How Much Should A Pug Weight? (Obesity & Weight Control)

What is The standard weight for pugs

How hard could it be to determine a dog’s weight? They look a little weak. Hence they are underweight; they look fat; thus, they are overweight. The case is different in pugs because their physical appearance is different from other dogs.

How much should a pug weight?

 It isn’t easy to determine the exact weight for your pug as this dog’s weight depends upon on its height, frame, and age. However, the American Kennel Club suggests that these dogs weight between 14 and 18 pounds. We want our dogs to be healthy and active, so we must keep a check on our dog’s weight, and it’s the daily diet.

We will discuss how do we know if our pug’s weight is perfect and also what is the best possible diet for it, below.

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What is The standard weight for pugs?

There is also standard weight for pugs as it is for other dogs, according to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) pugs should weight between 14 and up to 18 pounds.

American Kennel Club suggests that these dogs weight between 14 and 18 pounds

This weight standard cannot be implied on all pugs, as some might be taller than others. Also, age plays an essential role in determining the weight of a pug, so considering all of these factors, your pug may be above 18 pounds and still not be overweight.

Pugs overweight? How will I know?

How hard is it to keep a check on our dogs wight? Just throw it on a weight machine and you will know, don’t you? But that’s not the case in pugs; these dogs require, if not daily, a weekly checkup of their body to see if they are not developing any unnecessary fats.

Here are some methods to see if your dog is overweight;

1. Visual test

This is a simple test, and it will only require you to take a look on your dog that whether it is developing any fats by the following;

  • Your dogs head is getting stuffed inside your dog
  • Visible fats on its body
  • Visible fats on its midsection
  • Your dog looks like a stuffed chicken

If any of these symptoms appear, then your dog is probably overweight.

2. Physical test

The next test is to try feeling the ribs of your dog. Press the ribs (kindly) section of your dog and see if you can slightly feel the bones. If all you can feel is bulges of fat, then your dog is probably overweight.

3. Movement test

If your dog has any issues in doing these things then it is probably overweight;

  • Laziness
  • Stands slowly
  • Stops playing that often
  • Sleep more than usual

These were some three basics tests in determining the weight of your dog.; If you are still not sure in determining the fat on your pug, then you can take your dog to a vet to see if they are overweight.

What about pugs underweight?

Being underweight is less of a concern in the case of pugs. The vise-versa of some of the symptoms of overweight are the symptoms of underweight. Following are some signs of underweight for pugs,

What about pugs underweight
  • Laziness
  • Ribs become visible, even without touching
  • Muscles become sharper around edges
  • Your dog may also become sick
  • Most of all your dog looks altogether weak

A good pet owner can tell by visualizing only that if their pet is weaker than usual. The reasons for underweight are not only linked with food that your dog is taking, but also it could be that your dog is suffering from some sickness. Taking your dog to a veteran is a worthwhile thing to do in this case.

Obesity versus your pug

Obesity can cause various problems in dogs, especially pugs, more than it generates in humans. Pugs often suffer from brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, a type of disease in which dogs face difficulty in breathing due to smaller organs such as the brain and the nose.

Due to being there are more chances of BOAS(brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome), i.e., more chances of difficulty in breathing.

Following are some obesity-related problems in your dog;

  • Enhances the chance of BOAS.
  • There comes more pressure on the muscles of your dog due to which your dog becomes weak.
  • Joints become weak.
  • In the worst-case scenario, the added pressure on the circulatory system and the heart of your dog could lead to cardiac death.
  • Your dog could develop issues in sensitive organs like kidney and liver.

How to lose pug weight ?

Cutting the diet of your dog isn’t easy, and if you succeed in doing so, It also never yields a better result. So what should you do to help your pug lose weight? Let’s find out.

The two things that matter in dieting are, of course, diet and the activity of your dog. Let’s start with “the diet” for your obese pug;

The diet

Giving less food to your dog will do no good to your dog as;

  • By cutting off the food, you will also cut the nutrients that are going to your dog every day.
  • Your dog will feel Hungary after eating less than usual and may show adverse behavior.

Cutting unhealthy treat which you give your dog from time to time will defiantly help.

So what should I do?

Well, rather than reducing the portion, what you can do is replacing the portion.

It is suggested by many vets to replace your regular kibble with green canned beaned (equal amounts), this will reduce the calorie consumption but will provide other healthy nutrients.

As far as the snacks are concerned, what you can do is replace those unhealthy things with fruits and vegetables.

Here are some more diet alternatives for your pug;

  • Purina Pro Plan Weight Control High Protein Dry Dog Food
  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Light for Healthy Weight & Weight Management

Only a healthy diet is not enough for weight loss; you should also make sure that your dog is enrolled daily in some physical activity.

Obesity often causes your dog to become physically inactive and could cause various health problems. Forcing your dog to run and play is not advisable and also not that you gradually start a long period of exercise with your dog.

Start by slowly adding some more time to its daily activity such as walks or playing like 5 to 10 minutes, then gradually go to the maximum period that your dog can endure without getting exhausted.


The exact weight for your pug can be determined after seeing its height and age, etc., so consult your vet for health weight limits. However, the standard weight for pug has been defined by the American Kennel Club (6kg to 8kg). If your dog is suffering from obesity, then replacing the food is a better option rather than reducing it.

Don’t neglect your pug’s health in love and consider the calories before feeding your dog. Also, be sure to take out time for the activity of your dog.

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