Why Are Pugs So Expensive To Buy? ( Reason and Comparison)

what feature makes pug so expensive to buy

Who will be your next companion? Is it Pug? Wait….Have you checked your budget? Can you afford its raising cost? So, think well before getting one for you.

You may need to worry about its medical bills more than its meal cost.

Read this article, in the end, your mind will be full of reasons that make pugs an expensive breed.

Pugs are really expensive because litter size ranges from only 3 to 5 puppies. Mother Pug has to pass through c-section as natural delivery is challenging. That’s why breeders have to bear heavy expenses on raising them. They are in high demand for ideal size, kinda status symbol, and impressive looks.

Not only pedigree but also non-pedigree breeds can cost too much. Plus, they are sensitive animals that can get sick many times. To meet the high demands of customers, breeders tend to use over breeding methods. That is responsible for dropping the health of this animal.

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Why are pugs so expensive to buy ? Top 5 Reasons

What makes Pugs pay more is essential to know. Here are a few factors that are responsible for the sudden rise in its price.

Let’s check out what are they:

1. Location

Do you want to export a pug? Or Do you buy it from nearby breeders?

One of the most important factors that determine the price of the pug is in which country you are buying it. For example, a man living in India will have to bear its travel expenses if he is willing to buy it from the USA.:

Here’s few points to get:

  • Pugs sold in the same country are relatively less expensive
  • Animal export needs special arrangements. So, pugs sold abroad cost too much.
  • Its price from one State of the US to another State might be different.

The price of the animal itself varies considerably within countries. Its price ranges from 500$ to 6000$.

If Asians love this animal, they have to spend extra bucks to bear its travel cost. The average shipment cost ranges from 270-500$. Gosh!

2. Popularity

Popular like a Super Dog!

Pugs are getting more and more popular day by day. With this popularity, their demand is increasing. However, their production is quite low. Let’s find out the reasons why it’s becoming more famous dog breed:

  • Rich people love to own them to show off their richness. For this reason, it has become a kind of status symbol. Previously, Royal families of China and America, tended to own them as pets. From here, it became a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Its size is ideal to raise and care. It’s not very big to worry about space. You can take it with you anywhere.
  • The loyalty of this dog breed is an unbeatable trait. It’s priceless and offers long-lasting companionship
  • They look notorious by face. That’s why people own them to play with their kids. They bring real fun to the lives of caregivers.
  • It stands at 28th position in the American Kennel Club award. That’s incredible!

3. Low Reproduction Rate

Pug’s reproduction rate is extremely low. As a result, it becomes difficult to meet ever-growing demands. On a commercial scale, it is really hard to raise this breed.

Check out why breeding in this breed is so challenging.

  • Mother pug gives birth with lots of difficulties. She has to pass through c-section. It becomes difficult to handle delivery in the absence of a vet
  • The success ratio of pregnancy is very low. Most of the time, puppies don’t stay alive or mom dogs can’t deliver with natural pains.
  • Medical bills and Vet costs are too high to make it an expensive breed. For this reason, commercial breeders don’t take this risk
  • It is raised in a very small amount for sale and purchase. Because of this, it is not easily available for dog lovers.

4. Sensitive Animal Get Sick Easily

To meet the high demands of customers, breeders are using techniques of overbreeding this breed. As a result, pugs have to bear health complications. For this reason, they are expensive to own.

  • Delicate enough to suffer from joint problems.
  • In the case of overeating, they are likely to vomit
  • They can also suffer from hip dysplasia

If you find your dog suffering from a joint problem, try this Relief-cream. You can also use this natural supplement to support joints.

Your pug is so expensive, try to use protective sleeves to prevent injuries.

5. Pug’s Skin Color Determines Its Cost

Pug’s Skin Color Determines Its Cost

Stylish dog with fancy colors! Interestingly, you can guess its cost through its skin color.

They come in

  • Black color
  • White Colour
  • Fawn colors.

 If you want to buy a pug at a low price, get a black or white-colored animal. Fawn color is high in demand and relatively more expensive. Because animals look more adorable in this skin color.

Rich people love fawn-colored pugs. They look more fancy and stylish in this color

So, it is recommended to choose the color according to your budget.

How Much Does A Pug Cost?

Depending on different factors, pug price varies. The average pug cost would be a minimum of 500$ to a maximum 6000$.

There are different factors that determine the cost of a pug.

1. Age:

Old age pugs are relatively lower in price than puppies. This is because they are in low demand. It is highly recommended to have the right guess about the age of animals before you buy it.

2. Breed:

Another important factor is the breed. The pedigree breed is the most expensive one that can cost above 6000$ in different countries

3. Country:

Suppose you are living in Asia and want to export pugs from the US. It would be more costly as travel expenses of livestock are very high

4. Skin Color:

White and Black color pugs are relatively lower in price as they are more common. Fawn color is expensive because it’s more fashionable.

How Much Does A Pug Cost In USA?

Pugs are highly demandable dogs in the USA.

For this reason, its average price varies from 600$ to 1500$. They are not sold with breeding rights. They have only papers.

In the USA, a pedigree pug may cost 1900$ to 6000$. Too much!

This is just a price. You may have to pay much more for its health.

If you are residents of the USA, plan your budget well before owning it!

How Much Does A Pug Cost On Feeding?

What about the cost of feeding pugs?

It depends mainly on the weight and age of the dog. If its weight is under 18pounds, it would be a puppy pug.

Dog experts recommend a cup of dog food at this weight. When it gains more weight, increase 1 and a half cups in its diet. They are very hungry animals. So, beware of overfeeding that may result in vomit or other infections.

Quality food for pedigree breeds cost 3$ per pound. If you buy 50 pounds it would be 100$to 150$. This bag would be enough for 130 days. It may contain approximately 150 cups of the meal.

So.50 pound bag will contribute to dog food for 3 to 4 months. Yearly it would be around 500$ to 600$ total expenditure on dog meal only.

what is the Total Cost Of Raising Pug Per Year?

Buddies, plan to buy pugs only if your budget is enough!

Buying a pug is rather cheaper as compared to raising it as a pet. They can get sick quite often. That’s why they need regular Vet visits, medicines, and other supplements.

It is always a wise decision to estimate your pet budget prior to purchase. In this way, you can plan your income and expenses in the right way.

Table of Pug Cost Per Year

Estimated  Costs for Raising PugAmount%
Pug Buying Cost500$ to #3000$
Pug meal Cost550$-600$
Health Checkup55$-100$
Medicine Cost55$
Dog Bed Cost50$-100$
Dog diaper Cost500$
Dog Pad18$-50$
Dog Collar Cost13$-50$
Table of Pug Cost Per Year

This table suggests an average low-cost pug budget. It may vary if you go on to purchase a high quality meal. It’s just an average estimate.

How Much Does Pug’s Diaper Cost?

What about pug diaper cost?

Each dog diaper packet may cost 17$. It will end up in one month. The actual diaper cost of a dog varies from 100$ to 200$ depending on the quality of diapers you are using.

To save this amount, train your dog well for toilet needs.

You can also use potty training bells and potty pads

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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Pug

Finally, after thinking about the budget you are going to buy a pug for your family. Along with price check, there are few more necessary things that you should know before paying for your chosen animal.

Let’s see what are these things;

1. Health:

Take dog expert with you or it’s highly recommended to get your chosen pug checked by a vet before signing a deal

2. Age:

If you are not good at guessing dog age, get the help of experts. Don’t rely on guesswork. Old pugs are likely to suffer more from health complications

3. Coat Colour:

Though its matter of personal choice. But if you want to buy at a low price select one with white of black fur. Fawn color can be too costly.

4. Trusted Breeder:

Buy from licensed trusted breeders. Don’t go to those people who are selling on illegal forums. They may sell you unhealthy pugs. A trusted breeder will be responsible for any bad deal.


It is an understood fact that pugs are costly. However, you can buy at a low price if you follow tips in this article.

But always set your deal with trusted breeders. Keep your pockets full of money buddies you will have to spend more and more to make it happy and healthy.

If you can’t afford it,don’t buy it. It’s rather good than buying low cost old aged unhealthy pug.

In the end, I would recommend only making any animal your pet if you can care for it,love it, and afford it.

That’s all that I want to say about these lovely creatures.

Did you own a pug? Share your experience with us in the comment box.

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