Why Do Pugs Scream? [9 Reasons + 10 Tips To Stop Them]

Reasons of pugs screaming and tips to stop them

Whenever you meet a screaming pug, at first it can be a bit funny and possibly make you laugh so hard. It is just like the little buddy is scolding or arguing with you. But there is a limit, and your ears cannot listen to this continuous piercing noise. 

If your pug doesn’t make it a habit then it’s Ok. But if it is a daily issue, it must be ruled out as it indicates bad behavior. 

If you are concerned about the same issue with your pug, Don’t worry, you clicked the right place. In this article, we will share the reasons for pugs Screaming and the tips to avoid this.

Why do pugs scream? Normally, pugs may scream as a reaction to any unwanted happening. It may happen during a nail grooming session or when they are feeling pain. They may also scream after seeing a nightmare or when they need to express their separation, anxiety, or excitement. Even they can make weird noises for no reason. It is just their way of vocalizing and communicating with us.

In fact, every pug will have a different personality, and not all of them will freak out. Being animals, as canines cannot talk like humans, they may communicate by whining, growling, barking, or howling. In other words, you can say that screaming is actually their way of expressing joy, excitement, anxiety, or frustration.

Why Do Pugs Make Weird Noises?

Firstly, we have to figure out the reasons briefly for why pugs make ear-piercing odd noises. The short answer is pugs make weird vocals in the reaction of any unusual situation. Or it may be their way of demanding food, water, or a toy. If they are in pain, they will surely express their feelings in a screaming manner. If they feel neglected, they may show this behavior for attention-seeking.

 But what about screaming behavior? Don’t you think that it might be irritating for someone else like your neighbors, elders at home, or when you have guests at home? Even if you have a toddler or newborn who sleeps after putting in a lot of effort, these screams can let him awake in no time. Of course, these screams are irritating.

Are you expecting dogs to talk like you? If yes, you shouldn’t own a pet because they won’t talk like humans, they can sense your tone, attitude, and the way you talk to them. These loyal friends respond to you in their vocals. Some people may label these as weird noises. However, if you have enough tolerance, and you are going to buy a charming little pug as a life companion, you will soon become accustomed to these vocalizations. 

Well, we have mentioned the reasons for pugs screaming in detail. You just need to scroll down to increase your knowledge.

9 Reasons For Pugs Screaming

As you know every dog has a distinct personality, the behavior problems may also vary depending on the physical needs, socialization, or other health issues. Not only pugs, but all other dogs may also scream on different events, it is somewhat a part of their normal behavior. However, other dogs may mostly use bark, howl, or whimper to communicate with us, But pugs are notorious for their unique screaming behavior just like a stubborn human kid.

Although there are so many reasons for a pugs screaming attitude, we are going to discuss a few of these in detail. So, have a look to figure this out:

1. Unexpected Situations

In my experience, pugs may scream when things are not happening as they desired. Though dogs may not think like humans, still they are smart enough to express that they are getting frustrated with this change.

 I remembered a youtube video in which a pug was screaming hysterically just because the owner had put his bed in the laundry room. The reason for changing the bedding area was that the owner had to clean the pug’s actual bedroom. So, the conclusion is, if you think it from a dog’s perspective, you may assume that the buddy didn’t like your decision of changing his bedroom. However, it makes sense, even we as humans feel frustrated if we have to sleep in someone else’s room. Click to see the video.

2. Separation Anxiety

It is pretty normal for dogs who are attached to their owners too much, they can face separation anxiety when you are away. Being loyal companions, pugs may also face this issue. To express their feelings, they scream as if they are being cut by someone.

This can happen when you are going to sleep. Even if you are going to buy some groceries and leave your pug in the car with someone else. Recently I joined a pugs parent forum, and I was surprised to learn that most of the parents were worried as their dogs won’t allow them to bathe. They scream as they think that the owner might not come back from the bathroom. It’s funny but at the same time a serious situation.  

3. Bathtime

Most pug parents have complained that their dogs play a long session of hiding and seek when it is bathtime. They scream like they are going to be kidnapped. However, It’s pretty normal that dogs don’t like to bathe. They need training when you are going to introduce new events in their routine.

Most pugs are scared of the bath because they may have a bad memory of slipping or gulping a large amount of water during swimming or shower. This can cause them to scream like hell. They may do this to tell you in their language that they won’t bathe. You should not be concerned if your pug does the same. This issue can be solved with proper training. You only need a good temperament.

4. Nail grooming session

Well, you may call the nail grooming session a battle time for nearly all the dogs and the same as for pugs. They may dramatically freakout while you will try to clip their nails. They will make odd sounds like they are in pain. Along with shouting, there are chances that they can bite and scratch you. That’s why new owners avoid cutting their pugs nails.

However, being small in size pugs are easy to control. Still, behavior therapy is needed to avoid this from becoming a habit.  

5. Scary Nightmare

You will be surprised to know that pugs see scary nightmares. Yes, they do, plus, they may scream as a reaction. What do you think they dream about? They may dream about chasing a rabbit or forcefully having a bath or some traumatic memory can make them shout during sleep.

 According to AKC, dogs enter the REM (rapid eye movement) phase in only 10% of their sleep.

During this time, their brain processes the information of the whole day. Any scary memory like a windstorm or a vet visit feeds in their mind and becomes a nightmare. If you can shout in your dream then why to complain about this innocent creature? Well, I think you are speechless. 

6. Excitement

Have you ever wondered when you meet your pug after a long time or even after some time, he screams? Why do they do so? It’s a way of expressing his excitement. You may think he is angry but he is excited to see you back. Similarly, a new toy, some new snacks, even they can react if you buy new furniture for your home.

It can be related to a video in which a pug screams just because he wants to win the race with the owner. They can also make these noises after seeing a guest or new house member.

7. Pain

If your pug is normally a quiet buddy but has started screaming just now, there are chances that he might be suffering from chronic pain. Other symptoms may include;

  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloated Tummy
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Injury

If you feel any of the above symptoms in addition to screaming, you should consult your vet to figure out the exact reason.

8. Boredom

Yes, your pet companion may cry for boredom. In fact, when a dog has nothing to do, he may scream as if he is asking you to play with him. If you are busy with your gadgets, he may dramatically scream to seek your attention. Dogs use screaming, whining, barking, and howling to communicate with you and other fellow pets.

However, you should try to investigate the actual reason for the pugs screaming. If everything is normal, paying attention to your furry friend will make him calm down.

9. Watching TVs

Some pugs may not like watching Tv, while others are very interested. They may scream in reaction to the changing events on the screen. You can assume that they do so in excitement. If you switch a dog’s fight channel on screen, they may get confused. They are more likely to respond to that dog on TV. 

Television is a quite different concept for dogs as they can see the people but cannot feel and scent them. If they keep on crying or become disturbed when you switch on the TV, It also means that they are sensitive to sounds or light of it, plus, their senses can be overwhelmed by gadgets.

why do pugs scream so much

10 Easy Tips to Stop Pugs From Screaming

Hopefully, you have well understood the reasons for pugs screaming. Now the question arises on how to avoid them doing so? Though it can be too irritating in certain situations, still they are telling you that something is uncomfortable.

Keep rolling to know the tips which may help you to solve this problem logically.

  1. A pug who screams at every unusual happening can calm down by your affection. Assure your love and ask him that it’s okay. If he stops, appreciate him and give him treats.
  2. Avoid such events that can cause frustration in your pug like a sudden change. However, if it is necessary, give company to your pet till he feels comfortable.
  3. To solve the screaming behavior related to the separation anxiety, arrange such toys that can make your buddy busy on his own. However, if you need an instant solution, play fetch with your pug, he will be distracted in minutes.
  4. Normally, the pup behaves aggressively during teething. He also screams before going to bed. Provide a chew toy before bedtime will solve this issue.
  5. Behavioral problems during nail grooming are mostly due to the sound of clippers that irritates the dogs, using a Dremel can solve the problem.
  6. Screaming during sleep can be avoided by keeping your dog crate next to you till he becomes quiet and feels secure. Make sure to provide a comfortable bed plus the bedroom should be quiet.
  7. To make your pug comfortable during the bath, you can use this bathtime buddy, just spread peanut butter.
  8. Use treat puzzles whenever you need to stop your pug instantly from screaming.
  9. If your pug screams continuously and doesn’t allow you to touch, take him to the vet, he must be in pain.
  10.  When your pug cries for demanding anything like a toy or food, he will be quiet after his need is fulfilled.

Why Do Pugs Scream For No Reason?

Do you want to know why pugs scream for no reason? Researches have shown that if you feel your dog is crying without any genuine reason, it’s your failure that you are unable to figure out the actual problem.

I met the veterinarian of my pug and asked the same question. His answer shocked me. He said that most owners come with complaints that the dog cries for no reason. Most causes that he found were severe than imagined like urticaria, internal injuries, kidney failure or joint dislocation, etc. So, a vet visit is very important if your pet is crying for a long time and you are not sure about the cause. 

Below are some causes that can make your pug shout and you are not understanding why he is doing so.

  • Serious medical issues that only a vet can understand.
  • Animals can see the evil spirits but you cannot. If you find them screaming by looking at someone who is not visible to your eyes, there may be an evil spirit.
  • Pugs may also feel jealous when you love other pets more. Similarly, they can react to your new boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • If their toy becomes stranded under the couch, they scream for help.

Are Pugs Annoying dogs?

Most people who want to be pugs owners keep on asking about are pugs annoying? In my experience, they are the most loyal, playful, and charming little souls. However, every dog may experience behavior problems that can be sorted out by the pet behavior therapists. Though they may also face certain health issues, still they can prove to be your best companions for life.

There is a solution to every problem. If you are planning to buy a pug as your Pet companion, you should select a puppy as young dogs are easy to train.

In short, pugs are not annoying at all. Generally, they have a quiet nature. Some of them scream on occasions. In addition to screaming, they also make other noises like farting and snoring. As they belong to the Brachycephalic breed, that’s why their unique facial anatomy causes snoring in them. 


Finally, our topic of screaming pugs came to an end.

In short, we concluded that pugs are pure-hearted loyal friends. Not all of them show the screaming behavior, only a few of them have this problem. 

They do this to show their concerns and demand their necessities. Simply, it is their way of communicating with us.

However, It is not a serious issue. You can easily solve this by following our tips.

Don’t forget to share this article with other pug parents as sharing is caring.

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