Why Are Dogs Scared Of Farts? Embarrassment, Confusion & What To Do?

dogs are scared of fart noises

A few years ago, a video went viral among dog people. It showed that the scientists of the Rochester Institute of Technology trapped human and dog farting in jars and left the dog to sniff and smell it. The experience, as the video claimed, was done to know whether or not a dog can actually recognize their farts.

However, the video was false, and the research didn’t have any authenticity either. But it doesn’t mean that dogs don’t fart or aren’t scared of it. In fact, we often come across a common question, “Why are dogs scared of farts?”

Since dog farting is a common incident due to gas development in their tummy and intestine, owners often see dogs getting surprised by their farting noise. They even may be surprised or scared by human farting sounds.

But why does it happen? Also, who do dogs even fart and, at times, show unusual behaviors after farting? Our write-up will cover answers to all these questions. So, dog people, let’s go inside the annoying yet health-important issue for your clawed buddy.

Why Are Dogs Scared of Farts? (3 reasons)

To be honest, there’s no scientific research been done on dogs farting or why they are scared of its sound. Thus, the following information is based on the expert dog owners’ and experts’ opinions and some researchers’ observations.

1. The dog feels ashamed:

We all know that dogs smelling power is 1000 times better than a human being. Thus, they can smell anything better than us. While it helps them finding food and know about the dangers ahead, it has drawbacks too.

With such immense sniffing and smelling facility, their nose is vulnerable to any bad odor too. Thus, when they fart, they instantly smell it, although the human nose may not recognize it. The odor feels so bad in the dog’s nose that it becomes scary. Thus, you may see it leaving the room immediately after farting.

2. Connecting it scary sounds:

Dogs are naturally scared about any noise and extreme sound. Thus, whenever they hear thunderstorms or high-pitched sounds, they become scary. Some will even hide under beds or in safe places at home. And it brings us to the most logical answer of why dogs are afraid of their farting.

Most probably, dogs treat the farting sound similar to the sounds they feel afraid of and uncomfortable. So, when they hear any farting noise, their nervous system sends down the scary signal. And so, the dog feels scared and nervous.

Also, some dogs are hypersensitive to loud sounds. Thus, naturally, they will feel afraid of farts. But some people have a counter-narrative to it.

They say that dogs recognize their farts from the smell due to their sniffing ability. Well, while dogs can smell the odor, but they aren’t probably aware of the source of such loud sounds. As they are unaware of the source of the sound, they consider it harmful for them. Thus, naturally, they become afraid of it, and the same goes if a human farts near them.

3. Physical discomfort:

Dogs will release the wind if their tummy is full of gases and due to problems in digesting the food. Thus, when they release the wind, it is a sign of physical discomfort for them. And the consequence may lead to unusual behavior, which dog owners consider as scared signs for the dog.

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Are Dogs Embarrassed When They Fart?

The answer to this question may break the popular myth about dogs’ intense connection with their owner. While dogs build connection and attachment with their owners mainly for instincts and survival, we often like to make something emotional.

Thus, most dog lovers love to imagine that their dog behaves like a human and even feel embarrassed when they do something unexpected and unpleasant. But that’s not entirely true.

Dr. Terri Bright has over 20+ years of experience in the Behavior Department at MSPCA/Angell as the pet’s behavior analyst. He said that to feel embarrassed, dogs just need to learn the social norms and behavior at first. He further says that it’s pretty difficult for the dog to achieve since it directly links to learning complex behaviors ad even remembering them.

While dogs may show signs of discomfort, stress, and anxiety, which we call their emotion, learning and remembering particular social traits may put too much pressure on their brain. Thus, the way they behave after farting isn’t linked with their embarrassment.

Rather, due to the excessive smell, they feel uncomfortable and want to escape from the source. That’s why you may see them running away from the farting area or hiding their heads after releasing the wind. But it’s not linked with embarrassment or feeling guilty.

Do Dogs Know When They Fart?

There are two sides to this question. Firstly, dogs definitely recognize the odor coming out from their released wind due to their sniffing ability.  That’s why they will try to go away from the farted spot, which makes us believe that dogs know when they fart.

But, the second part of the answer contradicts this popular belief. Although dogs recognize the smell, they aren’t sure about the source of the sound.  Thus, they don’t understand precisely when they have farted.

However, with the gas released in the form of wind, they will feel relaxed. It helps them recognizing something has happened.

Is It Normal for My Dog to Fart?

Yes, it is normal for dogs to fart. Likewise, human, dog flatulence is caused by the development of gasses in the intestine and colon of the dog. If the gas build-up is too much, the dog will find the farting a way to release the pressure and gas.

Hence, it is perfectly normal for dogs to fart. You need not worry about if the dog farts frequently. It’s normal. But if the frequency of flatulence is too much, it may be a sign of constipation. Thus, you may need to consult the vet. 

How Often Should Dogs Fart?

There’s no evidence of the average frequency of dogs farting. However, if the dog releases the windy odor more than five to six times a day or within a short period, this isn’t common. It may be a sign of a dog having problems with digestion. Also, it will indicate their food chart isn’t right.

Thus, you may need to change the diet and see how it works to reduce their flatulence frequency.

Here’s Why Your Dog Farts and What You Can Do About It

The main reason for dog faring is the build-up of gas in their colon and intestine. It happens due to improper diet and lack of fluid in their body. Some dogs can’t digest dairy items, and others may have issues with gluten and high protein.

Hence, you should change your diet. For instance, shifting from one brand of kibbles is a good idea. Also, make sure the dog is drinking enough water.

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Do Dogs Fart When They Are Nervous?

Yes, a dog will fart or burp if it feels overly nervous. A nervous dog is most likely to keep its mouth often and engulf massive air. Thus, the dog will release it through farting or burps. Therefore, if you see your dog burping or farting frequently, it could be a sign that it is nervous or stressed.

 Dogs Fart When They Are Nervous too

So, try to find the reason and solve it to keep dogs happy and healthy.

Do Dog Farts Make Noise?

There’s no strict answer to it. At times dog farting can be silent but deadly with extreme odor. And sometimes, it can be loud and stinky. Thus, we can’t precisely say that all dog farts will make noise. But whether or not it makes noise, you can recognize the farting with the bad smell almost instantly.

Why Are Dogs Scared of Human Farts?

If human farts are loud, dogs will become scared of them. Otherwise, a silent and less smelly human fart is less likely to scare off the dogs.

Why Is My Dog Afraid of His Farts So Much That He Tries to Run from The Noise?

If you see your dog running away from the faring sport after he has released the stinky wind, you might be worried about it. But the thing is that dogs are normally scared of their farts. Hence, they will escape from the place. Thus, you need not worry about if you see dogs running away from the burping and farting space.

Until now, we have discussed one of the most awkward issues related to dogs

Nonetheless, if the farting frequency of the dog is too much, it can be a sign of an inappropriate diet chart of the dog. So, try to change the diet and see how it works.

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