How To Identify Purebred Beagle? [Physical & Behavioral Traits]

Ways To Identify Purebred Beagle

Don’t let the size fool you! Because they can be good watchdogs.

That’s no other than BEAGLES!

Are you thinking of getting a beagle dog? Do you fret about how to Identify purebred beagle? What is the color of a purebred beagle? And got more as well?

I have marked your questions already and now it’s time for you to read the answers. Keep scrolling!

Purebred beagles have hanging ears that reach the bottom of their face, have a white coloration on the tail, have all four paws white, and produce many barks. Purebred beagles also have spots.

In terms of buying any dog, make sure not to shop but rather adopt because numerous homeless dogs are dying on the roads or in the shelters.

How much do Purebred Beagle Price?

Due to the beagles’ friendly nature, they are on the 6th number for being the most popular breed in the United States alone. The price for an average Beagle puppy ranges somewhere between $400 to $1000. That’s the average price, but if you plan to have your hands on a show quality beagle, you should first know that your budget has to be around $1500 or more.

Besides, you can always adopt beagles from shelters and around as it will be helpful to provide a house to the homeless beagle. However, it is recommended to avoid buying puppies from puppy mills.

How can you tell if a beagle is purebred? (5 things to check)

Just like other breeds, beagles also have some traits common if they are purebred beagles. These traits are sometimes identifiable at an early age, and sometimes these get visible later.

01. White Color In The Tail

Sometimes white color is there on the tip of the tail, and sometimes just a few hair can be seen white, but the presence of white in the tail is necessary for the purebred beagles.

02. Ears

The ears of beagles are long and, most of the time, reach the end below the face. The ears are always hanging.

03. Paws

In the purebred beagles, all four paws need to be white in color.

04. Legs

Compared to their bodies, the legs of beagles are short, and it looks as if the beagle body weight is too much for the short legs. Lol!

05. White Streaks On The Head

Although it is rarely there in the mixed breed beagles, the white streaks are common on the head of a purebred beagle.

3 Purebred Beagles Behavioral Identification

Visible traits are comparatively easy to be judged sooner, but behavioral traits need to be examined closely. Observing behavior, also known as invisible traits can often demand you to spend hours to days. Now let’s have a discussion about the purebred beagle’s behavioral traits;

Barking Habit

Barking is a way through which beagles communicate. Besides the typical bark, beagles also howl and wine. Not just this but beagles also produce other sounds as they are pretty much vocal. Once they are about 2 months old, this trait of them gets noticeable.

Sniffing Habit

As beagles are blessed with more smell receptors in the nose than other dogs, they use their noses a lot. Scents attract beagles, and they follow them.


Training beagles might be a time taking process as they are highly intellectual, so they are not that much into following what they are taught.

Some Common Purebred Beagle Health Issues

Owning a purebred beagle doesn’t mean your beagle won’t catch any virals or go through certain diseases. They sometimes carry diseases genetically, and on-time treatment is necessary to overcome these issues, or most of them end up being lethal. Below are some of the diseases which purebred beagles may catch;

  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar luxation
  • Intervertebral disk disease
  • Primary carnitine deficiency
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Cataract
  • Deafness
  • Hemophilia A
  • Demodicosis
  • Cherry eye
  • Distichiasis
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
  • Chondrodysplasia
  • Central progressive retinal atrophy
  • Hypothyroidism
Purebred Beagles Behavioral Identification

Purebred Beagle Colors

We can’t say that a purebred beagle has to be of one to two colors but beagles carry different colors. So, the beagle you doubt to be of a mixed breed due to the color can also be a purebred one, just as the seller claims. The colorations for beagles that I am going to state down are all approved by the American Kennel Club;

  1. White and Tan
  2. White and Red
  3. White and Brown
  4. White and Lemon
  5. Tan, White, and Brown
  6. White, Tan, and Blue
  7. Bluetick, Tan, and Black
  8. Tan and Black
  9. White, Red and Black
  10. Black, Tan, and White
  11. White, Tan, and Black

Purebred Pocket Beagle

Purebred beagles are friendly, loving, and social dogs. Just as other types of beagles, pocket beagles are also curious and pick up scents through their noses. However, they are tiny in size.

Purebred Lemon Beagle

Lemon beagles are rare, and so they are a bit more costly than the other types. Characterized by their white and tan color, lemon beagles can sometimes look completely white but with time and age, the coloration gets darker, making some areas go lemon.

Purebred Blue Tick Beagle

You got it wrong! They are not actually blue in color, but there is blue ticks kind of coloration at the base of their white or black color, which make it look like a blue-colored beagle. They can be 20 to 30 pounds. Watch here to see purebred blue tick beagle’s looks and some interesting facts about it.

Do Purebred Beagles Have Spots?

Yes, purebred beagles may have spots, marks, and ticks of different colors like tan, brown, white, and black.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you have an idea about how to identify a purebred beagle? Well, it is not that difficult if you are an expert. Beagles were mainly used for hunting in the past. They used to prey on rabbits and all. Pocket beagles came in handy as they could go into the holes in the ground to catch the rabbits, they could even fix in the hunters’ pocket.

Beagles used to be of great use to alert hunters about some other presence as beagles could sense the scent immediately and started barking.

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