How Many Puppies Can A English Bulldog Have?-[ Bulldog litter size]

How many puppies a English bulldog usually have

There are more than 350 breeds of dogs all around the world (however, the American kennel club acknowledges only 195). Having so many different kinds with different sizes and shapes results in a different experience with the birth procedure. The case is not so different from the English bulldog, either.

how many puppies can a English bulldog have? 

The Average bulldog having a size between 18 kg to 22 kg will give birth to 3 to 4 puppies. Some bulldog may give birth to more than four puppies in a litter, but that could cause serious health problems for your dog.

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Importance of the number (of puppies)

Well, the number is essential because these dogs, i.e., English bulldogs, are expensive to purchase, and most people buy them as a source of business and sell their puppies later! This may look a little obnoxious, but it gives people financial benefits too.

As one of the bulldogs is expensive to purchase and then later you may have up to four English bulldogs, imagine the benefit you are having. And also, you could have three to four dogs about three times.

But with the roses come thorns and hence with the benefit there comes a struggle that you have to go through too while your dog is pregnant, as the English bulldogs specifically require a lot of care and attention.

How many times can English bulldogs breed?

An English bulldog can breed only up to three times if they produce more than three times and have more than three litters; it could cause health problems for your dog.

Their Life period is mostly shorter than the other breeds as they generally live up to only eight years. During this time, they usually have three litters, divided throughout there life period as one fertilization process takes up to 6 months.

It is recommended to separate these three into their life span for health circumstances. If you are looking for a dog that lives for more time and gives you a lot of puppies, then an English bulldog might not be right.

Why bulldog have so fewer puppies?

After all, it’s a bulldog so why so less number of puppies in a litter? Well, to answer that first of all, it’s the size of the dog. As the English bulldogs are smaller in size than the other dogs; hence it has a smaller womb and lower thighs and legs. And where the number of litters is concerned, so its life period is also short.

Can the English bulldog get fertile non-artificially?

The English bulldog cannot get fertile naturally because their bodies are not made for that, and hence here comes the process of artificial fertilization.

This process can be done at home, but I recommend you do it with your vet’s consultation. After all, the life of your dog could be on the line.

Can English bulldog give birth non-artificially?

As they cannot get fertile naturally, similarly, they can’t give birth usually, too. The process of artificial fertilization is basically due to the smaller birth canal of the mother than the size of a pup that she is going to give birth to.

There is a term called ‘dystocia,’ described by the vet, which means ‘difficulty in giving birth.’ English bulldogs go through this problem, i.e., dystocia.

Due to all the factors, it is hence advised to have a large gap between the pregnancies. The artificial procedure of birth at your vet somewhat damages your dog’s canal and other organs, and she needs a long time to recover before the next fertilization.

The rarity of the English bulldog pups

Why are the English bulldog puppies so costly? All the lengthy procedures and extensive care are why these little English bulldogs pups are so expensive.

English bulldog does not give birth naturally; this fact makes the dog so rare that their price stacks up. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that the effort is put behind for the birth of English bulldogs puppies! The on and off trips to the vet and the bills that keep on staking up with the time.

English bulldog’s breeding, (do and don’t)

1. Let’s start with what you should do,

  • The first thing you should do is check the dog’s health and if she is physically healthy to go through the procedure.
  • The next thing that you should be concerned about is that if you have enough money to go through all the process.
  • Then you should get the correct paperwork for your dog (kennel club)
  • Last, if you are successful with the breed, then you should not hurry for the next one and wait at least a year!

2. Now let’s discuss what you should not do,

  • Saving your money and trying a natural birth, this will most likely kill your poor dog. It could kill the mother as well as the puppies.
  • Get all greedy for the money and moving too fast for the births.
  • Ignoring the point that not only cares is required before the birth but after, too, of both the mother and the puppies. As the English bulldog mother is not like the other mothers, it could harm the newborn pups!

how to Getting the best breed for your doggie?

how to Getting the best breed for your doggie

Now you will be wondering how I will identify which is the best breed for my dog; after all, what’s the difference. The problem could not be with the race but the people that you are going to trust through the process of conceiving. 

As we know, the English bulldog is highly expensive, so there will be greedy people out there who will try to profit from the innocent dog. They will ignore the mother’s health and try to gain more puppies to get more monetary advantage out of the box. Here is how you could identify the strange money acquiring breeders. 

They miss the paperwork for their dog. The puppies look different, usually weak, or in some cases, they have an abnormal size (small). Also, don’t get happy if you find a cheap English bulldog because this could also be a factor in the wrong breed, after all, who doesn’t like an advantage?

If you find some people making advantages over the poor dogs, then don’t panic and call the authorities as soon as possible because the story could be more significant and might harm hundreds of dogs.

Disclaimer: I am not a vet and the advice in this guide is based on my own common sense and what I have researched. Please always consult with your own vet on all matters regarding canine diet.


Here are the summary and all the pros and cons of the article,

  • If you are looking for dogs that give birth to many puppies, then English bulldog is not your taste.
  • The procedure of artificial birth as they don’t give natural birth is long and complicated, so it’s advised that you have both money and patience for the care of the dog.
  • The pups of the bulldog are incredibly rare and will surely give you benefits.
  • Doing business with English bulldog requires more than just research. It requires proper checkups, consultation of your vet, and, most importantly, hard work and patience.

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