How Do Bulldogs Get Flat Noses? [Exciting Facts You Should Know]

How Do Bulldogs Get Flat Noses [Exciting Facts You Should Know]

They see the world through their nose, but the nose is flat to be seen quickly by us!

Here comes a Bulldog!

Do you ponder about how do bulldogs get flat noses? How do they breathe through it? What problems do bulldogs face due to their nose and all? Keep reading and know the answers!

Bulldogs were bred to be this way. Breeders bred them. Researchers and veterinarians say that it is because of a genetic mutation as flat faces were the talk of the town in those days. 

Bulldogs are willful and friendly but they require early training to fit well accordingly. Unlike their looks, bulldogs don’t have an aggressive nature.

Bulldog Nose Problems

Besides being cute and having a smushed face as a trademark, bulldogs face issues not only with the rest of the body but also related to their nose. The common problems they face related to their nose are;

  • Heat exhaustion as they have narrow airways so they can’t cool themselves that easily.
  • Difficulty eating and drinking as the nose is close to the mouth and may intrude.
  • The nose gets dry as their tongue can’t reach their nose to moisturize it.

Now let’s move towards the severe issues a bulldog’s nose may contribute to;

01. Brachycephalic syndrome

Due to brachycephalic syndrome, bulldogs have specific issues that include extra tissue in the back of the throat, a large tongue, elongated soft palate, small nasal openings, and small windpipe.

02. Nasal Hyperkeratosis

As it is one of the difficult tasks for bulldogs to take their tongue to their nose to clean it, consequently, they go through this health condition in which their nose gets a crusty dry place. There are specific prescriptions and medications and lotions stuff to keep their noses moisturized to cater to the problems.

The Reason Of Bulldogs Flat Nose Reason

In the past years, bulldogs have been categorized as the unhealthiest breeds from being called the athletes. The reason is man-made. Bulldogs were designed to be extreme so they can be used in bull-fighting. A bull used to be tied, and bulldogs had to fight it completely. This was unethical, so it is now banned. Bulldogs were bred to have a vast head, short legs and muscular body. 

Due to the huge head which is present even in bulldog puppies, 95% of bulldogs can’t give birth to their puppies alone and always human help is required. So, the flat nose in bulldogs is man created and they have no fault in this.

3 Reason For Dry Bulldog Nose

Just as you and I get dry lips and get irritated by the ‘oh so dry’ feel our lips are giving us. In the same way bulldogs and pugs also go through dry nose phases which can be caused by allergies, weather conditions and a condition called nasal Hyperkeratosis. We use lip balm to get our dried lips moisturized, and such dry nose conditions can be cured in dogs through veterinary prescribed moisturizing lotions and all. Come along to have a look at the reasoning behind a bulldog’s dry nose;

1. For Allergies

Possibilities starting from pollen allergy to any sort of allergy triggered by some substance can be there to make your dog’s nose dry. You have to figure it out. You need to think of any new thing that you introduced to your dog near the time it got the allergy. For instance, dogs are allergic to some plants and may also be allergic to plastic food bowls which need to be replaced immediately with stainless food bowls.

2. Weather conditions

You already know that with the arrival of a new season, you catch flu and fever, right? The same is the case with your bulldog. A bulldog may get a dry nose in winters as you face dry skin and lips in the fall.

3. Nasal Hyperkeratosis

The condition occurs when the top layer of skin on the nose gets too much keratin produced. As the skin gets dry and thick, it falls off.

Bulldog Nose Running

One of the reasons behind a bulldog’s runny nose is an allergy which can be caused by anything as discussed earlier, including mites, food, drugs etc. However, there can be many other reasons behind it which your vet can identify if you can’t. On-time treatment is a wise decision.

For instance, if you find your dog having a running nose, sneezing and pawing its own nose, then you should see if there’s anything inside its nose such as a small grass. In this case, you can either try removing it out with a tweezer, but if you can’t, then take your bulldog to the vet.

Some other reasons behind the running nose in bulldog besides allergy and blockage include;

  • Polyps and tumors
  • Infection
  • Distemper
  • Nostril issues
  • Cleft palate or fistula

Bulldog Nose Fold Infection

I admit that the folds and wrinkles that bulldogs have near their nose and on the face are the most adorable ones, but besides this, they also require some care to maintain the bulldog’s overall health. To care well, you should clean these wrinkles over your bulldog’s face using wet wipes or a wet cloth. Ensure that you are cleaning all the dirt present in the folds and wrinkles, especially the wrinkles near the nose.

how do bulldogs get flat noses worksheet

Bulldog Nose Cracked

As bulldogs’ tongue can’t reach their nose so the nose ends up being dry and if it is left that way for long, it can be extremely painful for the bulldog and will affect its sense of smell besides the pain. The severity of dryness may make it look like your bully’s nose is cracked. In such situations, you should rush to your vet, and he is going to prescribe you some lotions and stuff to moisturize and hydrate the nose area.

Bulldog Nose Rope

The deep sort of wrinkles and folds over your bully’s nose are called the nose ropes. Nose ropes need to be taken care of by cleaning them regularly either with the wipes such as Petpost Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes or a damp cloth as these nose ropes are the breeding grounds for the bacteria. On-time realization is essential. 

6 Bulldog Dry Nose Remedy

Just as every other issue has remedies to cater to them, bulldog dry nose can also be resolved through home remedies. While there are some safe and some avoidable remedies, let’s first discuss which ones should be used; 

1. Olive oil

Making it to your kitchen to be applied to your bully’s nose is a wise option when it is about olive oil. You can also add a teaspoon to your bully’s meals. If you want an extra virgin olive oil, you can have Pompelan Robust Extra Virgin Olive oil online.

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2. Shea butter

You can use shea butter to moisturize your bully’s dry nose and it is safe if used in a small quantity. You can select your desired shea butter from here. (affiliate link takes you to website.

3. Almond oil

Being an amalgam of vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, almond oil will absorb easily into your dog’s skin and start hydrating the skin. Natural riches sweet almond oil is the best rated one online.

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4. Castor oil

Castor oil serves for the purpose too but make sure you don’t apply too much of it as consumption of it can cause diarrhea to your bulldog. You can order one for yourself from the comfort of your house from clicking here. (Affiliate links takes you to website)

5. Cocoa seed shea

It soothes the skin including the sunburns and it is safe. It is Inevitably made from cocoa but does not include those toxic ingredients. Here (Affiliate links takes you to website) is a list of seed shea for you to choose from.

6. Coconut oil

If you are using an organic coconut oil then you should not worry about the results as it will moisturize the skin and restore elasticity even. Happy Belly Organic Refined Coconut Oil can be a good choice.

On top of all, you should not use Vaseline, Petroleum jelly, aquaphor or mineral oil on your dog’s nose as it can react and can be fatal if consumed by your bully.

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Can Bulldogs Breath Easily Through Their Noses?

No, due to the narrow airways and small nostrils, bulldogs can’t always breathe easily.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you know the answer to how do bulldogs get flat noses, the remedies and problems related to it. As bulldogs were bred to be used in bull-baiting, they have a wide mouth and an underbite to grab at their prey. Majorly, bulldogs are born through the cesarean method due to large heads. 

The folds onto the bulldogs’ face were used to stop their prey’s blood from reaching their nose. You can confront bulldogs having different colors because they have 10 known colors alongside 4 different markings.

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