How Many Lives Do Dogs Have? – (More Than 9 Or Less)

How Many Lives Do Dogs Have

You are not alone in this. Most people always have this question in mind.  How many lives do dogs have?

Well, there has been no specific answer to this question. However, some information can help you understand whether it has more than 9 lives, 9 lives, or less than 9 lives. 

You might not know the exact number of lives a dog has, but you will have a rough idea. Most people have heard that a cat has 9 lives. I bet you have too, right? This has brought a debate on whether a dog has 9 lives too.

So, how many years dog live?

A Dog and a cat are two different pets. However, could the two be having 9 lives? Well, we know about the cat. What about the dog? Trust me, we also had the same questions in mind before doing the research. There are a lot of fun facts and myths about the dog from different cultures. 

We will do an in-depth discuss how most dogs have been able to escape death. Does this mean that they have more than one life? Well, we will see about that. Don’t be left out in knowing fun facts about the dog. Let’s get to the discussion now.

Cats have 9, how many do dogs have?

People have different beliefs about the number of lives a dog have. Some don’t believe that the dog has multiple entities at all. However, there is truth in both a dog having numerous bodies and a dog having only one life. The fact remains that there is no detailed research that shows a dog has 9 lives. Therefore, it is wrong to say that a dog has 9 lives. 

Maybe it has more than 9 lives or less than 9 lives. But this will depend on your belief. For most of the people who don’t in a dog having more than one life, probably their dog has never been faced by any life-threatening situation. 

Well, depending on your faith, you may find that some dogs don’t even seem to have more than one life. Just take an example of a dog that faces a minor accident and dies immediately. I mean, there is truth in the owner believing that his or her dog had only one life. 

We always say that circumstances will always determine whether your dog has one or more lives. According to most people who believe in their dog having more than one life, their dog has survived hazardous accidents. If my dog survives an unfortunate accident more than one time, well, I will say that my dog has more than one life. 

People have told stories about how their dogs survive accidents during trips, severe illness, and other situations. These stories have made most people believe that dogs have more than one life. Besides considering that dogs have more than one life, some also believe that dogs can be reincarnated. Do you want to know more about the dog reincarnation belief?

Dog’s reincarnation

You will not believe in dog’s reincarnation until you do some research about Hindus and Buddhist beliefs on dog reincarnation. If you are not familiar with the word reincarnation, we will explain more about that. 

Reincarnation is the belief where a soul is born in another body. We can say it is the rebirth of an older soul. Most cultures and religion that believe in dogs having more than one life; they also think that dogs are reincarnated. Hindus believe than animals like dogs bear souls. They have total belief that the soul lives, dies, and then reborn. 

Buddhists also have the same belief. They believe that a dog’s soul can be reincarnated to a human body. It is due to this that Buddhist conduct a well-organized funeral once a dog dies. Just because they believe that soul will come back. Well, leaving the reincarnation behind, now that it is not verified whether a dog has more or less than 9 lives, how long do you expect a dog to live?

How Long Do Dogs Live In the Wild ?

Different dog spices have different lifetimes. Most of you may ask, ‘how long do big dogs live.’ Well, this is because a big dog’s lifetime may not be the same as a small dog. Again a dog living at home can have a different life with the ones that live in the wild. It is said that a small dog is most likely to live longer than a big dog.

 However, this will depend on the breed. You can expect your dog to live from 6 to 20 years. This is the lifespan age of all dogs. However, different breeds have different life expectancy but nothing less than 6 years or more than 20 years. The best breed, Yorkshire terrier can live up to 20 years.

3 Factors That Determine How Long a Dog Will Live

There are a lot of factors that determine whether your dog will live long or not. Some of these factors depend on the effort you put into taking care of and advancing your dog. 

Determine How Long a Dog Will Live

1. Neutering and Spaying

Neutering is the act of castrating a male animal like a dog. On the other hand, spaying is getting rid of a female animal’s ovaries. These two activities determine how long your dog will live. Since the activities involve surgeries, they might help to bring down the risk of your dog getting breast, ovaries, and testicles cancer. 

Cancer is one of the life-threatening diseases, even for animals. This shows that if your male dog is neutered and female dog spayed, the life expectancy of the dog can increase. It can live longer than a dog that’s not spayed or neutered.

2. Size of the dog

As we said, the probability of a small dog living longer than a big dog is very high. The explanation of this can be linked to that of human beings. You can expect a lighter person, in terms of weight, to live longer than a heavier one. This is because of health issues that arise when someone weighs too much. The same thing applies to the dog.  A small dog can live up to 16 years while a big one can only live up to 7 years.

3. Dog care

The dog owner also has a great role to play regarding the years his or her dog will live. Dog care involves giving proper food and exercising. Just like a human being, a dog needs a healthy diet and exercise. This helps the dog to grow well with less or no complications. A dog that has a good diet and exercise can live for long. 


Dogs are known to survive very severe injuries. However, the fact that a dog has more or less than 9 lives is not proven yet. It is good to do in-depth research and find the truth in the research. The best thing to do is to take good care of your dog.

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