How To Cut A Pugs Nails? [10 Easiest Steps For Nail Grooming]

10 Easiest  Steps For Pugs Nail Grooming

Do you know that Pugs hate having their nails trimmed? No doubt, grooming a dog’s nails is just like winning a battle.

Most Pug owners even face scratches, while others are scared of hurting their pets while nail clipping. So, they think that it’s better to pay dollars to the groomer than to be injured.

Don’t worry if you have the same situation with your furry friend. By reading this article, you will feel confident and able to cut your dog’s nails safely at home. All you need is a little patience and training.

Are you ready to learn how to cut a pug’s nails? You can use trimmer or nail clippers to trim your Pugs nails. Long toenails are critical for your Pug’s health. You should clip them every two to three weeks. It is not as difficult as you think. Just follow simple guidelines and do it at home safely.

If you are planning to bring home a PUG as a pet companion, keep in mind that it is a matter of great responsibility. Just like humans, they may face different problems regarding health and grooming. Plus, pet training is very essential to make your life easy with a furry friend. If you are worried about the long toenail of your doggy, this article will act as a stress reliever pill for you.

So keep on reading to learn the solution.

How Often You Should Cut A Pugs Nails?

Did you know before buying such an expensive dog that you have to be his groomer too? So keep this thing in mind before you own a Pug.

Now it is essential to know how often you should trim your pet nails. Let’s explain briefly that you should shorten your Pug nails every two to three weeks. But how will you know that it’s exactly the nail grooming time? Have a look at the points below:

  • Normally, the nails of this breed grow very fast. When you notice that the nails have become too long and curved, trim them.
  • The longer the nails, the more they will curve inside the dog’s paw, causing irregular walk. So, cutting them short is critical for Pug’s health.
  • Naturally, canines nails should not rest on the ground while they are walking. If you feel the clicking sound when the dog walks or runs, cut them short otherwise it may result in trauma. 

Mostly, dog owners think that the whole nail of their pet is made of keratin and it may not hurt if you clip them all at once. This is a totally wrong concept. You should do research prior to doing any experience with your pet.

Actually, the total body of a dog’s nail is not made of dead cells(keratin). Its central portion is living and consists of nerves and blood vessels. It is called quick. It is visible in dogs with white nails, upon examining you can clearly recognize a pink portion in the middle of your pet nails. If you will cut this part accidentally, it may bleed making the complete nail clipping process painful. 

Moreover, when the Pugs move, they process the information that they receive from the nerves in the toes. When their toes touch the ground, they associate this impulse in maintaining a correct body posture. The longer nails may interfere with the signals that are needed by the brain to balance the dog’s body while running or climbing hills.

 On the other hand, wild dogs may not undergo this problem because they keep on running all day in search of prey, so their nails may grind down to an adequate length. Pugs are pet dogs and they are less active as compared to the wild dog, hence their nails need proper maintenance.

What can happen if a dog’s nails are too long?

If your pug toenails are longer, then he may go through certain health issues. You should be aware of these problems so that you can help out your pet.

Below are some problems that Pugs may face with long nails.

Painful walking

If your Pug walks on hard surfaces with long toenails, it can be extremely painful. They can curve and force the nail back in the nail bed. Plus, if this condition persists in the long run, it can put an extra strain on each toe while walking, which may result in arthritis.


Excessively long toenails can collect dirt and germs. If your pet accidentally scratches someone, it can result in severe infections. In my opinion, If you have kids at home, never compromise on the hygiene of your pet.

Toe Injuries

Long and untrimmed nails of your Pug can easily be caught on rough floors or carpets. It may result in nail breakage, bleeding or even the nail can uproot from the nail bed. In severe cases, it can cause toe twisting. As a consequence of abnormal walking patterns, abnormal pressure on joints may lead to fractures and dislocations.

10 step on how to cut pug nails at home

If your pet companion has a bad experience of nail injury in the past during the nail clipping procedure, he even won’t allow you to touch his paw. What to do now?

Don’t worry, If you will follow the below-mentioned step by step and easy guidelines, you can cut your dog’s nails at home safely. So, scroll down to learn more:

Step-1: Gather all the accessories in one place:

These may include a towel, clippers specially designed for Pugs, a nail filer, cotton balls, hypoallergenic cleansing wipes, a  chew toy, septic powder, or silver nitrate sticks( just in case of bleeding), and some dog treats.

Step-2: Select a quiet, well lit, and uninterrupted room to carry on this process:

It is very important that your doggy must be relaxed before you start. Put him in your lap and make sure to adjust your position in such a way, so that he might not escape. You must be in a relaxed mood, otherwise, your pet may recognize that something unusual is going to happen.

Step-3: Carefully examine the quick:

For your ease, put a mark on the upper side of the nail to ensure a safe distance from the quick(the central living portion of the nail having blood vessels).

Step-4: Do childish talk with your buddy:

Pet dogs have an amazing ability that they can sense the mood swings of their owners. So, you should keep on asking casually, like we used to entertain a small child.” Hey baby, you are such a cutie pie, good baby” and so on. In this way, your Pug will be able to build trust in you.

Step-5: Put a barrier:

Now, it’s better to put a towel on your pug’s paw so that he might not panic to see the process. However, it’s totally up to your choice, if you think you can do this without putting a towel, then carry on.

Step-6: Hold the Pugs toe gently in your hand:

You can use your fingers to separate the toes. Remember, never squeeze the toe as it may hurt your dog. The position of the clippers should be parallel to the nail. Cut only one nail at a time. Usually, the quicks in the back paw are shorter than the front paw. So you should also keep this in mind while trimming. 

Step-7: Start cutting small portions of the nail around the quick:

You must be careful and avoid cutting the quick. If your pug nails are clear, you can identify this living portion in the middle of the nail. In the case of black nails, you should turn the paw upside down to see this portion from the underside. 

Step-8: The use of a nail file:

It is highly recommended to use a nail file when you are close to the quick. Once you have trimmed all the dead cells near the living portion, you should file the nails to reach the desired length. It will remove the chance of bleeding. If you accidentally clip the quick, then fill that portion with septic powder to stop bleeding. If the septic powder is not available, you can also use corn starch.

Step-9: One by one cut all the nails by repeating the same procedure:

If this is your first-time experience then keep on going slowly. Once you are trained you can do it in no time.

Step-10: Reward your pet:

Finally, don’t forget to give your Pug his favorite treat. By doing this, he will allow you to clip his nails next time.

Note: Mostly pugs may dramatically freak out when you will try to clip nails. In this case, you may need someone to hold him so that you can cut easily. Being smaller in size, you can control this breed easily.

how often to cut pug nails

How To Cut Black Pug Nails?

Normally, white toenails in pugs are easy to trim as compared to the black nails. The reason is you can easily identify the quick (the central living portion that contains nerves and blood vessels) which appears to be pink in color in the middle of the nail. In black nails, you cannot see the quick. So, how will you cut the black pug nails? Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you think.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take your pug in a quiet and well-lit room.
  • Hold him gently in your lap, or if you are confused ask someone to hold the dog.
  • Hold its paw firmly but remember not to put enough pressure as it may hurt your dog.
  • You should notice the quick portion by turning the paw upside down. It will appear as a black part in the middle of the nail. Place the clippers in the top to the bottom position to cut the nail.
  • Start by cutting only a small length of the nail( nearly 1/16th of an inch).
  • After clipping small lengths, if you see more dead cells around the quick, then shorten the nail a bit more.
  • When you are closer to the quick, you will see the mid of the nail in the black color. So, stop right here! 
  • Don’t forget to offer treats to make your pet happy at the end. 

Best Nail Trimming Accessories For Pugs

Are you looking for the best and budget-friendly nail shortening accessories for your pug? If you are new with this small breed pet, you may be confused in selecting the right option. For your ease, we have mentioned the details of some professional and safe nail trimming gadgets for your Pug. So, have a look to know which is the best option for your Pug grooming kit.

01. Nail Clippers

It is the most commonly used by the Pug owners. It is not only easy to use but also budget-friendly. There are many brands that make good quality nail clippers. The quality of the razor-sharp blade and sturdy non-slip handles make this accessory safe in use. Plus, it is the most recommended by professional pet groomers because it has a quick guard that saves from cutting the nail too short.

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02.Pet nail grinder

If you are not feeling confident in using clippers, you can use a pet nail grinder. It is a lot easier in use as compared to the clippers. The one with a powerful motor and diamond grindstone is the Pecute Pet Nail grinder. It is an electric rechargeable trimmer with two different speeds which you can adjust accordingly. Plus, it consists of a quick sensor to avoid trimming this sensitive area.  

But it has a small disadvantage that your Pug can be afraid of it. Still, it’s your choice to select one according to your need. 

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How To Trim Nails of An Uncooperative Pug?

Most dog owners ask for options other than a nail clipper or grinder. Actually, your pet companion is smart enough to recognize that this tool is used for his nail trimming.
As a consequence, he may disappear making the whole procedure stressful. 

What you can do for such an uncooperative Pug? I think you will plan a vet or groomer visit to avoid any unusual happening as the last option.
But still, you should wait and have a look at the following alternatives:

Nail file

You can use a nail file in place of trimmers or clippers. It is strong enough and provides a safer and comfortable nail grooming experience. Though it can be time-consuming but still a good and secure option to carry out your dog’s nail shortening at home. But before using this you have to train your Pug to get used to it. You can also try dog treats for training purposes.

Nail Filing Mats For Dogs

A very convenient and stress-free recent invention is nail filing mats for unwilling dogs. Your Pug may get a nail trim automatically by walking on it. You just have to place this mat in a high dog traffic area so that your furry friend can walk over it most of the time in a day. It is not only pain-free but also saves trips to vets or groomers.

Final Thoughts

Finally, our topic about nail grooming of Pugs comes to an end.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed it. By following the mentioned step by step guidelines, you will surely be able to go through this nail trimming battle at home.

Don’t get panic if your pet is still reluctant to accept you as his groomer. A little experience and training will make you perfect in the future.

If you find these tips helpful, share them with other Pug owners. Also, share in the comments below that how do you trim your Pug nails?

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