Why Does My Dog Smell Like Metal/Iron? – [Causes & Solutions]

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Metal/Iron?

Has your dog ever smelled like metal? Does that get you worried? It is quite a normal feeling as a concerned pet parent. We often associate the metallic smell with blood, so we instantly look for signs of an injury, only to find none.

Then why does my dog smell like metal? There could be many reasons for this and most of them are related to their health. For starters, we can say this metallic smell comes from full anal glands. That is correct, their impacted anal glands that may need expressing by a professional.

Why does my dog smell like metal?

Now the most important question arises as to how the glands are responsible for all this. Your dog’s glands secrete fluids that are supposed to be flushed out naturally when they defecate.

However, if it doesn’t then that raises concerns as this may cause a blockage that may result in infections. It is advisable that you take your munchkin to the veterinarian to seek help.

The Causes

There could be many reasons for this anal gland issue, like obesity, food allergies, abnormal anatomy (like born with narrow ducts), and diarrhea. This is why you must pay heed to all the changes in Daisy.

The Solution

The glands may have to be expressed and we recommend this be handled by a dog groomer or a professional only. You should not try it at home because the area is sensitive and may get inflamed if not treated with care.

why does my dog smell like iron

What does smelling metallic mean?

Yeah, why do pets stink at times? There could be many reasons for this and we have already stated a few in the above segment. In simple words, what we can say about smelling metallic is that dogs have flora inside them. It is quite possible that this flora starts to reek, which could be due to medical reasons.

Hence, paying your vet a visit is a way out of this quandary. Your vet knows your pet in and out, which is why you must take your poodle to them. In fact, a monthly visit can keep most of these health problems at bay.

Please note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

Why do female dogs stink?

As a matter of fact, there could be more reasons for their stench. The first thing we must discuss is when they are in heat. To be honest, this is the smell that male dogs find very alluring.

Nonetheless, they reek owing to health problems as well and for this, you must keep an eye on them. Let us have a look at some of these causes in short.

Canine Reproduction

Nature has designed its creatures with unique smells and dogs can sense this as they are blessed with a nose that can detect this. An intact female dog has this scent around her due to hormonal changes.

They start bleeding, which is a mark of them entering the reproductive cycle. Many a time, we as owners may find this to be stinky. Dogs have this innate need to reproduce and their ability to smell it in an intact female makes it easy.

Health Issues

Besides, the heat cycle, there are many more things to look into as far as these whiffs are concerned. One such health hazard is known as Metritis, which happens due to the swelling of the uterus lining. This may be caused by unborn puppies or inflammation of the placenta.

Pyometra is yet another factor that may rake up some stench in female dogs. This can be life threatening and is often found in aged intact females. Not to mention that both these conditions call for an office visit to the vet.

Apart from these aforementioned aspects, there can be bacterial, yeast, and ear infections that you need to check on for a bad odor in your munchkin. Oh, Daisy may be having poor dental hygiene, or of course, the anal gland trouble pretty much makes also up for this pong.

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Can dehydration cause metallic taste?

Most animals need water to maintain that healthy body function, and the same applies to our furry friends too. They sweat, defecate, urinate, and pant, which makes them lose water through evaporation. Their paws let the water evaporate and this means they should be drinking water to compensate for this. All this causes dehydration dogs in general.

In humans it does, but we will request you to get it clarified from your vet as they know it best. For even if they do, they need a health check-up.

Why does my dog’s breath smell like metal?

This metallic whiff can occur because Tommy has licked it anal glands that are leaking, may have chewed on something that has led to bleeding of gums, kidney problems, dental troubles, or an ulcer. There is more to this and we have laid all of it down in this post, like:

  • Kidney problems – Believe it or not, metallic breath could be a tell-tale sign of a kidney problem.
  • Ulcers – Just don’t discard this idea that your beloved may have an ulcer in its stomach. Go to the vet and get them checked.
  • Diabetes – That is correct, diabetes can also make their breath reek like a metal. A diabetic pooch lacks insulin and its body starts breaking fat instead of sugar. This process is called ketosis and it produces ketones that smell like metal on their breath.  
  • Infected Gums – Gum infection and rotting of teeth is a common sight in older dogs. It is better to get them examined for this.
  • Teething – Similarly, puppies may have metallic breath due to teething. This is fairly normal, but if it raises an alarm because you are the concerned dog parent, then you know what to do.
  • Oral Tumor – An influx of bacterial growth in the mouth can be a source of an oral tumor. In addition to years of bad oral hygiene and neglect of oral health can be the foundation of this.
  • Diet – This has to be looked into as well when you are asking about a mutt’s breath. Food when undigested can cause bloating and also this metallic stench.
  • Chewed – Okay, this is something that may happen to any dog. They have chewed on a bone and a splinter from it may have made a laceration in their mouth. This certainly could have caused the breath to smell like metal.
  • Anal Glands – We have already mentioned this and yes, this can be a cause as well.

Why does my dog’s vomit smell like metal?

Now, this is something very serious, as to why would a dog throw up? For they may not be keeping well and that makes it rather grave. Take your dog immediately to a veterinarian if their vomit smells like metal.

The moment you realize that your coochie-coo is smelling like metal, you must give them a bath. You know they may have been in places that they shouldn’t and hence the odor. Nonetheless, if the unpleasant smell still lingers, then please pay a visit to your vet immediately.

The bottom line is you should not ignore this whiff. In fact, you must guard up to start paying attention to the needs of your pet.

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