When Can I Stop Crating My Dog? (All You Need To Know)

how long should I crate my dog

Can you guess who loves you more than he loves himself?

Can’t crack the puzzle? It’s a Dog!

Are you blessed to have a man’s best friend called Dog? Then you must be confused about when can I stop crating my dog? Of what material should be the crate? For how long and how should I crate him? And why should I crate him?

Don’t worry! Scroll here and say hasta la vista to all your confusion until we meet again at the end.

If your dog is mature enough to stay safe when you’re not around, doesn’t eat harmful foods, doesn’t ruin stuff and not spoils everywhere then you can stop crating your dog. Still, some people find it necessary to crate their dogs at some occasions.

Raising a dog is similar to rearing a human child. He grants your love, time and investment. In return, you feel no need to have human friends but only a dog.

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What Is Dog Crating?

Do you confine your dog in a pet cage? If yes then this is what dog crating is. Dogs are crated for various reasons and even the material of the crate differs.

Being a dog owner, you will have a better clue about the needs to crate train a dog. Let’s dive into the purposes of crating a dog:

  • Crating a dog is useful while traveling because this way the dog can’t harm strangers or escape.
  • To toilet train dogs. Being in the crate, dogs learn to not make every place dirty.
  • Limiting dog’s activities if freely roaming can be threatening to him.
  • So the dog can learn certain rules without any distraction from the environment.
  • To make guests comfortable as the crated dog can’t touch them.

Please note that whatever the reason but crating should only be for some time in a day or else the dog will be psychologically harmed which you obviously don’t want.

Dog Crating Schedule According to age

Being a dog keeper, if you’re experienced with dogs you can decide better for how long dogs can be crated looking at the psychological and mental condition of the dog. Some dogs need special attention because they get stressed from being crated even for a few minutes.

Not to crate for too long but for a certain time only so this doesn’t seem like a punishment. Shower your dog with treats like Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats as you crate him so he finds it a fun activity.

Here’s a table made specially to help you with crating a dog according to his/her age.

Dog’s AgeCrating Duration (Day Time)Crating Duration (Night Time)
12 to 16 weeks old2 hours maximum6 hours maximum
4 to 5 months old3 hours maximum8 hours maximum
6 to 7 months old4 hours maximum8 hours maximum
8 to 11 months old6 hours maximum8 hours maximum
12 months and above8 hours maximum10 hours maximum

Besides, puppies have less bowel control so they should be freed to pee and poo.

When Can I Stop Crating My Dog?

Honestly, there’s no certain reason why you should go cold turkey on crate training. Want to know why?

When there’s no need to potty train your dog anymore, still there are many occasions where you need to crate your dog.

How will you take your dog to the vet? Will, your dog does not chew your furniture? Is your dog going to restrain from tearing and eating harmful foods? These are some of the common doubts which can be vanished by crating your dog.

But yes, if you notice that your dog whines, digs, barks or shows any other abnormal behavior then you should quit crating him because that’s depressing him.

When Should I Stop Crating My Dog at Night?

Actually, it isn’t about the age of the dog but it’s about how much he deserves to be trusted. Obviously, your dog shouldn’t be let to sleep inside the crate forever.

To meet the demand, you should place the crate in a room and let the crate door open for the night.

This way, your dog will decide if he wants to sleep inside the crate or in the room where the crate is.

But not to forget to shut the door of the room where the crate is. Besides you need to take out all the stuff which is harmful for your dog out of the room. This way, the dog will not eat on dangerous things nor will he destroy the stuff.

Not to forget that if your dog likes to sleep in the crate then provide him with a dog crate bed for a wonderful experience. You don’t need to worry to even go out to shop because you can order PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Pad online.

When Should I Stop Crating My Dog During The Day?

Again it’s about how much your dog needs to be trusted which you can judge looking at his present behavior.

Usually, the duration of crating depends on what you are trying to achieve from crating a dog. For example, if you are crating the dog/puppy to litter train it then you must set a deadline of 2 months.

If your dog can’t be trusted to be let free in your absence then you should crate him whenever you are off to run errands.

Where many people buy ready-made crates, there are people who themselves make crates for their dogs keeping in view all that your dog demands.

Things to Remember When Crating Your Dog

Most of all, you can’t expect every dog to adore himself being crated. Commonly, crating does go well with puppies as they tolerate it but some adult dogs hate being crated. This is why you need to pay keen attention on the crated dog’s likability and you should stop with crating if you find the dog disturbed. Let’s know some more precautions about crating your dog;

  • Crate your dog only when there’s the need and not when you are sure that he will be safe to roam in the house. Otherwise, the crating should be given as an option for your dog.
  • The crate should be spacious enough where your dog can stretch himself, stand and turn around easily.
  • Older dogs can control their bowels and bladders but they don’t know they are not supposed to soil up to their crate so you should show enough patience.
  • Young dogs such as puppies have less or no control over their organs so they should not be crated for too long but only for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Crating dogs for too long can make them anxious and upset so you should limit the crating and spend more time with your dog.
  • Never make creating a sound like a punishment or else your dog would hate and fear it.
  • If your dog isn’t fond of being crated then give him food inside the crate and make crating look like fun.

When to Give up on Crate Training?

When your dog is trained about the things you crated him for then you should stop with crating.

Did you know that dog crates are also called dog kennels? But kennels are always larger in size while crates vary in size.

However, some dogs need to be crated for certain reasons, some of these reasons include:

  1. A visit to guests where guests are scared of dogs.
  2. Your dog likes chewing on the stuff which is bad for dogs such as chocolates etc.
  3. Traveling with the dog so the dog doesn’t get lost or get chaotic.

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Feeding Dogs In Crate

Good idea! It’s best to feed your dog in the crate so he starts finding his crate a good place rather than the bad. Moreover, you can also start off by placing his food bowls near the crate as to build for him a good association with the crate.

You would be amazed to know that even the dogs who are scared of being crated go inside the crate when allured by the food placed inside it.

Whether it’s a dog or a puppy but feeding him inside the crate is not always likable by his owners. To cater this problem, there are plenty of crate trays available inside the market out of which Pinnacle Systems Replacement Tray for Dog Crate is one of the best selling.

Best Material For Dog Crate

A crate sometimes looks like a dog cage to a dog house but it basically gives the dog a feeling of his den. Ranging from material to material, there are four basic materials for a dog crate.

1.  Wood

As the name has already indicated, a crate is also made from wood but it can’t be foldable nor can it be easily carried from one place to another because of weight. However, if you are planning to buy it to keep in the house then it’s the best option. You can also order Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate for your beloved pupper.

2.  Plastic

 Talking about durability, there is a chance that plastic made crates might break but they are mostly lighter in weight especially if they are meant to be for puppies. Petmate Vari Kennel is one of the good rated pet crates available online. However, they are used majorly to assist in traveling with dogs.

3.  Metal

These are strong and rarely break but the durability also depends on the material whether it’s a solid metal or bendable. They are heavy and if they break then they can also damage the dog. Metal crates are common at veterinary hospitals. Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog or Pet Crate Kennel is liked by people.

4.  Fabric

Literally lightweight and portable crates are safe but serve calm dogs better because the fabric body can tear up easily by a chaotic dog. You can order yourself Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel online.

The materials can also be aluminum and wire. Even styles differ with each crate. The majority of people vote for Wood to be the best material for a dog crate. Although, there needs to be heavy-duty material for a dog crate so it doesn’t bend, break or harm your dog and also to avoid your dog to run off.

There are crate materials that are lightweight and they are cheaper as well but not at all trustworthy. If you are anymore concerned about it then watch this video below for a thorough insight.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Is Dog Crating necessary?

It is necessary most of the time where your dog needs to learn something and when you need to avoid dangers for your dog.

When Can Puppy Stop Sleeping in Crate?

When your puppy is litter trained, can be trusted in your absence, doesn’t get well with crating or you are supervising him then he can stop sleeping in the crate.

What Age To Crate Train Dog?

Usually, people train a minimum 8 weeks old puppy because by then the puppy is in the learning age and more likely to be naughty.

Is It Ok to Leave a Dog in a Crate?

Not for too long but depends on age. For instance, a year-old dog can be crated for a maximum of 8 hours and a 2 to 4 months old pup can be crated for a maximum of 2 hours.

What age can I Stop Crating My Dog?

There’s no specific age. Crating can be stopped when you are sure that the dog will not create a danger for himself even in your absence.

Do You Ever Stop Crate Training?

Yes, when you are sure the dog is still safe even when you are not around then you can stop crating him.

Do Dogs Sleep in Crates Forever?

Not necessarily. Some dogs get used to sleeping in crate and some like to be shifted out of the crate.

Final Words

Luckily, now you have resolved the mystery of when can I stop crating my dog and know other important Infos. Depending on the various needs and precautions of dod crating, you can’t completely rely on the crate because you matter more in the brought up of your dog.

You can’t risk your dog by purchasing a light-duty, small and poor material crate.

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