Underweight French Bulldog [Underweight Signs & Reasons]

Underweight French Bulldog [Underweight Signs & Reasons]

They say it right never to judge anyone by their body size!

Tiny and playful tiki-packs named French Bulldogs carry within a load of love to make your everyday.

But are you worried that you have an underweight French bulldog? Do you worry about what to feed this silent Frenchie? Are you sure you’re feeding it the right food? Scroll in to know it!

Underweight French bulldog? French bulldogs are underweight due to many reasons. These include growth spurt, underlying health condition, poor diet, or worms. A good vet can point out the exact issue by doing a thorough examination.

French bulldogs bark rarely but they talk just like us through their gargles, yips, and yawns. The ones with whom the Frenchies are more close understand it.

How To Know If My French Bulldog Is Underweight?

Honestly speaking, it is very much normal for any dog to lose some of its body mass at some points in its life. It can be due to natural body growth. However, extreme weight loss is a threat to the dog’s overall looks and also for life. Let’s first have a dig at the tricks to know if your French bulldog is underweight;

Rib Cage Visibility:

If your Frenchie loses 10% of his body fat all of a sudden then it must be an alarming situation for you. It’s due to the fact that Frenchies barely come across weight problems. The easily identifiable way is if your dog’s rib cage gets visible under the skin.


Frenchies are known to be energetic and playful dogs, but if you find them acting lazy or tired quicker than normal times, you can say that they’re either underweight or malnourished.

Why Is My French Bulldog Underweight?

As it’s clear that Frenchies are not prone to weight problems so any change in health can be linked to something serious. Let me break down for you the possibilities behind an underweight French Bulldog. There can be cancer, dental issues, or kidney diseases even. But since you’re not a vet yourself so an experienced vet can tell you for certain the underlying issues after a transparent examination.

01. Growth Spurt

Your tiny little Frenchie will be a mature one in approx nine months. During the course of time, the weight may vary alongside the speed of growth, which is commonly called a growth spurt. If your French bulldog eats fine and stays active then all you need to focus on is his/her good diet and veterinary checkups when needed, of course. 

02. Hair Loss In Patches

If your French bulldog has a hair fall issue in which he is losing his body fur in the form of patches, it must be due to the low-quality food you’re feeding your pooch. This results in not only hair loss but also make your dog malnourished.

03. Gas Problems

Some foods which we offer our dog are hard to be digested by him which result in flatulence. These dogs suffer from abdominal pain due to which there’s a loss of appetite. Other symptoms may include constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating.

04. Worms

An easy way to check if your dog has worms in its intestines is by examining its stool. If there are white, yellow, or off-white worms(can be of any size) then you need to deworm your dog by the vet. The vet will first weigh your French bulldog and according to weight, he will feed him the deworming medicines. Frenchies that are not dewormed often vomit, lose weight, have a swollen tummy, may seem depressed, cough, and bleed. Any delay in deworming your dog can be fatal and may take the issue to new heights.

Can French Bulldogs be Skinny?

Normally, a Frenchie can neither be skinny nor too fat. They are chubby means a lot more complications in the future. Being underweight can prone them to a higher risk of diseases and immunity issues.

As a result, your Frenchie may have a shorter lifespan and unhealthy life. The normal weight of 8 weeks Frenchie should be 2.5 to 3.0kg. However, if your dog is highly energetic, this weight range may decrease. 

Check your dog’s weight after each month with a dog scale. Manage weight chart with age before every visit to the vet. I know vets do this, but if you visit them less often, then being an owner, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your furry fellow’s weight factor.

signs and reasons of underweight french bulldogs

Nutrients Essential To Put weight On Your Frenchie Puppy

When it is about feeding your Frenchie, there are several ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices you will come across with. Unknowingly, many dog owners end up feeding their French bulldogs the diet which doesn’t suit them at all, not just the bulldog but any dog’s body won’t find it healthy.

Omega 3

Healthy fats include Omega 3 which is super essential to keep your French bulldog’s overall health and coat healthy. The sources for this include fish oil such as salmon oil or coconut oil.

Whole Meats

Where the whole meats like fish, beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey need to be the first ingredients in the dog foods you choose for your furry Frenchie, there’s also good news associated with that French Bulldogs love whole meats.

Plant-Based Proteins

Some dog foods are rounded out with cheap proteins like fillers or an excess of preservatives. Furthermore, there are wheat or corn proteins used which cause allergies to the dogs. So vegan sources like lentil and peas based proteins should be consumed. Purina beneful adult dry dog food has no fillers, corn, or wheat so you can buy it.

What Should I Not Feed My French Bulldog?

Inevitably, not every dog owner is a pro at diet. There are proper guidelines for humans about food, the diet for French bulldogs also needs to be paid attention to. To cater to the need, let’s find out which foods you ought to avoid giving to your French bulldogs at all costs.


Commonly, the fillers in some dog foods include grains and gluten. Grain products like wheat and corn when entering the dog’s body don’t digest that easily causing them allergies and gas problems.

Too Many Proteins

The excessive protein intake, whether in dog food or homemade food can damage the kidneys or make the dog hyperactive. 

Grain Products

Corn often makes the French bulldogs suffer from skin rashes and allergies. Wheat, on the other hand, can be a reason for bloating including gas and fart issues. 

How Do I Get My Frenchie Bulldog To Gain Weight?

Is your dog moody when it comes to eating the food? I can understand how miserable you must be feeling but trust me if you offer him his favorite snacks or mix his favorite ones with the regular meal then he would end up showing more interest. Let me spill out some of the essential tips to transform your dog from underweight to a healthy fit dog. But it’s only possible if your French bulldog has been fully examined by a good vet and indicated to be a healthy dog with no underlying health issues.

Free Feed

You would hardly come across someone recommending you this because it’s a major cause behind obesity in dogs, but since we are trying to take Frenchie out of the underweight category, that will be a good decision. Make his food always available with him in the bowl so he gets to graze like a goat at his food bowls periodically.

Choose High-Calorie Food

If you have experience of talking to a dietitian, you would know that you must let go of a high caloric diet to take off extra fat. As per your Frenchie, it’s all about gaining weight so feed him foods that have a high-calorie amount in them because they’re gonna boost your dog’s muscles and health.

Feed Supplements Alongside Meals

No matter how expensive and healthy food you buy for your Frenchie but there’s no substitute for the supplements that are rich in calcium, protein, and fat. Try feeding your dog this after consulting with your vet.

Opt For Fresh Or Wet Food

Dry foods may seem tempting initially, but as soon as your French bulldog gets used to it, they lose the charm. In such a case, feed your dog wet foods or fresh foods because they easily hit the dog’s nose making it to the stomach. wag wet dog food is one of the best wet tempting dog food.

What’s the Ideal French Bulldog Weight?

The normal weight for a French bulldog can be 20 to 28 pounds in males. In contrast, females tend to be 16 to 24 pounds. As discussed above, the growth spurt may cause the weight to fall and rise, excluding health issues. To make it easier for you to judge your French bulldog’s overall health label, we have made this chart for you.

Table of Weight and Age of Frenchie Bulldogs:

AgeWeight (kgs)
1 week0.5 to 1.0 kgs
8 weeks2.2 to 3.0 kgs
16 weeks4.0 to 5.4 kgs
22 weeks5.4 to 7.2 kgs
Adult10 to 12.5 kgs

Besides, you can also watch this video to know what and how you can feed your French bulldog.

Final Verdict

Gladly, now you know the answers to your queries regarding an underweight French bulldog. French bulldogs are lively, playful, affectionate, social, and easygoing dogs. These dogs even get well with other dogs. The best thing is that anyone with limited space can own a French bulldog because they don’t need plenty of lands to run on.

Genetics can increase the risk for frenchies and other flat-faced dogs to be allergic to allergens. If you have taken the responsibility of a Frenchie then you must take care of it like a child.

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