a total solution to dogs’ affection with you.

Why Has My Dog Become So Clingy?

If you find your dog following you everywhere, from the garden to the washroom, it could be due to clinginess. And more interestingly, clinginess isn’t an instinct.

Yes, it is a behavior of learned dogs. Dogs over their centuries of attachment with humans have developed such clingy behavior. However, not all breeds will show such clinginess. So, why do some dogs show such clinginess?

Dogs will learn and adapt their behavior depending on how we behave and interact with them. You may knowingly or unknowingly give the dog the following sign, “Follow me, and you will get a reward.”

So, how does it happen?

Well, many owners will give treats or food to their dogs whenever it follows them in the kitchen. Also, some owners will teach their dogs to lie close to them or follow them before giving their food. This way, dogs will subtly learn the trait of following their owners for some reward.

It helps dogs develop clinginess. Plus, if you pat and give too much attention to puppies, they will make it a habit. As they grow up, they will feel insecure whenever left alone. So, they will follow their owners too.

However, the most common cause of dogs’ clinginess is the aged and older dogs losing their eyesight and hearing loss. If a dog experiences a cognitive decline, its world will become unfamiliar to it. So, it will suddenly become clingy.

Last but not least, some dogs become clingy if they feel that their owners have become anxious or stressed due to some reason. Also, an anxious dog will be clingy, too, following its owners everywhere like an over-possessive lover.

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Why is my dog obsessed with me? (possible 5 reason)

Your canine friend is naturally obsessed with you. However, if you see it getting obsessed too much with you, there could be some particular reasons. It includes-

1. Separation Anxiety

dog Separation Anxiety can cause obsessed with owner

All dog breeds love companionship. So, they love being with someone always. But dog parents may leave them alone for long hours during daytime and office hours. So, when owners come back, the dog will want to be with them as long as possible. So, they become obsessive.

2. Aging

As a dog approaches its old days, it will most likely lose vision and hearing ability. Thus, they become more dependent on their owner for survival, such as food, drinking, and care. It is seen more in senior dogs when they start facing cognitive dysfunctions.

3. Reinforced Behavior

dog Reinforced Behavior

This reason is directly linked with the upbringing of your dog. If you compel the dog to follow or lie beside you for food or treats, it will soon become obsessive. Also, if a dog has a definite routine of playtime and walking, it will stick to the owner during that time of the day.

4. Introduction Of New Pet

Don’t think that dogs don’t have emotion. Likewise, humans, dogs too become jealous. So, when you introduce a new pet (dog or cat) at home, the dog will most likely get jealous of it. At this time, the dog will show obsessiveness towards the owners.

5. Seeking Attention

My dog Seeking my Attention

If you see too much obsession from the dog, it could signify that the dog is seeking attention. If they sense any ignoring, they will become overly obsessed and stick to you.  Also, some puppies fear loneliness and so, they will stick with their owners.

Why Is My Dog So Obsessed with Me All of a Sudden?

If your dog has become overly obsessed with you suddenly, it might feel insecure. Due to sudden changes in their surroundings, lodging, and especially if you bring a new pet at home, it happens.

Furthermore, a senior dog will become overly clingy when it senses early cognitive dysfunction. As they start losing hearing and vision, they will become obsessed with their owners as a safety precaution.

Is It Bad That My Dog Is Obsessed with Me?

An affectionate dog is a lucky companion. However, the same can’t be said for an overly obsessed dog. It becomes a matter of concern when the dog starts avoiding other members at home and keeps following only you.

Also, some dogs become obsessed with you due to some medical issues. It has any fracture and cannot move; it will stick to one member as a sign of help. So, you need to consult the vet and treat its sickness.

Also, too much obsession of dog may lead to its aggression. So, you must be careful of it.

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Being Obsessed with Me?

Clinginess or over the obsession of dogs to its owners can be dangerous. Hence, you need to tackle such obsession ASAP as you see the dog growing it.  You may follow these techniques-

  1. Whenever you see possessiveness in your dog, increase its exercise time. A dog will tire down soon with a good session of exercise. Thus, it will lack both interest and energy to follow you around the home.
  2. You may consider creating a special place for the dog. You can create it near the dog’s bed. We recommend you including the dog’s favorite toys in the space. So, the dog will love spending time in that special place instead of following you everywhere. Plus, you may give it treats, which will further inspire it to stay close to the special place.
  3. Sometimes dog becomes clingy since it feels boring. You can give it some interactive toys to remove its boredom. The interactive toys will stimulate the dogs’ minds and help in getting rid of obsessiveness.

You can watch this YouTube videos for more information

How Do I Show My Dog That I Love Him?

  1. Positive reinforcement can be a great way to express your love for the dog. When you train the dog, always treat it with some food, patting, or some form of reward.
  2. Dogs and cats crave their owners’ attention. One way of giving attention is to offer a human touch to the dog. Some forms of a belly rub, gentle massage, or ear scratches will allow you to express love for it.
  3. This might seem absurd but engaging in deep conversation with your dog is another way of expressing love. You can sit close to it and start talking. A dog will recognize your voice this way and will increase the affection between you and him.

Why Do Some Dogs Attach to One Person?

 Dogs Attach with owners

If a dog gets more attention and time from one person, it will naturally get more attached. This is a pretty normal incident, and you don’t need to worry about it. The fondness may grow due to intimate conversation, training, interactive walks, and spending time with the dog.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs will choose their favorite person depending on human behavior. If a person is paying attention to it, serving food, offering rewards, and walking with it, the dog will love him the most. Also, dogs have a great sense of identifying who is friendly to them and who is not.

Dogs use such a sense to identify their favorite person.

How to Deal with Overly Clingy Behavior?

A dog may become overly clingy due to many reasons. But if it a senior dog, its clinginess might be caused by a sudden loss of hearing and vision. Thus, you need to consult the vet and see if the dog has any underlying medical issues.

Also, for younger dogs, try to identify why they have become clingy. Sometimes, they will show clinginess due to stress and anxiety. So, observe their behavior and find the solution for stress. You can also provide enough exercise or create a special place for the dog to easily get rid of clingy behavior.


We hope dog people have got their answer to the question, “Why is my dog obsessed with me?” Luckily, this is a pretty common incident among dogs, so it doesn’t need much concern. However, if its obsession becomes too much, you need to find a way to eliminate such clingy behavior. You can give the dog interactive toys, create a special place or increase its physical activity through exercises to remove its clinginess.



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