How Long Pugs Live? | How to Help Them Get Healthier?

How long can a pug live

Are you concerned with how long pugs live? Well, they live for an average of eleven years. This may seem an extended period for a dog, but it isn’t for a small dog. They outgrow the big dogs.

How long can a pug live? Pug lives for an average of eleven years; however, the exact life period cannot be calculated. Life expectancy surely depends upon the health and other factors that we are going to discuss below briefly.

Pugs Life Period

How long can a pug live? Different dog breeds have a different life span. They range from 10 years and go up to 20. As said above, smaller dogs outgrow the big dogs, then pug is a very small dog and should live for a more extended period than its average.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case in the majority due to the health of pugs.

Health of a pug dogs

The first thing that shortens the life span of a pug is its physical features. This may seem a little absurd, but in the case of dogs, the physical features can affect their health.

How Long Pugs Live
Pug lives for an average of eleven years

Pugs small body with wrinkled skin may seem cute for a dog, but it can cause various problems for them and eventually lead to a shorter life span.

Following are some health problems related to pugs;

1. A smaller skull

When buying a pug, some people desire pug with a smaller skull. This may seem cute for their dog, but it can be considered as abnormality as it may render the living of the dog. This state is called ‘Brachycephaly, the shortness of the skull.’

2. Difficulty in breathing

Smaller dogs like pugs, french bulldogs, and Shih-Tzus have a problem in difficulty to breath properly. It is mainly due to smaller noses in these dogs. Pugs are also often referred to as ‘brachycephalic’ dogs due to the smaller organs in their body.

3. Different issues in eyes

Along with nose pugs can also have many eye problems. Their eyes may look very sparkling and cute, but they also suffer from various eye problems. Some of them are listed below;

  • Corneal Ulcers (Damaged cornea )
  • Cherry eye (As the name suggest it causes the eye to become pink or red)
  • Entropion (Eyelids folds itself and causes rubbing of eyes)
  • Distichiasis (A condition in which more eyelashes grow at unnecessary places)
  • Dry eye (as the name implies, it causes dryness of eyes)

Some of the problems may not be life-taking, but inevitably they will cause irritation and pain to your dog. And if not treated by a vet on time may also take the eye side of your dog.

Other serious health concerns

Pugs can also face other serious health concerns related to their muscles and body. Moreover, they also face other health concerns such as the one related to the mind, i.e., neurological.

Some of the diseases might even affect the brain and spine of your dog and even make your dog go crazy.

Following are some severe health concerns for your dog;

1. Spinal disformity

Pugs often develop spinal disformity known as ‘Hemivertebrae.’ According to the ‘Universities Federation for Animal Welfare,’ this issue is due to the tail of pug. Pug may have an attractive spiral tail, but that causes the spinal issue, sad, huh?

This issue appears in your dog after 3 to 4 months, so it is unlikely that you will know when you bring it home.

Symptoms for hemivertebrae

–         Your puppy starts staggering

–         Your puppy shows weakness

–         Your shows lack of coordination

–         Pain

2. Hemivertebrae

You should consult your vet and go for an x-ray, then spinal surgery immediately, or your dog could end up limping!

3. Hip Dysplasia

The majority of dogs have this problem. It is most common in big dogs like Labrador, but unfortunately, it is quite frequent in pugs too. More than 60 percent of pugs also have this condition.

Hip dysplasia affects the hip joints of the dog and makes the walking of the dog painful and difficult.

However, if you are lucky, then your dog may treat itself with some medical treatment, and it will not require surgery as it does in the case of hemivertebrae.

4. The Calves disease  

Leg Perthes’ is a calves disease that will hinder the legs of your dog and make it difficult for walking. Like hemivertebrae, this disease also shows symptoms after 5 to 6 months, so you won’t know whether the dog has it or not while buying.

Symptoms are the same as the above two diseases. The first treatment for this disease is surgery, but if you are lucky (again), your vet may treat your dog without surgery.

5. Nerve’s Related Issues

Other than issues with the muscles and bones, pugs go through an issue with their nerves. These types of issues and quite dangerous and don’t usually have treatments, for example, Pug dog encephalitis.

6. Psychological issues

This issue may not need any surgery, or it may not take the life of your dog but if you have a healthy pug than consider your self lucky and look over for these psychological issues;

  • Anxiety: Pugs can often get anxious, so help them if they feel alone. They will start to hide from you, show stressful behavior, break things, so when doing so, be sure you are there for them.
  • Separation stress: Don’t leave your pug alone but if you have to do so then keep them prepared for it, i.e., train them

7. A long-living pug

Everyone wants there dog to live a long life, don’t they? So can we make our pug live a longer life? Well, the dog will die when it is supposed to, but on our end, we can try our best to give our pug a long healthy life. Some of the ways are described below.

Buying the dog

It all starts with buying the dog. Of course, you can look for a healthy dog, but in the case of pugs, most problems seem to come after a significant time. So what you can do is when buying a pug, be sure you are buying from an authentic retailer as most of the problems inside a pug is due to the inherited genes.

Making sure of its diet

The next thing that comes after buying a dog is feeding the dog. Pugs are not like the rest of the dogs with bigger and better bodies. Pugs have a really compact body, and the wrong diet could lead to overweight, which could cause difficulty in breathing for your little puppy. Make sure of its daily calorie intake with respect to its weight, and you will be okay

Disclaimer: I am not a vet. The advice in this guide is all down to my own common-sense approach and research I have done online. Always consult with your own vet before feeding strange foods to your dog, or if they eat something they should not.

Keep an eye before its too late!

Make sure you visit your vet time from time, and your pug is not going through any physical or mental problems, as described above. Make sure you keep a dental, eyes, spine, and nose checkup from time to time.

If you are successful in getting a healthy breed of pug and you take proper care of your pug, then your pug will surely live a long life!

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