White Specks in Dog Poop? (Not Moving & Not Worms): Why?

White Specks in Dog Poop?

When you own dogs at home, you must regularly check their health list, which includes the inspection of dog poop. During such inspections finding white specks in the poop isn’t unusual. It is both disturbing for your stomach and concerning about the dog’s health.

The white specks can be either moving or not moving. If the dog specks in dog poop are not moving, it could be rice or bone traces that come from the dog food. This is a piece of good news because treatment of such things is easy.

But if the white specks are moving, it is most probably tapeworm in the dog’s stomach. You have to know the right treatment for these worms to keep the dog in good condition.

If you are unsure about what to do with the white dots in dog poop, this piece of writing will guide you all the way. It would help you maintain the health of your loving dog.

What Exactly Are White Specks?

Observing the dog poop is a good way to know the exact health of the dog and what is going internally. Thus, you have to observe the dog feces, although it isn’t the nicest thing in the world. And as you see the poop, you may often or not come with white dots in dog poop.

What Exactly Are White Specks?

The presence of such white flecks in dog poop is surely a matter of concern.

These white dogs could have two meanings-

  1. If the white dots are moving, this is a scary sign. The white specks are nothing but the segments of tapeworms or hookworms inside the dog’s stomach coming with its stool. It shows that the dog isn’t in good health and it needs deworming.
  2. If you find that the white specks aren’t moving, you might feel a bit relieved. The white specks that aren’t moving might be rice particles or bone traces that the stomach hasn’t been able to absorb entirely. It also shows that the dog isn’t consuming the selected dog food properly. So, you may have to reconsider the type of dog food supplement and treat you are going to it.

The 1st condition is the most common, and it is a major concern for dog owners. The worms in the form of white specks in dogs poop may be caused by many issues. The dog food might cause the presence of tapeworms and hookworms in the dog’s stomach.

A dog may get worms due to many reasons. It includes-

  • A puppy might get the worms directly from its mother milk. Although it may sound harsh and unrealistic, the primary source of puppies picking up worms is their mother’s milk. It happens when the mother is already infested with the worms. So, when you see your dog become pregnant, you must deworm it. It ensures safety for both the mother and the puppies.
  • Another cause of dogs getting worms is the dead animals. If dogs eat dead animals such as cats, rabbits, or squirrels, they would be infected with the worm the dead animal is carrying. Thus, you must ensure that the dog isn’t eating any dead animals. Also, if possible, keep it from eating anything other than the food supplements and foods you serve it.
  • Dogs often get infested with various types of fleas. These fleas are omnivorous and fly wherever they can go. It works as the breeding agent of worms, and as these fleas sit on the dog’s fur, slowly, it gets swallowed into the dog’s mouth. It happens because dogs will lick its body frequently and vigorously. Thus, the worms carried by the fleas will go inside its stomach either by licking or through the air.
  • Lungworms are carried by snails and slugs mostly. Dogs will often bite the snails or slugs as you take them on walks or set them free to roam in the lawns. Thus, they might bite those creatures and get affected by the lungworms. But lungworms won’t come through the poop. So, it is not the common reason o white dots in dog poop.

The rice particles become whitish and come with poop if the dog can’t consume them properly. It showcases that the dog is finding it hard to come up with the supplied food. So, you may think about changing the food supplements and treats. If you feed the dog boiled food, make sure these are properly boiled.

What to Do If You See White Specks in A Dog’s Poop (Not Worms)

Whether or not the white spots in dog poop moving, the simple sight of these white dogs should scare you off about the dog’s health. But first off, we would like to reassure you that the immobile white dots in dog poop are largely harmless.

Yet, you must be alarmed with such a scenario as it is a symptom of improper diet for your loving furry companion. The rice particles and traced bones actually mean the dog is having a problem digesting what you feed it. So, you may start changing the diet of the dog and see what it brings. Also, note that you have to continue the changed diet for at least a couple of days to find the reason for the white dots truly.

If you see no more white flecks in dog poop after changing the diet, it suggests that the previous diet and food supplements were inappropriate for the dog’s digestive system.

Also, the source of these non-moving white specks in dog poop might include the following reasons-

  • Rice and seeds: If the dog can’t digest the rice and seeds in its diet list, these will come out as the white specks with the poop. The most alarming thing is that these white dots resemble the tapeworms and lukewarm.  The seeds, grain, and rice, if not digested well, will truly look like the worms. And it happens both in shape and size. Thus, you have to check them pretty carefully.
  • Medications: If your dog is sick and you are medicating it, the pill casings may come out with the poop. But it the rarest thing you will ever see.
  • Traces of bones: When you serve the dogs with boiled chicken or fish or if it eats any small animals with bone, it won’t digest those bones. Thus, these bones will come out with their poop and look like white dots.

Thus, you must change the diet and see how it goes. If you still face the problem, you should consult with a vet immediately.

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What Are the White Specks in My Dog Poop That Is Not Moving?

Time and again, we have said that the white dots in dog poop that aren’t moving are the undigested food particles. The list includes food grains, rice, and seeds mostly. Dog’s stomach isn’t made to digest hard things properly. So, they will poop them out in the form of white specks.

Also, when they eat any live animals, they would fail to digest the bones. These bones also come out with the poop as the white dots.

How Do I Tell If My Dog Has Tapeworms?

If your dog is affected by tapeworms, there’re multiple ways to identify them. The most common reasons that you can almost observe and be sure about in necked eyes include-

  1. You will find segments of worms in dog poop and bedding. This is the most common way of identifying the tapeworms in the dog.
  2. If you look closely, you should find scooting at the bottom of your dog.  Although this isn’t a pleasant way of observation, it yields actual results.
  3. If the tapeworm number has increased badly, the dog will start vomiting frequently. Also, it may cause a loss of appetite.
  4. Since tapeworm causes loss of appetite of the dog, it would start losing weight. So, you will know that the furry pet is affected by tapeworms.

Please Note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

What Causes White Specks in My Poop?

The main reason for white specks in dog poop is the undigested food particles in your dog’s diet. If you serve it with under-boiled chicken or fishes, the dog’s stomach may not digest them properly. Also, if it contains bones, the stomach will fail to digest them.

Thus, these small bones, rice, and seeds will come out with dog poop. Also, if the dog is infected by worms of different types, you will see white dots in dog poop. These dots will be moving, which should reassure about the presence of the worm.

What Causes White Specks In My Poop

What Do White Specks in Poop Indicate?

If the white dots aren’t moving, it indicates a failure of the dog’s digestive system. It will mean that the food you are serving to the dog isn’t ideal for it. The dog isn’t digesting them properly. If the white dots are moving, it indicates that these moving white flecks in dog poop are nothing except worms. It may be lukewarm and tapeworms.


You should now fully understand what white specks in dog poop means. These can be both moving and immobile. If the white dots are moving, these are surely worming that came out with the poop. In this regard, you have to contact the vet immediately.

If the white dots aren’t moving, these could be traces of small bones and rice. Thus, you might need to change the diet of your dog. Also, make sure the chicken and fish you serve are boiled properly and not containing bones. It would help the furry companion enjoy a healthy meal.

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