How Often Should You Bathe Bulldogs? – Tips For Bathing a Bulldog

Should You Bathe Bulldogs once a week

A home is where the dog is to please you BUT what if the dog is a bulldog and he stinks? 

Don’t be grossed out! Here you’ll get your doubts clear about how often should you bathe bulldogs? How to bathe bulldogs? When to bathe bulldogs and how to resist their body smell from hitting them back soon?

Bathing a bulldog once a week is a great deal but going without a bath for more than 6 to 8 weeks is inevitably not right. Don’t bathe your bulldog too frequently as it’ll be more likely to damage your bulldog’s skin.

It’s always right to add a bulldog to the story of your life but not until you’re totally ready to bear all the challenges and duties.

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Should I Bathe My Bulldog Once a Week?

Yes, you can bathe him once a week but with a mild shampoo like Tear Free dog shampoo in order to make him not only clean but also to protect his skin and coat from damage.

You may need to wash your bulldog on a weekly basis if he gets dirty often or else you can increase the gap between each bath but it shouldn’t be more than 6 weeks.

Many dogs’ mood is lifted after a bath. It is advisable to not bathe bulldogs more than once a week or else they will lose the essential skin oils and suffer irritation and itching.

When To Give Bulldog Puppy a Bath?

What an adorable piece of woof! Bulldog puppies are as vulnerable as the other puppies and so bathing them early is not at all appropriate. At the minimum, you can bathe bulldog puppies at the age of 4 weeks and at a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks. Latter is the safest option. This is important because puppies younger than this can catch the chill and may not be able to regulate their body temperature.

Tips For Bathing a Bulldog

It’s a rule of thumb that almost all the dogs including bulldogs have a natural smell. With the best care, this smell can be reduced to a minimum but if not then due to poor hygiene and maintenance the smell might get difficult to be ignored. Let’s have a look at some awesome tips to bathe a bulldog;

  1. It is better to comb the body of your bulldog before giving him a bath so the dirt softens to come out easily. Furminator Curry comb is one of the good-rated ones.
  2. Whether the shampoo is mild or regular, never let it have contact with your dog’s eyes. 
  3. Choose the products to be used according to the skin and coat type of bulldog to achieve optimal results.
  4. As for bathing, pay extra attention to your dog’s face and the facial folds. Clean them thoroughly with wet wipes like Pogi’s Grooming wipes because these areas have bacteria dwelling in them.
  5. Don’t forget to place cotton balls in the ears of your bulldog so the water does not slip in them causing infections. Don’t slide the cotton balls too far into the ears.

How To Bathe a Bulldog?

Bathing your bulldog can be one of the best experiences you will have in your life. Try making it enjoyable for your bulldog as well so he does not hesitate the next time you bring him to the bathtub. Below I am gonna discuss the steps to carry on with to bathe the champ;

  1. Place an anti-slip mat inside the tub to avoid your bulldog to slip. However, if you don’t have a mat then use a towel instead.
  2. Make your bulldog stand on top of the mat inside the tub.
  3. Place cotton balls in his ears.
  4. Now take a mug, fill it with some lukewarm water and pour it on your dog starting from the lower body to the neck. But not above the neck.
  5. Now squeeze some shampoo in your palm and start rubbing it on the front legs of your dog and then the back legs. Again make your way to the front legs of your dog. Wash the whole body now but don’t use the shampoo on the head or the area above the ears.
  6. Using lukewarm water, wash the body of your bulldog and rinse away the shampoo and dirt.
  7. Now take off the cotton balls and start towel drying your bulldog entirely, including the folds and wrinkles.

How To Get Rid Of Bulldog Smell Without Bathing?

Are you upset with bathing your bulldog every week due to smell? Good news!

There are certain ways through which you can keep your bulldog from stinking without much of an effort!

Dive in those tips without wasting a second;

Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene:

That may sound weird to you but that’s true. In order to avoid your bulldog from smelling bad, you should take his oral hygiene seriously also because your dog uses his mouth to clean some of his body areas.

Keep Hearing Tools Clean(ears):

Bulldogs can’t clean their ears by themselves and that’s a fact that their ears also get dirty. Their ears are sensitive so without being a harsh hand on them, you can use some baby oil on a cotton ball or a wipe and clean the ears thoroughly without going too deep in.

Clean Your Bulldog’s Belongings:

You must have noticed that when you take a shower, you are more likely to change your bedsheet. Did you get the point right?

In order to maintain your bulldog’s hygiene, don’t forget to keep his stuff clean. Wash his belongings on and off and it’s best to dip their stuff in scent-based detergents.

Dry Shampoo:

While dog owners and others also use dry shampoos to curb dirty hair, bulldogs can also be benefited through dry shampoos but don’t use dry shampoos made for humans on your bulldog.

Using a towel, you can massage the dry shampoo into your Bulldog’s fur.

Seamus Cucumber Melon Itch Relief Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo is the highly ranked pet’s dry shampoo.

Brush and Brush:

Using a comb or brush designed for your bulldog, groom your Bulldog’s fur because that’s one of the ways to scratch off the dirt and allergens off his skin.

Pet Wipes:

Pet wipes work wonders in cleaning the dogs’ bodies especially if they tend to have short fur. There are certain wet wipes in the market designed especially for dogs.

Right Time for Bulldog’s Bathe

It’s best to bathe your bulldog in the hours when there’s not too cold outside. For instance, bathing a bulldog at night would make him catch a cold.

Secondly, bulldogs shouldn’t be left without a bath for up to 6 to 8 weeks. Their fur requires them to be cleaned so they don’t grasp skin diseases that they are normally prone to.

Daytime is always the right choice for cleaning activities. Bathing at night may be unsafe as temperature drops at night.

Accessories Used To Bathe a Bulldog

To clean your bulldog thoroughly at home instead of spending plenty of cash for getting him bathed by the vets, there are certain arrangements that you ought to make.

Below, I have wholeheartedly broken for you the accessories that come handy in a bulldog bathing process;

  • A dog’s brush
  • A mild dog’s shampoo
  • Towel
  • Non-slipping mat 
  • Bathing tub

Before you start off with bathing your pooch, brush his fur so the extra dirt falls out and the rest gets loosened. As we know that bulldogs come with fragile bone structure and joints so place a non-slippery mat in the bathtub. 

Fill the tub with less than the half water. Water shouldn’t be too cold or too hot but lukewarm. Make your bulldog stand in the tub as you lather up the shampoo over his body and coat. Don’t rub it harsh but be moderate or else you would end up hurting your pooch.

Don’t let the shampoo reach his eyes, nose ears, and the overall head. Once you have made the lather and washed your bulldog then pour water over his body to set off the shampoo.

Now take him out of the tub and towel dry him gently.

Why Does My Bulldog Still Stinks After Bath?

If the odor comes right after the bathe then you will be concerned about it. Bulldogs stink bad if they have open pores and skin infections. It can also be an indication of your bulldog’s ear hygiene. There must be waxy and brown debris inside which you can clean off with the help of cotton. Commonly, the bad odor peeping through the ears indicates an ear infection.

The other reasons behind the bad smell from your bathed bulldog may involve;

  • Dental issues/diseases
  • Rolling over something smelly
  • Skunk’s spray
  • Upset stomach
  • Swimming in dirty water
  • Internal organ disease
  • Anal gland issues

How To Make Your Bulldog Love Bathing?

Did you like studying the most boring subject in your school life? Well, I didn’t. The same is the case with bathing bulldogs, if they don’t adore the bath then they’ll probably not want to go for it.

How To Make Your Bulldog Love Bathing?

There are some easy steps that would help you get your bulldog to love bathing. 

  • First of all, pick a sunny day so he doesn’t feel cold and get irritated. If it is raining or if the day is not sunny then avoid giving him a bath.
  • Second, take lukewarm water and take a little of the water out with your hands and rub it on the dog so that he knows the water isn’t cold. 
  • Use a mild shampoo that cleans the dog as well as keeps the fur and skin healthy. 
  • Don’t play too much because the splashes can scare him especially the ones that are going to his face. 
  • Keep him excited and keep loving him so he is connected to you. After the bath, dry him off if he allows it and if not then brush his hair and keep talking and loving them. 
  • Last but not the least, give him a Smartsticks chew for dogs or any other of his favorites for being such a good boy. 

How to deal with Bulldog Shaking After Bath?

A little shivering is fine because he might be cold and all. Another reason is that they are seeking your attention so love them. There can be many other reasons as well like old age or fear, so if the shivering is high, persists, and looks dangerous then it is better to take him to the vet immediately besides keeping him warm if he’s feeling cold. 

Simply you can wrap your dog in the towel to stop shivering. If it’s still trembling then it’s not OK. In many cases, dog may stop after a few seconds.

Bulldog Crying In Bath what should I do?

Dogs don’t usually like baths and they avoid it so most dogs even run away and hide when they see their owners being occupied by the preps to give them a bath. 

They can cry because they don’t like bathing but don’t forget to consider other possibilities.  For example, if they are allergic to something or have an infection that is hurting them. So if it happens then it is better to take them out. Or if there is a certain area where you touch them and they cry then take them to the vet. 

It is better to contact your vet for any unusual behavior and symptoms. 

Is It Bad To Bathe Your Bulldog Every Day?

Yes, It is due to the fact that bathing scrapes off the natural oils from the skin that are essential and help in hair growth.  Regardless of what type of shampoo you use whether mild or regular but bathing a bulldog daily is not at all justifiable.

Is It Bad To Bathe Your Bulldog with Cold Water?

It’s OK to bathe your dog in cold water when it’s hot outside. But it’s risky to bathe your dog with cold water when it’s cold outside. While using a shower, it’s good to check the water temperature before bathing your dog. It should not be extremely hot or cold.

Final Verdict

Well done! Now you know when to give your bulldog a bath which is once a week. Make their bath day, a fun day. So that they won’t just hide and run away. Give them love and keep talking to them to keep them engaged and put some toys with them as well so that they can have a little cute company with them. 

If the dog still stinks then there can be many reasons behind it which you may have noticed and if not then you better check from the vet to make sure the little dude is okay. 

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