Why does my dog lick my bed: pillows & blankets? [Reason, Hints]

Now, if you have a pooch that licks your bed, you may be baffled by its behavior. Do you want to know why does my dog lick my bed? Then read this post until the end, as it can provide you with all the possibilities that lead your dog to such kind of behavior.

Why does my dog lick my bed

Why does my dog like my bed so much? The reason

Okay, so your woofer had been trying to get into bed with you. Don’t worry, as it is a good sign. Oh come on now, you are a pet parent and know that your sweetie cannot do without you. If you are not worried about the fur covered bed, then there is nothing to be apprehensive about.

You know what, much like wolves, dogs too are pack animals. They prefer to stay in packs and remain in touch (yes, even physically) with one another. Have you seen newborn puppies? They all snuggle and sleep together, this should be a tell-tale sign of how they may act in the future with their masters too.

That is right, they want to feel the love when they sleep beside you in the same bed. This can be a sign of how happy they are as this is the only way they can express their love. If only they could speak, we would have known for sure, but if you follow them, then their behavior will tell you all about it.

One More Point

Another way of explaining the response to this question – why does dog lick my bed, will be to say they want to protect you by cuddling up against you in bed. That makes sense as well, as we know dogs are protectors.

We have this Golden Retriever and it keeps on getting into bed with us. We don’t mind and allow him to get cozy with us. So, this means it is totally up to you and your friend to come to an understanding of this. We encourage his wags and jumps because we are truly in love with him.

Why does my dog lick me when I’m sleeping?

In simple words, licking quite obviously means “I love you.” However, if that makes you anxious, then we will recommend taking your munchkin to the vet. You may get it tested for mineral deficiency.

There could be many reasons why dogs lick when you are sleeping. You may also consider that they want you to walk them may be in the middle of the night. They are trying to wake you up by not disturbing you, but by gently licking you and asking for it.

Then there are more thoughts, like:

  • May be you get nightmares and are unaware of it, your pooch tries to calm you down during such fits
  • You may be sleepwalking without even realizing it
  • You snore and your friend is trying to alert you in case you stopped breathing

Do consult a doctor for sleeping disorders if your vet finds nothing wrong with your dog’s health. You know dogs are sensitive, which is why there seeing-eye dogs for the blind, seizure detection dogs for epileptic people, and hearing-ear dogs for the hearing impaired. Take it from us that mutts are smart and they can be a good companion for you.

Why do dogs lick furniture and bedding?

Dogs are very delightful creatures that need your attention all the time. That is very true and you need to play with them to show you appreciate them continually. So, you can imagine that they get bored easily when you are not paying them any attention. Many a time it has been noticed that out of this boredom and loneliness that they tend to start licking your furniture.

Nonetheless, if this licking is constant, then you must consider paying a visit to the veterinarian. This could be on the extreme due to Obsessive Compulsive Behavior or OCD in your dog. This can happen on other accounts due to a deficiency disease as well. Either way, you must consult a doctor for this kind of erratic behavior.

Stress and anxiety can also be another cause for this licking. You know dogs self-soothe and if there is a recent change in their environment, like moving to a new house can also be a trigger factor. Your furry friend prefers sticking to a routine and a sudden variation can bring out some behavioral changes in them as well.

How do I stop my dog from excessive licking?

Look, you can always stop them from excessive licking. Many dog parents are of the opinion that they should not be punishing their mutt because of this. We too share the same thoughts and ask you to train them with positive reinforcement. That is to say, “Leave it,” and if they stop licking then reward them with treats.  

Ignorance Is A Bliss

One more way of stopping this licking is by ignoring when they start licking. This will mean you are not noticing them while they display their antics. It is better to curb this habit in the crib over trying to mend their ways. You see as parents also we have advised people to ignore certain bad habits in your children and the same works for your pooch too.

Please note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

Why does my dog lick my pillows and blankets?

May be they like the taste! Yes, we are serious, no kidding. Your sweetheart likes the taste of you on the pillow! Whoa, sounds weird but is true, because it has dead skin, sweat, and other residues that makes the pillow salty. Seems like your pup has taken a liking for that taste and keeps at it for the same.

Scared Of Separation

It may be suffering from what is called separation anxiety. May be you remain out of the house for a substantial period of time. Like you may be working and your canine friend misses during those hours. They may be scared of you going away and leaving them behind. This makes them miss you and that transforms into licking bed sheets, pillows, and blankets.

What does it mean when your dog licks your pillow?

The bottom line is they want to soothe themselves and they start acting strange. In fact, what we say is that we find it to be “strange.” They may be scared of separation, may have a deficiency, or just having bouts of OCD. We will advise you to take them to a vet and get them examined for this behavior; if it looks concerning.

Otherwise, you can simply ask them not to do it and show that you do not approve of such behavior. Get the message across and they will certainly understand as they are more thoughtful than you can think of.

See, all we can say is that you should not punish Tommy for licking your bed. Just find out an answer to why does my dog lick my bed. Instead of punishing, you can simply keep them busy with other activities to divert their attention.

For we believe in positive reinforcement by treating them when they stop licking. This will help in more ways than you can think of. Try it once!

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