How To Soften Dog Eye Boogers? (8 Easiest Ways To Clean Dog Eyes)

8 Easiest Ways To Clean Dog Eyes

Did your dog weep? Yes, I can find tears around its eyes! What does it mean? Does It mean my dog is Sad? No, no, these are not actually tears that run down in emotion.

This is eye discharge actually. When it gets dry , it becomes hard like booger, gunk, or goober. That looks really stinky. Oops!!

Here, in this article, we will assist you on how to clean up dog eyes and how to get rid of such hard accumulation of discharge . Our ways are pretty easy to follow

You can clean the hard crusty goobers by wiping and washing eyes using eye wipes. You can also treat stubborn mass by eye drops and ointment. You can also use eye comb to pull them away if stuck under-eye fur.

There are so many causes to this problem. It may arise due to allergies , dust, hot weather, dry eyes, watery eyes, and many more. The good news is that you can clean dog eyes to kick off any discharge and hard mass.

Read below to know cleaning ways!

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what is Dog Eye Boogers?

Simply booger is “discharge” from the eyes of the dog. Normally, it happens in almost all pet animals. It varies in color, consistency, and shape. It can be wet like mucus, dry, and hard like crust.

what is Dog Eye Boogers?

Its color can be yellowish, green pus-like, brown , red, or black. Depending on underlying factors, it’s shape and color vary considerably.

There are so many causes of boogers as given below. It’s good to clean them regularly. Only boogers are normal, not a serious eye problem. However, along with gunk if you observe watery eyes and redness it can be symptoms of eye infection.

Types Of Dog Eye Boogers

There are different shapes and colors of boogers. Some are like waxy mucus that is yellowish and not too hard. However brown and black gunk is a mixture of dust. Such boogers are too hard to remove. Yellowish pus-like hard gunks are very common in almost all types of pets. Studies have shown that color is a key factor in identifying the underlying cause.

Here are a few points about booger types you need to note:

  • Yellowish boogers are relatively more common and easy to remove
  • Yellow-green hard mass are symptoms of pus cells
  • Black and brownish residues are relatively harder and can stuck in fur if not removed
  • Red color booger is the result of eye inflammation. It might be a mixture of eye mucus and blood cells

You can guess your dog’s health through the color of its eyes. However, you can’t say you can make the right guess about any other disease symptoms through boogers. Only the Vet can tell you further about any diagnosis.

Are Eye Boogers Normal For Dogs?

Yes, Of course, it is a normal eye condition for some dog breeds. They tell you that your pet eyes are draining constantly. You can even treat this condition at home.

It can be watery, oily, waxy or dusty depending on atmosphere and dog health

However, frequent boogers along with inflamed eyes are not normal. In Pug breed, boogers often result in eye-bulging that is more serious.

Boogers alone are not serious, If you find other symptoms like swelling, inflammation, dryness, and tears then it’s time to call the vet. Don’t try to treat multiple symptoms at home. It can be risky.

Should I Pick My Dog’s Eye Boogers?

Dog lovers, it’s mandatory! You should pick them up. If you don’t do this, it will accumulate in a large number. As a result a globe like residue would gather around the eyes. That looks ugly and stinky!

Also, your dog would look unclean. Nobody will love to touch it. So,  it must be cleaned or wiped.

Remember don’t try to pull them aggressively. Do it gently!

Use a dog eye comb to get off the gunk. Also, don’t let your hands in touch with boogers directly. It can spread infection.

Use a soft cloth and wipes to pick up gently.

Lastly, dispose of the cloth properly when it’s done.

How To Get Rid Of Eye Boogers Completely?

Fortunately, it’s possible to eliminate goobers and hard mass around dog eyes. You can get rid of gobblers by washing, wiping, cleaning, and rinsing dog eyes.

It is a recurring problem. So, you can’t eliminate it completely.

However, if you clean your pet regularly, it will not pop up frequently.

Beware, never use your fingers directly to clean dog eyes. It can spread infection rather than cleaning. wear gloves before washing your pet or trimming its hair. Below are the easiest ways to get rid of this problem.

Go on and read!

how to soften dog eye boogers (8 Easiest Ways)

There are so many ways to clean boogers. Some of these are quite simple without using any medicine. However, few methods require ointment.

how to soften dog eye boogers?

Let’s move into the detail of each method:

Safety Note: Wear gloves before washing eyes. Never let your hands touch the gunk. In this way, bacteria would spread

01. Use Dog Eye Wipes

One of the easiest methods is to clean the dog’s eyes with eye wipes. However, use veterinarian wipes not human wipes as they are without scent. These wipes contain ingredients that can dissolve the hard crust of goobers.

Follow the steps below  to use eye wipes:

  • Wash your hands first and putt on gloves
  • Make your dog sit in front of you peacefully so that your hand may not hurt other parts of its eyes
  • Start wiping from the back of the ear and end under the eyes
  • Don’t apply too much pressure as eyes are sensitive
  • Rub it gently under eyes and then dispose of these wipes properly.

Watch this video below to know more.

02. Apply Eye Ointment

In the case of continuous boogers and gunk under eyes, it is good to apply ointment. Though its rather complicated procedure. But it not only helps to soften hard wax but also effective in treating eye infection.

Apply Eye Ointment
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Read on the steps below to apply the ointment properly:

  • Wash your hands first and put on polythene gloves
  • Pull dog’s lower eyelid away from the eyeball
  • Apply ointment gently in a linear way
  • Rub the eyes smoothly and then leave it.
  • Use wipes to remove tear if you feel

03.Use Soak Soft Cloth

It’s the cheapest way to treat boogers. You need to get a soft piece of cloth only. Keep one thing in your mind, these are non-medical tricks. If you feel the problem rising, you must consult the vet.

Follow the steps below:

  • Put on gloves on your hands first
  • Take two pieces of a soft cloth and get these soak in water
  • Rinse clothes to remove extra water
  • Apply one cloth under one eye and other on the second eye
  • Gently rub underside the eyes and then dispose of clothes properly

Note: Don’t use the same cloth on both eyes as it may transfer germs

04. Use Eye Drops

Using eye drops is another way that is helpful to protect eyes from inside. However, it’s best to get a Vet opinion before using any medicine. Drops with saline solution fight boogers like foes.

Use Eye Drops

Follow the steps below carefully:

  • Wash your hands and wear gloves
  • Hold the eyelids of dog
  • Keep the eyes open and pour a few eyes drops inside
  • Rub the eyes gently
  • Let the dog blink eyes to ensure the spread of drops throughout the inner area

Note: Don’t apply drops simultaneously in both eyes. Take time to move from first to the second eye.

05. Shave Hair Around The Eyes

Though it’s not a treating procedure yet it helps to remove particles stuck in fur under eyes. Most of the dog breeds like pug bear fur under their eyes. Gunk, tears, or dust are likely to stick here. Breeders often use clippers for this purpose.

Follow the steps below to shave under eyes properly:

  • Take high-quality trimmer
  • Wear gloves and wash the eyes prior to trim
  • Hold the dog gently
  • Start from the corner of eyes and remove to edges
  • After trimming, wipe off the eyes

Note: Avoid using high vibration shavers.

06. Use Sunglasses

No boggers, no tears!

Did you know dogs can also wear glasses? Sounds funny! Dog’s eyes are very sensitive and can easily get tears when exposed to sunlight. To avoid this, you can use sunglasses for your pet. These are real gifts if you are living in hot areas.

Follow the points to put on glasses:

  • Attach the spring behind the ear
  • Set the glasses right above the eyes

It would be more fashionable.

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07. Use Dog’s Tear Removing Comb

Worry….boogers are getting harder and stubborn. We have got a solution. You can use a dog tear removing comb for this purpose. It is specially designed to pull out the hard crust of particles gently from  the fur  under eyes

 Use Dog’s Tear Removing Comb

Learn the step to use comb:

  • Hold the dog gently.
  • Start combing underneath the eyes
  • Start from a corner and end up at edges

Note: Do it gently. Never let the comb touch inner eye

08. Use Dog Tear Stain Remover

Did your pet boogers get harder and harder? The reason might be dead cells or epiphora. In this case, it’s really challenging to get them off. When nothing works, experiment dog tear stain remover, it will surely do the right job

Read the steps below to carry on safely:

  • Apply a few drops on dog face
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Wash it and then wipe off the eyes
  • If you still find boogers, use dog eye comb to pull off

Note; Don’t use chemical stain removal

what is the Main Causes Of Dog Eye Boogers?

Depending on the types of boogers there are so many causes of this problem. Our list is by no means exhaustive, the vet may add more underlying health issues related to this problem

Below are a few main causes of eye boogers:

1. Conjunctivitis:

Main symptoms of conjunctivitis include mucus discharge from the eyes. It can be green,pus-like, or yellowish. The reason behind this problem can be a birth defect, allergies, infection, inflammation in the eyelid, hot weather, tear duct problem, dry eyes, or even tumor. It can be treated with antibiotics and eyewash.

2. Allergies:

Dogs can also suffer from allergies. Some common allergies that can affect eyes are hay fever, dust allergy, pollen allergy. As a result of these allergies, they develop conjunctivitis and water eyes. Its recommended to observe your dog for various allergies and get the help of Vet for final diagnosis and treatment. Keep one thing in mind, the best treatment of allergies is to take precautions.

3. Breed Related Causes:

Studies have shown that the shape of the face is another cause of eye problems in dogs. For example, pug, Pekingese, boxers, and bulldogs have flat faces that are more likely to suffer from eye problems. So, the breed is important to factor that determines eye health.

4. Watery Eyes:

Another word for this term is epiphora. The main symptom of this problem is watery eyes that ultimately lead to boggers. Flat-faced dogs are more likely to have watery eyes as compared to other breeds. It may also result in tear staining that is another challenge.

5. Dry Eyes:

The primary symptoms of dry eyes include discharge and inflammation. Dry eyes are a result of a malfunction of tear-producing glands and Immune system infections. It may also lead to ulcers on the cornea if not treated properly. Boogers are very common in dry eyes and hard to treat without knowing real causes.

Tips to Prevent Eye Boogers

You are fully aware of the disasters of boogers. Fortunately, this problem can be treated. However, it’s a recurring issue. There is no guarantee that boogers will not appear again

Follow the tips below to prevent gunk goobers and boogers totally:

  • Take care of your pet especially during bathing. Clean hidden areas regularly just like fur under the eyes.
  • Trim dog hairs close to eyes once or twice in a month so that they may not touch the inner area of the eye. If hairs go inside the eyes, it would result in water and mucus.
  • Take your dog to the vet for physical check ups regularly. He is the right man to tell you about future problems.
  • Don’t try human medicine or drops for dogs. Get the help of Vet and buy medicines according to prescription
  • If you find boogers, treat them at an early stage.
  • Rinse the eyes with eye wipes regularly to avoid problems in future
  • Use baby shampoo, not chemical products while bathing dogs. Chemicals can also cause itching and inflammation in the eyes.

Is your pet more aggressive when you clean up? Try a dog training program and make it calm.

Bottom Line

Well, your decision to own a dog is a great responsibility. You should be aware of any health-related problems that can affect your pet.

A regular vet checkup is the best tip. If your pet is happy, it will be more fun to enjoy its company. Who loves weepy pets? Make your pet eyes smile with freshness.

You can treat boogers at home but follow the safety tips. Keep your hands covered.

Again, I would suggest eyes are a very delicate organ,don’t try to experiment more on it.

Goodbye for now! We’ll be right back with some other topic soon!

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