How Long Do Beagles Sleep? [Complete Bedtime Guide]

How Many Hours Do Beagles Sleep Per Day

Have you ever wondered why Beagles love to sleep more during the day? Do you think that they are lazy? If yes, then you are wrong.

Actually, they are not lazy at all. Instead, these canines are much playful, curious, and enthusiastic. I think you are unaware of the benefits of deep napping for beagles.

 So, for your awareness, we have gathered all the information related to the resting needs of your pet. Read it till the end, you will really find it helpful.

Do you know how long beagles sleep? Normally, adult beagles sleep for 10 to 12 hours per day. Most active dogs may rest for 16 hours. While the puppies may nap for 18 to 20 hours, sleeping after every hour taking a nap of 30 minutes or more. This naptime is enough in maintaining the physical and mental growth of beagles.

Sleep plays an essential role in the growth of a healthy body and mind for canines. Usually, young beagles burn a lot of energy while they are growing. They experience new things, exploring people and places. Plus, they won’t pay much attention that their body needs to rest. That’s why it’s necessary for you to learn when to put them asleep. 

You just need to scroll down, you will certainly find the answers to all of your queries in this article!

How Many Hours Do Beagles Sleep Per Day?

Does your Beagle sleep a lot? Or he wants to play every time? I think there is a clash between you and your dog’s resting schedule. What to do now?

Do you know how many hours beagles sleep per day? If no, then here’s the answer.Normally, an adult Beagle sleeps for 10 to 12 hours per day, and this nap time is enough for a dog to be healthy and active during the rest of the day. However, it highly depends on the dog’s personality, lifestyle, and extent of activity during the day time. If your Beagle spends most of the day playing and having fun, obviously he will be more tired and likely to sleep more than usual. 

But what should you do, if the resting time of you and your buddy don’t match? It may happen mostly when you are tired but your pooch is in full mood of fun. How to tackle this situation? It is the query of nearly every Beagle owner. Before we go deep into the solution, it is necessary to know what are factors responsible for the sleep troubles in beagles?

So, have a look to know more!

Factor Affecting Sleeping Habits Of Beagles

Whenever you own a Beagle, it’s just like a newborn baby in your house. It is a task of great responsibility as you have to understand the basic needs and routines of your pet. Plus, you have to adjust your schedule along with other chores.

Below are some factors that can influence the sleeping habits of beagles. Let’s move on to know more. 

Day time activities:

The daily activities like exercises, playtime, walk time are highly responsible for having a good sleep at night. If your dog sleeps more during the day, he will be more active at night. Beagles are the most intelligent, energetic, and playful dogs because they are hunting dogs. If they positively consume this energy, they can have miraculous health benefits. However, if they have nothing to do they will adopt the habit of eating and sleeping only that may result in a disaster. So, it’s very important to make a proper routine for your pet.   

Health issues:

If your beagles sleep pattern is disturbed, there are more chances that he might be suffering from some health issues like sleep disorders, abdominal disturbance, or other diseases. Other symptoms that will help you to recognize the problem are restlessness, walking and running in sleep, lethargy, whining, or howling in pain. If you see any of these conditions, contact your vet right away and follow medical guidelines.

Toilet needs:

If your dog needs to go to the toilet, he won’t sleep. Similarly, in winters, like humans, animals more frequently pass urine. So, by keeping an eye on the toilet needs of your pet, you can make them comfortable while sleeping. Plus, toilet training is very necessary for dogs. If they have pooped and peed before bedtime and have no other serious health issues, they can sleep properly at night.


The diet of dogs greatly influences sleeping habits. Usually, beagles eat too fast and the food is not digested properly causing flatulence and tummy ache. Also, they have a habit of eating table scrap which can cause other abdominal disturbances. So, always make sure to feed your pet a healthy and nutritious diet during the whole day.    

Bedding area:

Beagles are hounds that were previously used by ancient people for hunting purposes. In the wild, they used to live in the dens. Hence, while bringing this dog home, make sure to arrange a crate resembling a den. If the bedding area is noisy, they will not feel secure during the resting time because dogs are very sensitive to unfamiliar noises. Similarly, if the bedding is not cozy, it may influence the sleep and your pooch will remain uncomfortable even in the daytime.

Sleep Disorders In Beagles

Just like humans, beagles may also experience sleep disorders which badly affect their daytime activity period. But before we go deep into this study, it is important to explain the Rapid Eye Movement or REM cycle. It is the time in which your body enters the deep sleep phase and you see dreams. Normally, humans enter this phase 25% in their whole sleep. While the dogs enter 10% in the REM cycle.

During this stage, a dog’s body heals, the cells recovery process takes place and the immune system works rapidly preparing them for the next day. Though canines don’t rest like humans, still they sleep in bursts and require to sleep more often to acquire REM stage benefits. If beagles are not resting properly, there are more chances that they would suffer from health issues in the future.

Let’s discuss some sleep disorders in beagles (including all other dog breeds) so that you should get aware if it is the problem with your pooch:


This disorder is related to sleeplessness in beagles. Either they won’t sleep at all or when they try to take a nap, anxiety can be observed in their body movements. They are aware and active even in the nap. Many other health troubles can cause this disorder. So, if your pet has the same issue, talk to your vet to diagnose the underlying problem. However, the use of a therapeutic bed can sometimes help in improving the sleep of your buddy.

Rapid Eye Movement or REM behavior disorder:

In this disorder, the dog shows violent motor activity during the REM sleep. The episodes of violent limb movements, howling, biting, chewing, growling can happen both at night or during the daytime rest. Mostly, it is not curable. Your Beagle may experience a sudden sleepwalk, hitting in the walls at night, or pawing at things.  It affects the dog’s health badly as your pooch cannot enjoy a quality life the same as the other pets.


This disorder can prove fatal as it affects the central nervous system in young dogs. The pet may experience sudden collapse, loss of movement, and sleep abnormally at any place while being physically active. They may exhibit the behavior as if they are awake from a sudden sleep and nothing has happened. This can make your dog’s body freeze when they are near water which may result in falls and drown. If you are with a narcoleptic Beagle, make sure to avoid water.


It is also one of the sleep disorders in dogs that can prove very dangerous. In cataplexy, if the dog is excited for any reason, a sudden voluntary muscle weakness develops causing paralysis of all the muscles except extraocular and respiratory muscles. It can last for seconds to minutes, many times a day, or infrequently. The pet seems to be active but cannot follow motions with eye movements. You can take your dog back to life by some loud noise, external stimuli, and petting. This condition is also not curable.

How do I get my beagle to go to sleep at night?

Mostly Beagle owners ask this query “ My Beagle sleeps the whole day and wakes in the night. What should I do?”. In my opinion, you don’t need to panic. If there is no medical issue then a little effort can help you to tackle the situation. Furthermore, you must be active with your pet during the day, if you will keep on busy with your gadgets, obviously your loyal friend will feel ignored and more likely to create problems for you. 

The historical background of this breed shows that they were hounds and used by ancient people for hunting purposes. Naturally, hounds have a habit that they sleep during the day and hunt at night. Generally, while considering the percentage of activity and sleep period of a beagle in a whole day, you can expect 50 % sleep, 30 % lower activity, and 10 % highly active.

So, what you can do is just follow the below-mentioned tips and make your life easy with a pet.

  • Introduce a schedule of sleep, play, and outdoor activities in your beagles life. Plus, make your furry friend follow this routine. As a result, your dog may be able to know that it is time to rest or play.
  •  Make sure to feed your dog at the same time each day. If your dog is a fast eater, try slow feeder bowls and food puzzles to slow down the eating process. It will not only help in digestion but also in improving sleep patterns at night.
  • Potty training plays a significant role in maintaining the sleep schedule of your Beagle. If your dog is trained properly, then build a toilet routine and take them to the bathroom before bedtime. Mostly, dogs are trained to poop easily but as they need to pee frequently, it can be difficult. You can use this mat for your convenience. It will help you to potty train puppies.
  • Exercise is especially important for beagles to satisfy their hunting instinct. They are pretty much energetic even from a younger age. The more they are involved in playtime, they will sleep longer and deeper. The interactive activities that may help pets are  fetch play games, going out for walks, and playing scent tracking games at home.
  • Swimming does miracles for beagles suffering from sleep disorders. Usually, older dogs are not able to perform tiring physical activities due to bone and joint issues. Additionally, swimming is a low impact and joint-friendly exercise that aids older beagles in stress and anxiety management. Hence, it will help in improving restlessness at night by putting a good impact on overall health.
  •  Beagles are pretty much attached to their owners. They can experience separation anxiety if they are away from you. If you feel that your pet is distressed and showing anxiety symptoms, you should put the crate or its bed nearer. Also, make a habit of greeting your doggy. Saying “good morning” and “good night” will reduce this fear and make your buddy realize that you will meet him in the morning.

How Long Do Beagle Puppies Sleep?

Have you ever met the cute little cuddly Beagle puppies with big shiny eyes? They look so adorable. Aren’t they? If you own these little pooches then it’s great.

Do you know how long do Beagle puppies sleep per day? Normally, the young beagles of the age 0 to 18 months sleep for about 18 to 20 hours per day. They will nap every hour, sleeping from 30 minutes to as long as two hours. 

They are very curious and intelligent. As they are in a developing phase, they need more naps to help the body in the growth and rejuvenation process. In playing and exploring activities, they get tired easily and need more rest to be healthy.

Tips to make Beagle Puppies sleep at Night?

If you are saying welcome to Beagle puppies then get ready, as they are just like newborn babies in your home. They are adorable attention seekers and want to explore your house in just one glance. Apart from this, these pooches have a stubborn nature that makes them somehow difficult to train.

 Rather young beagles are smart enough, they have different sleep patterns as compared to adult dogs. When you want to play with them, they are sleepy and tired. And it happens mostly when you are in your bed, you will notice that puppies are fully awake and roaming in the house creating havoc to your furniture or wooden floor. So, this routine needs to be changed.

Don’t worry dude, we have a solution that will surely help you in putting these fluffy balls in their beds. You just need to be patient and positive. Wanna know what magic is? Just scroll down to read these magical tips to make Beagle puppies sleep at night.

  1. The first step of training a Beagle puppy is, make a consistent schedule of the meal, toilet, and playtime. Serve a meal at the same time each day. Take them out for a walk on a set time. 
  2. Beagle breed puppies very active and energetic. They need exercise and interactive games to consume this energy. Once they are fully tired, they will surely take a longer and deeper nap at night. At the same time, you should take care not to make them overtired as this may result in behavior problems.
  3. You should be aware of the overstimulated and exhausted behavior of your puppy. If you notice that he is too tired, guide him to his crate, and encourage him to sleep.
  4.  Young dogs need a safe and quiet place to take a nap. So, you must put their beds in a room where they can sleep uninterrupted. But make sure to keep an eye on them because when they are awake they will need to go out.
  5. Make sure to take your pet friends to the toilet in the morning and before bedtime. If they are free with toilet needs, they will feel relaxed and sleep properly.
  6. Young beagles may experience teething problems, as a result, they are up at night, You just need to provide them a chewable toy before going to bed and even put one in their crate. This will help in soothing their gums when needed.
  7. You may need a crate for puppies to ensure the security like a den. It will give them a feeling of a safe place for taking a nap. Also, keep the crate next to you at the start of training. Once the puppies have developed trust in you then gradually increase the distance. It will help in coping separation anxiety of the young beagles. Though you cannot resist cuddling, still don’t let your canine friends depend on your lap for sleep. Encourage the puppies to use their bed when they are feeling drowsy.
  8. Introduce food puzzles in the night time play session. It will help in tiring these pooches and after a lot of effort in finding treats, they will finally tire enough to have a sound sleep. Again remember, don’t let them be over-exhausted.
  9. Appreciation can prove to be great magic, if your Beagle puppies achieve the goal of getting in their beds regularly, appreciate them. It will not only help in strengthening the bond with these pooches, but they will also try to do better next time.
  10. Finally, make sure to greet your beagles, either they are puppies or adults. A warm “ hello” in the morning and a lovely “ good night” will prove to be a remedy for separation anxiety. It will help in the reassurance that you will reunite with your buddy again in the morning.

Note: If you will follow these tips, you have to wait for a minimum of two weeks for the result because puppies respond to training swiftly.

Do Beagle Dream Like Humans?

Does your Beagle ever tell you in the morning that he had a dream last night in which a fellow dog snatched his treats? It sounds funny. Do you think that dogs see dreams? Of course, they cannot tell you even if they do.

How will you assume that your dog is dreaming in his nap? Have you ever noticed that your young and older dogs move a lot during deep sleep? Actually, when canines enter the REM cycle they see dreams, and their body exhibits the signs by twitching movements.

According to AKC (American Kennel Club), Stanley Coren, a professor of Physiology at the University of British Columbia revealed that pons is responsible for these twitching body movements in puppies and aged dogs. If you haven’t heard about pons before, Let’s explain this. Pons is a part of the brainstem that controls the deep sleep cycle and inhibits larger muscles to move when we are in the REM phase. In young and older dogs, this portion of the brain is weak, that’s why they show such activity while sleeping.


Finally, the topic of sleepy beagles comes to an end.

I hope you have enjoyed it. The mentioned tips will certainly put your beagles to sleep at night. Remember never force your pet companions to live a life like humans. When they are in a fun making mood, let them enjoy. 

When you feel that they are tired, let them rest. But keep in mind that training your Beagle is very necessary if you want to make your life easy with a pet.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with other Beagle lovers. Also, comment below about how long your Beagle sleeps?

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