How Much Should A Beagle Eat? (Feeding Chart + Calories Per Day]

how much food a beagle should eat per day

Are you feeling proud to be the owner of Beagle? Sure, you are lucky! But what are your plans to feed your furry- friend. Have you decided what type of diet you would feed your lovely companion and in what amount?

About ninety percent of Beagle’s care depends on a proper diet and feeding menu. To help out Beagle owners through all feeding concerns, we’ve decided to pen down a comprehensive article.

So, keep going to read till the end you will feel more knowledgeable!

How much should a Beagle eat? The food requirement of Beagle varies with age and weight. Normally, Adult Beagle would eat up a 1cup dog meal per day. However, puppy Beagle would take one and a half cups of dog meals per day. You can add more food keeping the energy level of your beagle in mind. But never exceed 20 % of the prescribed amount.

Beagles were originally hunting hounds for small game animals like rabbit, squirrel, or hare. That’s why they need more energy in the form of food. They are still used for hunting purposes in the United States. But you can see them living a happy life as a pet with families. They are full of life and kids really enjoy their company.

How Much Food Does A Beagle Need Actually?

If your Beagle’s nose always directs towards food, it does not mean that his body needs food every time. This is Beagle’s habit to behave as if he is starving all the time. Below you can read the reasons for such behavior comprehensively.

Before feeding Beagle, it is important to know how much calories does your dog requires per day. Keeping the Beagle’s age and weight factor in mind, you can suggest how much should Beagle eat per day. Normally. 25 to 30 pounds Beagle would require 674 to 922 calories per day. With age, this requirement will slow down. Above 7 years, Beagle may not need more calories as he may need in early life

Most of the pet owners dont want to go deep in calculating calories phenomenon every time. They serve ready to eat dog meals whether wet or dry to avoid such mess up. Now question is that how many cups of dog meal can fulfill the caloric requirement of your dog per day?

An adult dog will take one cup of dry dog meal daily split up in half a cup in the morning or half in the evening. But this amount can be increased or decrease keeping the weight factor in mind. However, never exceed this amount of more than 20 % of the prescribed amount. Puppies would need more than one cup depending on their age. weight, type of food served, and energy level factors.

Table of caloric Requirement of Adult Beagle and Puppy Beagle

Age of BeagleCalorie RequirementWeight
Below 18 month Beagle puppy55 calories per poundAround 10 pounds
Adult above 18month to 2years45 calories per pound22 to 30 pounds(9.97-13.06kg)
Fully Adult Beagle above 2years 674-922 calories per day25-30pounds

Beagle Feeding Guide: AgeWise Diet Charts

The Feeding Chart of different Dog meal brands is slightly different according to age groups. At first, we are gouging to display Royal Canin Dry food meal feeding chart for adult dogs:

Here is a feeding chart of wellness dry food for beagle puppies. Read on here you can find information regarding the combination of wet food too.

Here is another feeding chart of American Journey brand dry food for puppies.

 Read on these instructions and follow them carefully while feeding your Beagle’s pup.

How much should an Eight-Week Old  Beagle eat?

Eight weeks old Beagle is still a puppy officially. Beagle puppies have a high energy level. That’s why you should feed them one and a half cups to 2 cups dog meals daily. Depending on the puppy’s activity level and type of food you can schedule your puppy feeding menu per day. Puppies require more calories than adult:

Calories requirement for puppies=55 calories per pound

If you serve homemade food, you should monitor calories per meal carefully. Otherwise, your Beagle would put extra fat on its body by eating more and more. In this way, .he will turn out to be a clumsy and sleepy all the time.

Note: Overfeeding can be dangerous.

How much should a Beagle Puppy Eat?

Feeding Beagle’s puppy is a stress-releasing activity. Prior to this, you need to get knowledge about the right amount of food served at right time.

Below 18 to 24 months Beagle’s are considered as puppies. So, they would follow the dose of meal prescribed for pups. Unlike adult dogs, they need 55 calories per pound daily.

How much should a puppy eat mainly depends on the factors given below:

  • Type of food you want to feed your puppy
  • Weight of Puppy
  • Activity Level
  • Health Condition
  • Gender 

So, it’s clear from the above factors that puppies should be served either dry food or wet food according to weight and workout.

If your Beagle’s puppies are super -active all day you can feed them some more amount but not more or less than 20% of the prescribed amount.

I would not recommend wet dog meals for puppies as it would create a mess and destroy teeth. 

How much should Adult Beagle Eat?

As Beagle ages, his demand for food would  be the same as a puppy. But his requirement would be less. So, keep this factor in your mind while feeding adult beagle. Typically they would enter in adult age right after 18months to 2 years.

There are many factors that determine the amount of food that adult Beagle should eat per day:

  • Type of food you want to serve
  • The activity of beagle as compared to age
  • Weight of beagle
  • Health of Beagle
  • Gender of Beagle.
  • The caloric requirement at this age 
  • Brand of Dog food you are using

Normally Beagle would need 45 calories per pound. But if your dog is more active than you can increase 20 % extra meal to its diet. If you are using dry dog meal then follow the instructional menu and prescribed amount written on the box. The same applies to wet dog meals. Most of the branded foods prescribe 1 Cup per day.

For homemade food, keep double-check on calories as this breed can get fat quickly.

How many times does the Beagle Puppy Eat?

Should I serve meals one time or more than one time? Dog owners often get confused when it comes to feeding a Beagle puppy. Because puppies always behave as if they are starving and ready to eat. But it’s part of Beagle’s training program to discipline their eating schedule.

Let’s know how many times you should feed your Beagle? Beagle puppies should be fed one and a half cup dog meals three to four times a day depending on the energy level and type of dog meal served.

For one and a half cups, you should split a half-cup meal in the morning, half during the afternoon, and had at dinner time.

Dry dog meal and sma;ller meal with fiber is easy to digest. As your dog ages, you can decrease serving time about twice a day per day according to your Beagle’s weight and energy level. Here are the best options for Beagle’s puppy food that are super energetic and nutritious.

How Often Does an Adult Beagle Eat Per Day?

After 18month, Beagle is officially declared as an adult. You can say your Beagle is fully adult right at two years of age. If your Beagle has grown up to this should, you should reschedule its feeding amount as well as feeding time.

How often do adult beagles eat depends on what type of food you want to serve? If you are serving a dry dog meal, 1cup per day is the right amount at this age. It’s up to you to feed 1cup at once or to divide half a cup for morning food and a half for dinner. For wet food, ⅔ can daily is the right amount for an adult dog with 10lb.

Below is the daily feeding guide of a wet dog meal.

Each brand and meal manufacturer has set a feeding menu marked on the box. It’s good to read and follow instructions there carefully before feeding your Beagle. Keep one thing in your mind that Beagle’s food requirement decreases with age  but its hunger will no matter decline. Don keeps its penanced appetite factor in your mind. Just follow the guidelines on each dog food pack

What Humans Food can Beagle Eats?

Is human food safe for my Beagle? Dog owners often ask when they found their pet eating up table scrape quickly. Of course, there are many human foods that Beagle can eat. But cooked food with spices and fat is not a good deal. Jalapeno and onion can upset the dog’s stomach and digestive system.

However, there is still a long list of fruit vegetables that your dog can feed.

Below is a list of human food that you can feed to your Beagle:

  • Fruits with Vitamin C, K manganese, and fiber are good for Beagles like Banana, Raspberries, Cantaloupe, pears, and watermelon, apples
  • Chicken bones with zero spices
  • Vegetables like carrot and cucumber
  • Popcorn
  • Peanut Butter
  • Brown rice or white rice
  • Fish, turkey, and pork
  • Milk, cheese with less salt, and yogurt

How much Should a Beagle Weigh? 

Obesity is a common problem with many beagle breeds. So, it’s important to know how much your beagle should weight at what age and height  However weight gain in females is sometimes essential during pregnancy. Under normal circumstances the weight and height chart of Beagle is given below:

Table of normal Weight with Age and Height of Beagle

Age of BeagleWeightHeight
3-month-old Beagle4.3-4.7kg9.5-10.4pounds6 to 10”
4 months old BeagleAround 10 poundsAround 10”
Six months 7.8kg-8.5kg for maleBelow 13”
18month old adult beagle22 to 30 pounds(9.97-13.06kg)13” and under
18months -3years 25-35pounds(11.3- 15.87kg)13’ to 15”

How much Dry Fruit Should Beagle Eat?

Dry fruits are a big source of carbohydrate. Beagles are active breeds. They need the energy to hunt and join the owner in different expeditions. Dry fruits are good options. But should not be served in an extra amount.

The best way to feed dry fruit is to mix up it with dog meals. If you are living in extremely hot areas, it can cause dehydration. In winter or snowfall, dry fruits are good to treat for your dog. 

A right serving size is ¼ cups for puppies and ½ cups for adults. If you are going to mix it up with dinner or other dog meal, you can decreases the ratio from ¼ to ½ cups. Keep an eye on carbohydrates already present in dog food also.

What Should You Feed a Beagle?

What kind of diet is good for your beagle is a must-know fact. As a dog owner, you should have extensive knowledge of choosing and serving the right food at the right time to your furry friend. Below is a long list of food items that beagle can eat up in the proper amount 

  • Dry Dog food
  • Meat, bones, or raw meat food
  • Fruit or vegetable food
  • Brown rice food
  • Wet tinned food

Beagle would never refuse any food  treat you would offer. He will enjoy table scraps like eggshells, vegetable, and chicken meat bones. Raw dry food helps to protect Beagle’s teeth and keep them clean and healthy. Wet food can prove to be a mess if not appropriately supervised.

Editor Tip: Excessive food intake may lead to obesity and other infections. So, monitor the quantity of the food as well as quality.

Do Beagles Eat a lot?

Yes, Beagles love to eat all the time. They belong to the breed that has no sensation of being full. That’s why they overeat and eat too fast. Whenever you would offer them any meal they are ready to devour everything within seconds. Other dog breeds have a good sensation of the full stomach as compared to the Beagle breed. Dog researchers often complain that Beagles are always starving dogs. According to American Kennel Club, the names of 10 breeds that love to eat are given below

List of 10 dog breeds that love to eat alot!

  • Beagle
  • Bull Terrier
  • Dachshund
  • Golden Retriever
  • The Great Pyrenees
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Norwegian Elkhound
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Pug
  • Rottweiler

Reasons for Overeating in Beagles

It’s true that beagles are healthy eaters. After finishing the meal, they would always look at you as if they need more. There are so many reasons for Beagle’s nonstop eating habits. 

Lets read on to know the reasons why they are overeaters:

Slow Digestive System

One of the major reasons for a strong appetite is the slow digestive system of this breed. Surprisingly, it can take upto three days to digest a meal fully. Plus, their stomach is bottomless to facilitate slow digestion. In other dog breeds and humans, digestion starts when food hits the mouth. As the food enters the mouth cavity, saliva enzymes would breakdown larger pieces into smaller to process food in the stomach for further digestion.

 However, in Beagle, digestion would start right after the food enters the stomach. It would not start up early in the mouth with saliva enzymes. That’s why he may not feel satisfied with how much food he takes.

Fast Eating Habit

If slow digestion is the main reason then quick eating is a secondary habit responsible for overeating. The time you would take to

prepare a toast for your kid’s lunch box will be more than the time in which Beagle would eat up the whole lunch low time. Because of this, they cant taste it properly and cant satisfy their appetite. They always beg for more and more to quench their hunger. But can’t do so!

Unscheduled Feeding Habit

Sometimes your Beagle would eat up more because you haven’t disciplined his feeding schedule. If you train them properly through train up programs, you can encourage calm behavior in your furry friend. Regular feeding routine will help them to overcome the anxiety they suffer while seeing food.

Health Issues

Dont ignore underlying health issues if you constantly observe abnormal behavior of  Beagle towards food. There is a possibility that it could be the result of some physical illness or medical problem.

Possible health issues resulting in overeating are:

Diabetes: If your dog is suffering from diabetes, he can also behave like a goger.In this condition, the body of the animal will not be able to regulate insulin properly.

Other symptoms of od diabetes are

  • Depression
  • Excessive Urination
  • Vomiting
  • Thirst

This happens mostly in senior dogs. To check blood glucose level, get an advanced blood glucose monitor system for your pet.

Cushing disease:

Cushing disease is responsible for the production of too much cortisol in the body. Its symptoms are similar to diabetes. It is more common in old dogs but it can affect young Beagles too.

Symptoms other than excessive appetite include:

  • Thirst
  • Lethargy and itching
  • Skin Infections

Digestive system malfunctioning: Sometimes disturbance of the digestive tract of absorption of food may also result in overeating. The major symptoms of this malfunction are diarrhea and vomit. If not treated on time, it can cause considerable weight loss.

Psychological Issues:

Beagles are a notorious breed that always wants to remain busy. If they dont find some work, they would chew up your bedsheets, carpets, and even curtains. So, it is advised to keep them busy to distract their focus point. Below are a few psychological reasons for excessive chewing

Boredom: Beagles are social canines that can suffer from boredom if left alone. I would recommend you to dont leave this dog alone for more than 2 hours, To make such energetic hounds busy, you can buy soft pet toys for them.

Aggression: Your dog can be under depression if he is eating more. The reasons for this depression can be illness, pain, or undiagnosed disease. Get it checked by Vet. 

Pica Symptoms: Get your Beagle check for Pica Symptoms. It is a kind of mood disorder in which the dog eats up unnecessary things like drywall, feces, or even anything that comes in its way. Your vet will suggest a professional behaviorist for your pet to correct Pica symptoms if found.

How to develop Slow eating habit in Beagle?

It is necessary to take steps to stop your Beagle from eating aggressively. With training and schedule, you can also try the tips below

Here are few tips to develop the slow eating habit in Beagle:

  • Use the whistle to call Beagle when its feeding time
  • Change the feeding bowl, Get this slow eater bowl. In this way, Beagle will take time to sniff and to the bowl at first rather than start eating immediately.
  • If you find your beagle anxious even after finishing the meal, change his focus point by a clap or chewing toys.
  • Another option is that fill the bowl with a toy-like a Kong ball. It will help Beagle to shift its attention from food.

Best Dog Meal for Adult Beagle

Choosing the right food is the next problem after knowing the right quantity. Adult Beagle after 2 years would require a diet that is rich in animal protein, healthy fats, fewer carbohydrates, fibers, and other essential nutrients. 

For Beagles, it is essential to go on for food that is low in fat. If you’re not sure where to find adult Beagle’s food, no need to worry, we will assist you through our top picks below.

 Let’s check out the list of best dog meal for adult Beagle

  • Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight.
  • Canidae Life Stages Platinum Formula Canned Dog Food.
  • Orijen Regional Red – 25 lb
  • Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Steak

[amazon box=”B00317Y3HK,B00BK2THXI,B0009YUI86″ grid=”3″]

Best Dog meal for Beagle Puppy

Beagle puppies have a high energy level with more calories required per day. That’s Why you need to read on the ingredients list carefully while choosing any dog meal for a puppy. Always go on for food options that can be served with wet food or with other combination items. To save your time, we’ve picked out a high -quality tested meal for your lovely puppy. All these top picks are tested by our breeders here. You can choose anyone you like:

Below is the list of top picks for Beagle puppy:

  • Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food
  • Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy Turkey, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe
  • Blue Buffalo BLUE Life Protection Formula Dry Puppy Food
  • Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin

Final Words

We’re about to end the Beagle’s eating concerns through this article. Here you will learn how much to feed your dog and how many times to feed your dog per day. Along with this, you may also learn about what should be the right amount of diet for adults as well as puppy-Beagles.

I would say this at the end with confidence that 2 cups of dog dry meal will be enough for an extremely notorious Beagle Puppy while 1 cup will be the right amount for a dog over 7 years of age.

Be careful Beagles can get fat easily. Dont feed them again and again thinking that they are hungry. They belong to the breed that always looks hungry even they are full. Caring for your Beagle is challenging if you fail to choose the right amount of diet to serve at the right time

Keep your Beagle smart and active Stay smart, stay Safe! Thanks for reading!

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