How Many Puppies Do Chihuahuas Have In A Litter? [Chihuahuas Litter Size]

How Many Puppies Do Chihuahuas Have In A Litter [Chihuahuas Litter Size]

Are you ready to witness the first birth of your Chihuahuas? Sure, Welcoming newborns into the world is always an exciting feeling to experience, whether humans or animals. Cuteness ends on Chis-breed. How adorable would be the pups!

You might also be curious to find out the exact number of pups she is going to deliver. We have decided to cover litter size in this small breed through this article.

So, read on how many puppies do chihuahuas have in a litter? 

Usually, they do have 2 to 5 puppies in a litter. On average, it means they can deliver 3 puppies per litter. But this number may increase or decrease depending on factors like the age of the dog, breed, health of parents, and many more. This is not an exact figure. In rare cases, they can deliver more puppies. Litter size is small at first-time birth. It will be larger during the fourth litter birth and will decrease after this gradually.

Though the history of this special breed is not clear. However, most of the dog lovers believe that they originally came from Mexico. From here, they got this name Chihuahuas that is actually the name of a city in Mexico. They got official recognition in AKC during the early nineties.

We love them for their cuteness and small size that is easy to raise any animal as a pet.

Keep going to know more about Chis’!

how many puppies do chihuahuas have in a litter?

Are you struggling to know the exact number of chihuahua’s puppies in a litter? Normally, they do have 3 puppies in a litter on the average. But they may also have a single puppy during first time birth. The number of puppies in the litter is not fixed. It may exceed 5 to 6 puppies in one litter when Chi is delivering 3rd time or 4th time. Sadly, most of them deliver through C-section.

how many puppies do chihuahuas have?

Though there is no exact figure to tell you litter size. You can say 3 on the average or 4-6 in rare cases depending on certain factor

She delivers once in a year and will keep on delivering four to five times in her entire life. If she has normal delivery, she may deliver more puppies in a litter next year. This will keep on until she would deliver her 4th litter.

After the 4th litter, the litter size will drop gradually. It’s a good idea to stop the reproduction process when chihuahuas are 6 years old. It’s the right step for the health of mum dog and puppies

6 Factors Affecting Chihuahuas Litter Size

There are so many ways to guess litter size in Chihuahuas. Breeders often make the right guess after testing the quality of male sperm they used for fertilization. However, there are few other factors also that can influence litter size in your pet dog.

Let’s read out the major factors that can influence litter Size in Chi-breed:

1. Mother Dog Health

Litter size mainly depends on mama health. If mama has strong muscles to bear the strain of pregnant life, she may have big litter too.

2. Quality Of Fertilized Sperm

Mostly Chihuahuas has to pass through insemination or artificial fertilization by breeders. This process is controlled in laboratories where sperm’s quality and genetic factors are tested before breeding

3. Age Of Female Chi

With age, female dogs will grow weaker. That’s why after 5 years they may have bigger litter sizes but with a lot more complications.

4. Size Of Dog

If your chi is smaller in size and gets pregnant by bigger dogs. In this scenario, puppies might be bigger too. Litter Size will be smaller if puppies are bigger. The litter size of this small breed is smaller as the dog itself is smaller in size.

5. Diet Of Mama Dog

There is a great need to take care of the nutritional requirement of pregnant dogs.

If you feed them a good diet, they will likely deliver bigger size litter. Add these supplements with your vet advice to make mama dog healthy.

6. Weight Of female Chi

Female chihuahuas with obese bodies or more weight are likely to deliver smaller litter. They have already put extra fat on their body. They have to pass through a lot more complication during labor and delivery 

Litter Size in Different Breeds of chihuahuas

According to the American Kennel Club, only two types of chihuahuas are officially recognized. However, with an increase in its popularity, you may find seven different types of chihuahuas breed. Below is an interesting table to know litter size in each breed:

Table Of Litter Size In All Breeds Of Chihuahuas:

Names Of Chihuahuas BreedLitter Size
Long Coat Chihuahua2 to 5 puppies 
Short Coat Chihuahua2 to 5 puppies
Deer Head Chihuahua1 to 3 puppies on average
Apple Head Chihuahua2 to 5 puppies
Fawn Chihuahua3 puppies
Merle Chihuahua2 to 5 puppies
Teacup Chihuahua2 to 5 puppies

Chihuahua Litter Size as Compared To Other Dog Breeds

Do you know the litter size of dogs other than the chihuahuas’ breed? If not, we are here to help out you with an interesting table. Through this, you can compare the litter size of other dog breeds with chihuahuas

Chihuahua Litter Size as Compared To Other Dog Breeds

Comparison Table Of Chihuahuas Litter Size With Other Dog’s breed

Dog Breed NamesLitter Size
German Shepherd8 puppies
Beagle6 puppies
Poodle5 puppies
Bulldog3 to 4 puppies
Boxers5 to 7 puppies
Pugs5 puppies
Chihuahuas3 puppies
Papillons3 puppies
Labrador Retriever6 to 8 puppies

How many Puppies do Chihuahuas Deliver First Time?

Female chihuahuas get sexually mature too early around 5 to 8 months of age only. There is a high risk that she may get pregnant at that time. But at this age, her sexual organs are not fully developed that is risky for the pup as well as mother dog life.

The exact number of puppies born during first time delivery is not fixed. However, it is a confirmed fact that the chihuahuas will deliver smaller litter during first time delivery. As she ages, the size of the litter will be comparatively bigger. It can be a single pup to a maximum of 3 puppies in a litter at first-time birth. 

With age, she will get more sexual maturity. During the third or fourth-time delivery, litter size will be larger than it will again decrease gradually. However, there are some other factors also that play a vital role in the increase or decrease of litter sizes such as the health of females, the age of females, and the method of delivery.

How Often Chihuahuas Deliver Puppies In a Year?

During 12 months, chihuahuas should normally get pregnant just ONE time. They have to pass through lots of complications during delivery. Sometimes mother dogs have to undergo a c-section. So, she needs time to recover and care for puppies born for the first time.

In the next year, she can safely deliver puppies again if she is in good health. Breeders often take care of this aspect while raising chihuahuas for commercial purposes.

Be careful, don’t forget to ask about your breeders about how many litters your chosen chihuahuas dog already has?

It will help you to make the right guess about her health. If a female has already given birth to 3 or 4 liters then leave that one and go on for some other option. Never buy such a breed that has already suffered a lot. If you do so there might be lots of health complications in the future.

How Many Time Chihuahuas Get Pregnant in Life?

Normally, under good health conditions, chihuahuas will deliver 4 litters in her life. After 5 years of age, her muscles will start getting weak. That‘s why she may not be able to bear the strain or stress of more pregnancies.

It’s the responsibility of the careful breeder never to let her pregnant if she has delivered 4 litters already

Unfortunately, for money sake breeders put the life of the mother dog in danger and keep on delivering until 5 or 6 liters. That’s really unfair!

Money should not matter more than life! Whether it’s animal or human, health should be the first priority. After 6 years of age, breeders should retire their dogs to get pregnant or deliver pups.

However, a vet can advise you to stop further pregnancies at any age.

How Many Puppies Do Teacup Chihuahuas have in a litter?

Normally Teacup Chihuahuas do have 2 to 5 puppies in a litter. In some cases, we have heard them delivering 10 puppies in a single litter, Gosh big deal!

How Many Puppies Do Teacup Chihuahuas have in a litter?
image sources:

However, this dog breed is not officially registered as a separate dog breed by AKC. They only consider two dog breeds of chihuahuas.

This dog is super cute with adorable innocent looks. Once you will see him, I guarantee you will fall in love with his cuteness,

The size of this breed is extremely small that a dog can even adjust in a teacup. That’s why people call them Teacup Chi

But it does not mean you should put them in a teacup to check their size! Be careful, dogs are sensitive!

How Does Chihuahuas Deliver Puppies?

The news about your Chi’s pregnancy can be shocking as well as exciting! It’s a reality that Chi’s pregnancy can be risky. It’s also a big concern that mostly the females of this dog breed deliver through Cesarean. That’s the real fear of female dog owners indeed.

But it does not mean that 100 percent deliver through C-section. There are few healthy females that can deliver naturally also. One cant says that if a female is going to deliver naturally for the first time she would deliver in this way all time. With age, the complication rate grows higher. That is the main reason for the death and less survival ratio of mother dogs.

Below are the signs to guess labor :

  • Drop-in temperature
  • Crying and vomiting
  • Lethargic feeling
  • Digging continuously.

If you find the major symptom of the drop in temperature stays close to your furry friend. She will deliver within 24 hours. If your vet has recommended C-section after X-rays or ultrasound due to the big head size of the litter then it’s time to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Pregnancy Symptoms In Chihuahuas

How to tell whether my chihuahuas are pregnant Or not? It’s an interesting fact about this dog breed that a female can get pregnant even if she is 5 months old or passing through her first estrus period. But responsible breeders would not allow early pregnancy.

Suppose you buy female Chi for your family and you are suspicious after some time whether she is pregnant or not?

Check out these symptoms to verify pregnancy in Chihuahuas:

  • Lack Of appetite Or sometimes Vomit 
  • Lazy Or not much into a walk or physical activity
  • The stomach may be upset with temperature early morning
  • Enlarged nipples by the end of 5th week of pregnancy
  • Bigger tummy visible by the end of 5 or 6th week

Though the early days of pregnancy are really difficult to judge. Only Vet or Pregnancy Strip Test will verify this. The vet will confirm the good news with a few guidelines.

How Long Do Chihuahuas Stay Pregnant?

With the litter size of chihuahuas, it’s important to have some side knowledge about pregnancy duration in this dog breed as well. Like other dog species, chihuahuas stay pregnant for about 58 to 68 days. However, the average gestation time frame is 63 days or 2 months approximately.

Depending on certain factors like the health of the mother dog or litter size, this average pregnancy time may exceed or decrease. Female Chihuahuas get sexually mature at only 5 months old. But it’s not healthy for her to get pregnant at this low age. That’s why it’s highly recommended to wait for at least the first estrus cycle is over to get pregnant. In this way, the sexual organs will get more time to develop fully.

Let us read on the factors that determine Chihuahuas ‘gestation time frame

  • Age of Mother Dog
  • Size of litter
  • Health Of Female
  • Diet factor

If your pet Chi is pregnant above 70 days, its a warning signal. Contact your Vet as soon as possible.

Is It dangerous for chihuahuas to have puppies?

Obviously, it can be dangerous in certain scenarios. But it does not mean that chihuahuas should not have puppies at all. Yes, complications are there always.

Below are a few points to tell you why pregnancy in chihuahuas can be risky:

  • If a small breed female chihuahuas are impregnated by a bigger size dog then its puppies size can also be bigger. It would be rather more problematic to deliver such a big size baby. It may be stuck in the birth canal causing much pain or even risk to the mother dog life
  • Sometimes pregnancy in this smaller bread can result in early delivery or even uterus burst. It’s dangerous to both mom dog and puppies. Pre-birth puppies may have to face lots of health issues in future life.
  • If the litter size is larger enough with upto 10 pups, it can also put the life of mom dog as well as pups in danger. The chances of survival of all pups are very low in this case. 

Do chihuahuas need help giving birth?

How can you help your chihuahuas give birth? Remember the delivery process in this small breed is quite complicated. You need to keep an eye check on your dog when an average of 60 to 63 days of pregnancy is about to end.

Normal delivery is common in large size chihuahuas but we can’t say all big sizes would deliver with natural pains. Because of their smaller size, you should not expect delivery without a c-section in most of the cases.

But here are the ways through which you can assist your chihuahuas in labor:

Arrange nesting place before labor:

It’s your responsibility to arrange a quiet, clean, and separate nesting area where the dog could deliver puppies. The female dog has the instinct of nesting around the last few weeks of pregnancy. To satisfy this instinct, you can put straws, mulch, or pieces of clothes or fur in the dog’s area. In this way, she would make herself busy in the nesting.

Keep An Eye On Labor Signs:

Be an eye-opener for the expected labor sign by the end of 59 of 60 days of pregnancy. your duty is to check the temperature of females with a vet thermometer twice a day and keep its record. When two consecutive readings of temperature show a continuous drop, it means labor will start within the next 24 hours. Crying or vomiting can also be the early signs of labor in some chihuahuas.

Take Your Dog To Vet:

In the case of any complication, or long labor,  it’s your task to take your dog to the Vet. If you are living away from local vet services, you should arrange the whole delivery process at the Vet.

Care Puppies In Case Of C-Section:

As we know Chihuahuas mosty deliver by C-section. So, you should be mentally prepared to take care of puppies. You need to feed them with feeding bottles or Formula milk unless the mother is able to feed them with her milk.

Pregnant chihuahuas deliver record Litter

From the above description, we know well that litter size is quite small in this Chi breed. But exceptions do exist everywhere.

Let me tell you about Record-Breaking Chi with 11 puppies in a litter. Unbelievable!

Yes, this happened in Olathe, Kan where mama Chi with the name Laugh Out Loud gave birth to 11 puppies after 12-hour labor

Still, Guinness has not verified her as a record holder. But she is obviously a powerful candidate.

Watch this video if you are unable to believe what I said!

Final Words

It’s time to Say Bye-Bye to Puppies number in Chihuahuas Litter mystery. We really enjoyed this interesting Info. Hope you will have the same feeling!

To wrap up I would remind you that Chihuahuas can have 3 puppies in a litter on the average. Though this figure is not exact. Depending on certain factors mentioned above litter size may increase or decrease.

Have you ever seen Chi with more than 5 pups? Share her cutie pups pic in the comment box. We would love to add these images to our website with your name.

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