Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea At Night? (Reason And Treatment)

Why does my dog have diarrhea at night only

Although awkward, many dog people ask this common question to us, “Why does my dog have diarrhea at night?” Yes, we keep coming across the question almost too frequently. While most people think that nighttime diarrhea of the dogs is caused due to some unusual bacteria or diseases, the actual reasons are pretty familiar.

The main reason for the nighttime diarrhea of a dog is the sudden change in its diet and trying too many different food menus for it. Parasites, allergies, or reactions to a certain kind of medication could be the other reasons.

The bad news is that dogs suffering from diarrhea at night are the worst victim than usual diarrhea suffered dogs. Hence, these sickened dogs need special care and attention. Thus, you might be keen to know the treatment of such diarrhea cases of your clawed buddy. Also, you should know what to do if diarrhea doesn’t cure even after a few days of home treatment and diet change.

In this Embora dogs guide you’ll learn the following:

  • 5 Causes for Diarrhea in Dogs at Night
  • What can I give my dog for bloody diarrhea?
  • Diarrhea A Sign Of Infection In Dogs?
  • Why Dog Become So Clingy and more..

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What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs at Night?

There could one or more reasons for a dog having diarrhea at night. The common causes are-

1. Change in the diet:

The main reason is the sudden and frequent change of the dog’s diet. Dog owners often try different kibbles or canned food for their buddies. While continuing a specific kibble or canned food isn’t ideal, a sudden change is too not feasible.

 Change in the diet can Causes Diarrhea

The sudden change of the dry food can be caused due to the rise in price or the item not being available in the market. But, the change of such change in the food menu may upset the dog’s stomach. Also, when you change the puppy’s diet from puppy foods to adult dog food for the 1st time, it may not tolerate the change. Thus, nighttime loose motion can be a common phenomenon in such situations.

2. Parasite attack:

A deeper concern regarding the nighttime diarrhea of dogs is the parasite attacks. The dog’s intestine is full of different parasites, and some of them may come from the outside source to upset the balance. For instance, if a dog drinks water from an unsafe and contaminated source, it is most likely to get caught by the E.coli bacteria, the main culprit of diarrhea and water-borne diseases.

Parasite attack

 Also, dirty food or contaminated water will carry hookworm, giardia, coccidian, or the common roundworm. These parasites can upset the intestine too.  If the dog already has a weak immune system, it will most likely fall prey to these parasites. Also, puppies are incredibly vulnerable to such parasite attacks.

3. Due to medication:

A somewhat rare cause of diarrhea of dogs at night could be due to the side effects of medication. When you use any antibiotics or medicated cream to help the dog in different illnesses, it could also be the cause of stomach upsets. For instance, Desitin is used to heal the rashes, scratches, and minor wounds on the dog skin. It contains zinc oxide, which, if ingested, would upset the dog’s tummy.

Also, antibiotics will kill both bad and good bacteria, which will imbalance the intestine of the dog for a short period. It can thus cause temporary diarrhea lasting for few hours only.

4. Allergies:

Just like humans, dogs are prone to allergy and intolerance to a certain food as well. Dogs can be hypersensitive or insensitive to high fat, protein, gluten, or carbohydrates. Such intolerance to food may lead to diarrhea and gas build-up in the dog.

dog Allergies

It may vary from one breed to another. Also, some breeds may be sensitive to the sudden ambiance as well. So, consult the vet to know the proper ambiance and food chart of the particular breed.

5. Illness and anxiety:

If the dog is suffering from any diseases, diarrhea at night could be a side-effect too. It can be the signal of an inflammatory bowel system or weak immune too. Furthermore, a sudden change in the living ambiance or a change in ownership puts too much stress on the dogs. It could also lead to sleep disturbance and diarrhea.

What Should I Do If My Dog Has Bloody Diarrhea?

Although diarrhea at night isn’t a red signal for dogs, bloody diarrhea could be. When you see blood coming out with poops or stools, you must take immediate action.

When you see blood in the dog’s stool, observe it properly, even if it seems awkward to you. Check whether the stool is bright bloody colored, or darken.  It will help you better to describe it to the vet instead of calling him to inspect the poop physically.

When you consult the vet, follow his medication and diet chart until the dog comes round. You need to act fast to save the health of the dog during the bloody diarrhea occurrence.  

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What Is the Most Common Cause of Diarrhea in Dogs?

Diarrhea in a dog can be caused due to many issues.

It includes-

  1. If you suddenly change the food of the dog and it doesn’t suit the dog’s intestine. Since the dog’s intestine will be accustomed to a certain type of kibbles and dry food, instant change of it will cause intestinal imbalance.
  2. Sometimes parasites come inside the intestine as the dog drinks water from contaminated sources. It will upset the dog’s stomach.
  3. Dogs’ are emotional. Thus, due to a change of ownership or residence, they go through extreme anxiety and stress. It will also cause diarrhea.
  4. At times diarrhea could be a symptom of a serious disease such as an inflammatory bowel system. Also, dogs with high fever will suffer from loose poop.
  5. Many dog breeds are genetically not fit for different ambiance and food items. If their die has too much protein or gluten, it will also cause diarrhea.

When Should I Be Concerned About My Dog’s Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is pretty common in dogs. However, if you see it continuing for more than 24 hours or happening too frequently, you should pay an immediate visit to the vet. Also, if diarrhea worsens or you see signs of dehydration of the dog, call the vet instantly.

Is Diarrhea a Sign of Infection in Dogs

Yes, bad or loose stool can also be a sign of inflection and bacterial attack on the dog. Viruses such as coronavirus, distemper, or parvovirus can upset the stomach. Also, salmonella or e.coli bacteria are responsible for such frequent visits to the bathroom.

If you see weakness, loss of appetite, or lethargy in the dog, these could be the signs that the diarrhea is caused by the infections. Also, if the dog has a large wound in its body, it will put stress and anxiety on it. And a stressed and anxious dog will most likely face diarrheal problems.

How Can I Stop My Dog’s Diarrhea Fast?

If your dog has caught diarrhea, you can and should first try the home remedies to stop diarrhea fast. The treatments include-

  • You can offer rice water to the dog. You need to boil high-quality rice properly. Then serve only the water by removing the grain from it. You may add puppy food or broth to it to increase palatability and nutrition.
  • Also, you can serve the boiled white rice directly. You may consider adding tendered chicken with it.
  • Experts also prefer offering canned pumpkins to treat the diarrhea fast of their dog.
  • Probiotics such as yogurt will assist in healing diarrhea quickly.
  • Boiled potatoes or the white part of the egg will also help the dog fight with the upset stomach faster.

Treatment of Acute Sudden Diarrhea in Dogs

If your dog is facing sudden and acute diarrhea, stop the food for the next 10-12 hours. It may seem cruel; it works magically. After 12 hours, start feeding the dog with boiled white rice and then add boiled chicken to its menu. You can also consider adding probiotics as a supplementary food item for the time being.

What Ingredient in Dog Food Causes Diarrhea?

This question hasn’t got any definite answer as it may vary from one breed to another. For instance, dairy items are the reason for stomach upsets for many dog breeds and particular dogs. Also, foods with high gluten will most likely cause such stomach issues.

Raw food is another cause of the problem. Raw food, especially meats, will have different parasites and bacteria, which might cause the problem.

Please note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

What Can I Do If My Dog Has Had Diarrhea for 4 Days Straight?

If you see diarrhea continuing for more than 4 days even after providing the right diet, you must pay a visit to the vet. Consult the vet and ask for the remedies. There’s no other option to it.


We hope that you have got all of your answers regarding the question of why does my dog have diarrhea at night. The most common causes are a sudden change in the diet, shifting from one brand of dry food to another, illness, infections, and parasite attacks. At times excessive stress and drinking contaminated water will also upset the stomach.

You need to stop the food for the next 12 hours and see how the dog behaves. In most cases, the dog will recover within the next 12 to 15 hours. Then, you can start the regular diet slowly with boiled white rice and probiotics on the list.

If the situation worsens or diarrhea occurs frequently, you need to consult the vet and give him/her a detailed description of the dog’s poop for its fast medication and recovery.



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