Why Does Drew Lynch Have A Service Dog? [ Reasons & Facts]

Why Does Drew Lynch Have A Service Dog? [Reasons & Facts]

All the stand-up comedy lovers, raise your hands. Do you remember the runner up guy in the tenth season of the Americas Got Talent 2015?

Guess who? Yes, you are right! We are talking about Drew Lynch_ who became the inspiration for millions of Americans by giving a message that every disability is actually your ability to prove that you are unique.

Actually, lynch has a speech impediment, an unfortunate accident gave him the gift of noticeable stuttering, but he never gave up. Now, he is living a successful life and he gives most of the credit to his service dog_Stella.

Are you wondering why Drew Lynch have a service dog?

According to Drew Lynch, his service dog Stella helps him when he suffers from anxiety attacks due to severe stutter. Stella can sense when Lynch becomes panic due to sensory overload, and she assists him to become normal again. Moreover, most of his comedy features Stella as a character in the “Dog Vlog “ on his youtube channel.

Not only Drew Lynch has a service dog, some other famous personalities including George Bush and Carrie Fisher also had service dogs. These incredible service providers are proved to really helpful in improving the quality of life of the people suffering from disabilities.

Are you curious to know how Stella improved the quality of Lynch’s Life?  If yes, you just need to read this article till the end. We have mentioned all aspects of how a service dog proves to be a companion of good or bad times. 

Introduction Of Drew Lynch

For the people who don’t know much about Lynch, let me introduce the guy. His full name is Andrew Lynch. He is 29 years old American national and was born in August 1991. 

The turning point came when he was 20, he got struck by a softball on his throat during a sports program. At that time, he had a concussion. That traumatic incident gave him a permanent stutter. Being a courageous guy, he realized that life didn’t stop here. So he started efforts to put life in his childhood dream of becoming an actor.

He started observational comedy, black comedy, self-depreciation, insult, and musical comedy. He became popular after his appearance in the tenth season of America Got Talent 2015. He told the judges that he wanted to show the world how to bring positivity in one’s life. Eventually, he was the second guy behind the winner in the finale.

His stand up comedy career starts from here. Now, he is a regular content creator on social media sharing website youtube, he owns a comedy channel with two million-plus subscribers.

In his channel, most of his content references Stella as a character. In his funny videos, Stella is featured as a moody character with ridiculous comments over his head.

The purpose of his videos is to show the viewers the impact of a service dog on his life. That’s why his content is funny with an educational taste.

What Disease Does Drew Lynch Have?

Most of you may wonder what disease does Drew Lynch have? Let’s answer briefly, when Lynch was 20, he was hit by a softball in his throat during a sport… His throat got injured and he had a concussion. When he woke up, he found himself with a speech disability, a permanent stutter.

He has significant problems with normal flow and fluency of speech. He knows what to say but he has difficulty in saying words. He repeats or prolongs a word, he takes pauses during the speech when he reaches a problematic sound or word. As a result, he has panic and anxiety attacks.

What Kind Of Dog Does Drew Lynch Have?

Do you want to know what kind of dog Drew Lynch has? Actually, Drew is the handler of a service dog named Stella. She is a Hungarian Vizsla by breed. She is an invaluable addition to Lynch’s life. She is a medium-sized multi-purpose hunting dog with an athletic body. She is not only intelligent but also assists Lynch when he feels uncomfortable due to stuttering. She is an amazing service provider and helps in the recovery of Lynch from anxious situations.

In addition, most of the comedy videos on Lynch’s youtube channel features Stella as a character. He talks to Stella and her funny replies are in comments above his head. No doubt, service dogs increase the confidence level of the handlers, plus they are proved to be antidepressants for the people suffering from disabilities.

5 Reasons Why Drew Lynch Has A Service Dog?

It is not an uncommon situation that people with speech disabilities like stuttering face a lot of difficulties while communicating. They become nervous when they have to talk in front of a big crowd. In normal conditions, fear sits in their mind that people will mock them when they will talk.

As we have mentioned that Drew Lynch has a severe stutter. He is the owner of a service dog named Stella. Are you aware of the reasons for Lynch to own a service dog? If no then keep on reading to figure this out:

  1. Lynch’s service dog Stella recognizes the mood swings of his owner and helps him when he needs emotional support.
  2. As Lynch stutters, he faces social anxiety, again Stella assists him to overcome this situation.
  3. He can talk comfortably to his service dog as compared to other people, this improves his speech fluency.
  4. Stella contributes to improving the confidence level of Drew, as he can say everything to his service dog without any hesitation.
  5. Stella acts as a character in Lynch’s funny videos on youtube, she sits calmly beside her owner and understands what he wants her to do.

What Are Service Dogs?

Now you might be thinking of what actually service dogs are? Let’s explain, service dogs are also known as assistance dogs in the US. They are trained to help the person with a disability or special needs. They are trained either by an assistance dog organization or professional trainers.

According to the Americans with disabilities act(ADA), service dogs are trained to carry out the special needs of disabled people. They are allowed to accompany such people in the areas where other dogs are not permitted to enter. Their presence is critical for their owners, as they know how to help them in emergency situations.

Normally service dogs and pets both are defined differently. These are the dogs that perform given duties, on the other hand, pet dogs may make you feel good but don’t know how to assist you in difficult situations because they are not trained to do so. 

The list of the tasks that a service dog is trained to perform is given below, so keep rolling to learn more:

  • Service dogs can guide blind people.
  • They can help in pulling wheelchairs for people with special physical needs.
  • They remind the person with mental illness to take the medicine on time.
  • They can detect if the owner is having a seizure and protect him.
  • They have the ability to calm the person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).
  • They can recognize if a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is having a sensory overload.
  • They alert the people with deafness in case of any danger.

10 Reasons To Get A Service Dog?

Now you have understood well that service dogs are actually working dogs, these are not pets. They provide services for which they are trained. 

Here a question arises what are the reasons to get a service dog? In other words, what should be your eligibility criteria to get a service dog? 

Though there are many reasons to get a service dog we have mentioned only10 of them below:

  1. If you are blind, you can get a service dog because it can guide you.
  2. If you have any physical and mental disability, you can own an assisting dog as it can help you in emergency situations.
  3. Mostly aged people have a problem with memorizing things, a service dog can help them to remember the medicine time.
  4. People with physical needs or lost limbs have difficulty in picking far away things, these dogs can assist them by providing the necessities.
  5. A person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can have panic attacks, service dogs have the ability to calm down the person. So, you can get one if you are suffering from this situation.
  6. It is uncertain to know when a person with epilepsy may have a seizure, only a service dog can detect and alert the person before a seizure.
  7. If you are deaf, you should get a guide dog as it can make you alert in case of any danger.
  8. In the case of ADHA, when a person is so hyperactive that he becomes unaware of what he is doing, these dogs can save him from self-damage.
  9. If you have diabetes, you should own a service dog as it can sense the rise and fall of blood sugar and can even hand over you insulin or a snack 30 minutes before the severity of the situation.
  10. In case of any emergency, a service dog can even call 911 from a special device.
why does drew lynch have a service dog

How You Can Qualify To Get A Service Dog?

Let’s have a look at the following points to know the eligibility criteria for getting a service dog.

  • If you need a service dog for a child with autism, he must be at least 12 years old.
  • You can only get a service dog if you are able to control it independently.
  • You must be financially strong enough to fulfill the physical, emotional, and financial needs of your assistance dog.
  • You must be physically and cognitively capable of attending the training process for at least one hour daily.
  • You can only qualify to get a service dog if you have severe physical, mental, or neurological disorders.

Now, if you are eligible and get a service dog, you should put on him a service dog collar, so that the public may recognize him. Moreover, if you want to get full ADA access to restaurants, buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, and cruise ships, you should get this Xpress ID Holographic service for a dog ID card.

 If you are in a public place, these service dog patches will make other people not to behave like other pet dogs with your assistance dog. If you are traveling with your guide dog, this travel pet bag can prove to be really convenient. You may also need dog poop bags when you are outside your home. Don’t forget to put the tag of the service dog on him while traveling.

Can A Normal Person Have A Service Dog?

You might be wondering whether a normal person can get a service dog or not? The short answer is, a normal person can only own a service dog if he qualifies the eligibility criteria for getting it. He must be financially strong to fulfill the basic needs of assistance dogs. But in eligibility criteria, you must be suffering from a mental or physical disorder, then how you can be normal.

However, apart from assisting people with special needs, these dogs are also trained to control a herd of cattle, plus these are used in detecting criminals. Such dogs are also trained to serve for the customs department in the detection of the narcotics. Most of them are used to detect dead bodies and alive people from the rubble of fallen buildings. So normal people can only get these dogs if they have to train them to perform the mentioned tasks.

If you are the handler of a service dog, don’t leave your buddy without a leash in the public. 

Final Thoughts

Finally,  here is the end of our topic why Drew Lynch has a service dog.

So, the conclusion is, we should learn a message from Lynch’s life that one should never give up. Unless you are alive, you can turn your disabilities into your abilities.

Plus, Lynch gives most of the credit for his success to Stella. His life story depicts the impact of a service dog on people with special needs.

 If you are facing troubles with special needs, you should get a service dog to assist you in difficult situations.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with other fellows, as sharing is caring.

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