What To Look For When Buying A Pug Puppy?[Comprehensive Buying Guide]

things need to look before buying a pug puppy

Did you dream to own a cute puppy of the pug breed? It’s easier said than done. It’s a matter of big responsibility. Are you ready to take this challenge? Perhaps the joy of having a puppy is far greater than responsibility. So, why stop yourself!

GO on and fill colors in your life in the company of your favorite pet.

But before buying one, read this article and keep all points safe in your mind. Step by step procedure here will assist you in choosing and purchasing right pug puppy for your family

What to look for when buying a pug puppy? Before going to a breeder store it is essential to verify the breeder’s repute. Also, plan your budget and get enough knowledge about future health conditions of the pug. During selection, notice dog eyes, breathing, and gait. Read the return policy before the signature on the contract. Do certain arrangements at home also to make your puppy live comfortably.

Pugs are not only expensive but also sensitive. They can get sick too frequently. Therefore, note down the address of the Vet in your area for future visits.

Read on to know what to do next!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Pug Puppy

6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Pug Puppy [Important]

Though all pug breeds are cute.Its a matter of personal choice whether you like male or female. But you need to follow some guidelines prior to starting your struggle of picking one for you.

Before getting one, consider these 6 factors below:

1.  Check Your Budget

Pug raising or even breeding for a commercial purpose is very expensive.

Pugs are delicate animals that are likely to suffer from infection more frequently. For this reason, estimate your budget plan before making any addition.

Let’s see how it can affect your budget:

  • Buying a puppy is also very costly. You will have to pay 500$ to 6000$. If you are purchasing from far off areas, you have to bear its travel expense also.
  • You will have to pay more for its medical needs as it can get sick frequently.
  • Pug diapers and meals also cost too high per annum.

2.  Make Sure You Are Caring

Are you ready to take this challenge? Having a pet is a real exam of your patience. Study your habits first and then decide whether you can do this or not.

Let’s consider these points below:

  • Time is an important factor. If your job or business keeps you busy then set your time before buying a puppy. Don’t get it if you stay outside most of the time. Puppies can suffer from anxiety when they are alone.
  • Pets need cleaning, care, cutting, bathing, and love. If you can do these tasks without any hesitation then go on for this hobby. If you want to shave your animal, get this clipper. It’s cordless you can take it anywhere.

3.  Manage Space To Accommodate A Puppy

Pets want to move freely indoors or outdoors. That’s why make sure you have enough space to accommodate your pet.

Think about these points before:

  • Manage open space indoors so that a puppy could play or live freely. If there is too much furniture in your home, move extra things outside.
  • Manage enough space for a pet home and puppy bed. It should be a clean and well-ventilated space where light and fresh air could easily reach.
  • There should be a clean area indoor or outdoor as well. In case of extreme weather, you would be able to shift him inside.

4.  Get Enough Knowledge About Dog Health Problems

Research, research, and research to know health complications or infections that are very common in pugs. It will help you to determine the future condition.

Here are a few important health-related points:

  • Eye problems are very common in all breeds of pugs. Know the symptoms, treatment, and prevention tips of this problem well before planning to buy a pug. Major signs of such problems include eye-bulging and drying of eyes. It’s always recommended to contact the Vet as soon as possible if you observe these symptoms. If your dog is in pain, use eye wipes. Don’t touch tears with hands.It may carry germs. While bathing, use this eyewash to disinfect pet eyes.
  • Puppies of pugs are very sensitive to hot temperatures. If you feel your pug having difficulty in breathing. Check your room temperature. In case of hot weather, switch on the Air Conditioner to make your pet happy
  • In the case your puppy barks a lot, it might be in pain,anxiety, or aggression. So, set your schedule in a way that you have enough time to take it outside. It is a social animal that can get bored easily when kept indoor.

5.  Decide Which Breeder You Would Buy

Will you buy a pedigree pug? Or some other non-pedigree breed? It’s important to decide this factor before going to a pet breeder. Which breed is right for you?

To know this fact read the points below:

  • The pedigree breed is more costly as it has become a status symbol. If you belong to the Royal family or rich family then it would be fit for you to have such a fashionable puppy. Otherwise, you will not be able to bear its purchase cost
  • Non-pedigree breeds are also expensive but not more than pedigree. It’s always recommended to do proper research about bloodline and breed first.

6.  Find Licensed Well-Reputed Breeder In Your Area

Most of the buyers don’t know about this fact. But it is crucial to search for trusted breeders to set a good deal. If you buy a pug from dog owners, it can be an unhealthy or old aged pup.

Follow the tips below to find trusted breeder:

  • Don’t buy from breeders who sell online. They can be fake and would not be responsible for any problem in the future. They will not answer your question  and will not be able to satisfy you with their deal
  • Don’t make your deal by just watching pictures, always go and see puppies personally. Trust Local breeders only if they prove you the license and check their repute well
  • Do a proper search online from Pug DogClub.From here, you can find the list of reputed breeders.
  • The American Kennel Club has also the list of breeders who are trustworthy. However, ask those who have already bought one for themselves. Get advantage of other’s personal experiences.

6 Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Pug Puppy

Now you are at the breeder store. Hopefully, you have checked the breeder’s repute before. Here again, be patient! Don’t set your deal in rush!

What To Look For When Buying A Pug Puppy

Here are a few important considerations to know during the selection procedure!

1.  Ask Breeders Everything About The Puppy

A certified breeder is always ready to answer your questions. So, don’t hesitate and ask whatever in your mind about your chosen puppy. You need not get impressed by a breeder description, you should try to convince yourself whether it’s the right pet for you or not?

Ask such questions for self-satisfaction:

  • Can we meet this puppy parent? If not, where are they? Request your breeder to show you puppy’s parent medical certificate if he can
  • Ask about puppy health, routine, and diet plans. At this point, the breeder will advise you to follow his dietary menu or not. Be open and bold!
  • Also ask the breeder, in the case of a bad deal what is the return procedure. Breeders do have the right to reject you. So, don’t get angry if he finds, you can’t care for pets.

2. Check Breathing

Request the breeder to let you touch and interact with your chosen animals. A good breeder will happily let you hold a puppy. What to do then to check if it’s suffering from breathing problems or not?

Read these tips to check breathing below:

  • Hold the puppy gently in your hands and bring it close to your ears. Listen and observe carefully. Did you feel any rattling sound in its breathing? This is a clear symptom of breathing problems. Try this nose relief if your pup is suffering. Its 100% natural product.
  • Reject this and move on to choose the other healthy pet for you. Or ask the breeder if he is under treatment or not? Still, you want to buy it then take your favorite pup to the vet first right after purchase. Try this fresh breath oral gel to avoid breathing issues.

3. Check Eyes

If you follow our guide then you would be familiar with eye problem symptoms. Check your selected animal for eye problems as it is common in pugs. Eyes are also an indicator of pug health.

To check the eyes then note these points below:

  • Hold the puppy gently in your arms and observe its both eyes carefully. Also, compare the eyes with other pups there. It will help you to identify the difference.
  • If you find watery eyes or bulging eyes with cornea spread outside. These are signs of eye problems. Ask your breeder about this. Don’t ignore this, it may be symptoms of an ulcer. Tell your breeder that this pup is ill. Recommend him to consult Vet.

4. Observe Behavior

Did your pet get lazy?

The body language of animals can also tell you more about its habits. To check personality traits it is important to spend a few minutes with your chosen puppy.

Note these personality traits:

  • Do a simple test, walk in front of a puppy, if it follows you it would be obedient but less enthusiastic. That’s why  always choose those who are bold and notorious to add fun in your life
  • Picky eaters are lazy because they put extra fats on their bodies. So,don’t choose those who are overweight and lazy. They will get sick frequently.

5. Observe Physical Traits

Did your puppy pug look adorable?

Think about buying a pretty puppy. Dog lovers often want to wow their friends to show with cute pups. They should choose pretty as well as healthy pup.

Let’s see how you can do this:

  • Choose a unique color that is less common. Fawn is the best color and not very common but expensive.
  • Select a puppy with adorable looks and medium size. In this way, it would be easy to care for
  • Try to Select a puppy who is not shy. To do this, compare the behavior of different puppies at the breeder spot

6. Check The Puppy Walk

Overbreeding has posed certain threats to this dog breed. Breeders use certain methods like ac-section delivery to get more pups. As a result, fawns may get risks of hip dysplasia, joint pain, and weak bones.

Let’s see how to check puppy gait:

  • Does it make clicking noise around the hip area when it walks? If yes, it is a sign of hip dysplasia. To treat this use…….
  • If its gait is too wavy, it may be a sign of undeveloped bone. However, pups take the time of more than 6 weeks to develop their gait fully. Also notice limping of any indifferent gait issue.

Handy Hint: I published a post about pug weight that explained how much should a pug weight overtime, you can check by clicking this link

4 Things To Consider After Purchase

It’s time to complete your purchase agreement. Here again, any decision made in a rush can pose trouble for you. Take your time and think more

At this point, think about the points mentioned below:

1. Read the Contract Carefully

Selection is almost done! It’s time to pay for your pet and take it along with you. Wait… Have you read the contract carefully? If not, go through this and then mark your signature.

What to find in the contract:

  • Check the return policy of breeder in the case of the bad deal
  • Make sure, in the case of undiagnosed disorder you could return it back. Also, read the money-back policy. Honest breeders are responsible to pay you back.
  • If you find the papers missing request your breeder to provide you before signing the contract
  • Check puppy pug  vaccination schedule and medical certificate

2. Buy The Right Pet Dog Accessories

Now you are on the way home along with your pet. You will have to spend more to buy the necessary accessories to make your pet happy.

Check the list of item you need to buy:

  • Buy Puppy crate to carry it easily
  • Buy Dog Diapers or Potty Pads. You will not buy it constantly. You have to train up your dog to live on its own.
  • Buy dog meals. It is always good to get a 50-pounds bag.
  • Buy Dog bed and dog toys
  • Purchase dog scent or bathing supplies
  • Purchase puppy grooming kits
  • Purchase pet eating bowls
  • Purchase pet deodorizer to remove odor from the room
  • Buy collar, puppy tag or leash

3. Do Certain Arrangements At Home

To start risk-free life with your pet, make certain arrangements at home also. In this way, you can avoid injuries and accidents in the future.

Let’s read on the changes you should do at home:

  • Make sure power supplies or electric accessories should be far away from puppy access. Tape the switching or hide the behind the beds if there are any
  • Keep medicines out of the reach of the pup. They can jump so don’t let them eat anything that is not good for health.
  • Keep acids and detergents inside the cupboards. They can drink them.

4. Finally, Puppy Is At Home

Get ready kids! I am coming with your favorite friend…Make a call to prepare your family and inform them.

Guess, who is he!

Oh…..It’s a Puppy Pug. Hurrah……

It’s time to welcome your pet. From today, it will live with us right here. It will make you happy and will bring fun to you.

Check TO- Do tasks at home:

  • Make sure all parties should be agreed to own a puppy
  • Be patient! It will learn everything after the dog training program.
  • Mentally prepare those who will live with a pet. Treat him with his favorite meal!

Bottom Line

Now you know well about every aspect of buying a pet dog for you.

Bringing a pug puppy at your home can be fun as well as an exciting experience. Make sure you have the right condition for your pet dog before purchasing them. It will ensure long-run companionship with healthy pet life.

One thing more, you will have to show patience in the beginning. With love and care, you can raise your pet as a loyal friend.

Did you plan to own a pug? Tell us about your worries! We’d suggest the solution.

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