Dog Suddenly Aggressive Towards Cats? (Reasons & 4 Ways to Stop)

why dog suddenly aggressive towards cats

Are you obsessed with your pet? Love to make cartoon series on Dog & Cat like Tom & Jerry?–Probably you might be interested to make one more popular series if you are planning to raise both as a pet. It can be both troubling and funny at the same time!

We’ve decided to assist pet owners to know about possible complications in dog and cat relationships. It’s not easy to develop nice behavior between cat and dog. However, IT IS POSSIBLE! 

To do this, read on why dogs are suddenly aggressive towards the cat? There are a number of reasons for a dog’s sudden aggression towards the cat. It can be illness, pain, display of dominance, weather changes, fear, insecurity about the meal, and even boredom. You can stop the dog’s attack on the cat by following simple 4 ways given below.

Normally, pets who are friendly towards the owner might not be friendly towards other pets.

Let’s dive deep to find reasons and ways to stop bad behavior of dogs towards cats:

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Why is My Dog Aggressive Towards a Cat?

Did you feel your dog is more aggressive towards cats? Normally, it happens with most of the pet owners especially when they have both cat and dog as a pet.

Why is My Dog Aggressive Towards a Cat?

Take your time and notice the extent of aggression. Is it under control? Or raging constantly?

There are so many reasons for this anger towards the cat. Your dog might be in stress or anxiety. It can be an underlying illness that is still undiagnosed. It can be something psychological like fear or anxiety due to illness or some other factor. Maybe a dog wants to display his dominance over the cat. 

Maybe he feels insecure that the cat would eat up all the food. Another reason is boredom, that makes him find some adventure to run after the cat.

Sometimes, it happens occasionally not every time. For example, if your dog is busy eating its meal and the cat passes by. It might feel the cat can snatch its meal. So, the dog would growl and even run after the cat.

Physical changes can also be responsible for such aggression. We as a human can’t stay calm throughout the day. How can we expect calmness from animals? Below is a detailed description of the reasons for this attitude. Don’t forget to read!

Dog Suddenly Aggressive Towards Cats? 6 possible reasons

When it comes to reason, you need to think broader. Reasons can be situational, physical, and even psychological. It depends on how severe is the type of aggression your animal is actually facing. 

It also depends on how frequently your dog suffers from such type of emotional imbalance. Normally, both cats and dogs take their ways after some growling or attitudes. But if growlings end up in attack and injury, it’s time to show serious concern over this situation.

Let’s have a deep insight into each possible reason:

1. Disease

Did you rake your dog to vet for regular physical checkups? It’s possible that your dog is in pain or suffering from some undiagnosed infection. Sudden changes in behavior may be a result of some physical or mental trauma.

It can be bone or joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or even tumor.

So, take your pet to the vet and get its thorough checkup done there. If you ignore this factor, your dog might be aggressive towards you and your friends too.

Understanding the underlying causes can help your pet to overcome disease and illness.

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

Even humans get upset with too much heat! Why can’t animals? A sudden change in weather can restrict your animal’s activity. In the case of extreme heat waves,  animals feel dehydration. So, they bark and growl most of the time.

Even in rain dogs find no way to roam about here and there. That’s why it can get upset. Similarly, constant snowfall can make pets bound indoors. That can increase depression. If you are living in areas where unusual weather conditions are very common, this type of behavior can be a real troubleshoot.

The best way to reduce anxiety related to extreme weather is to do the extra care of your pet and love it more than before.

3. Fear Or Stress

Did you observe your dog destroy things? Sure, careful stress is a gradual process. It will not appear at sudden. 

There are many signs that would tell you that your lovely animal is constantly facing fear with some unknown reason and stress.

These signs are:

  • Destroying furniture
  • Excessive barking
  • Whining
  • Trembling
  • Digging and pacing
  • Extra chewing

When you feel these symptoms, it’s time to get a vet opinion. He would suggest the ways and treatment of these signs. But if untreated, these signs may result in serious aggression that can harm you and other pets in your home. So, keep an eye on your pet for the above-mentioned signs

4. Overprotective About Meal

Sharing is really tough for animals too! Dogs too feel insecure about meals that other pets might snatch it away. Whenever they find a cat nearby, they would not leave and drive it away by running after it. Poor cat!

Its natural instinct that animals are too possessive about their meal sources and caretakers. They would not love to share it with others. When they find other pets, they feel a sense of insecurity about their meals and even place.

That’s why they would kick others. It’s more like Tom & Jerry. Don’t you enjoy this cartoon?

5. Display of Dominance

The natural ability of animals is to show dominance over other animals can also be the main reason for this type of anger towards cats. Dogs want to be dominant in eating and getting the owner’s love.

It’s up to the owner to make the dog feel that the cat is also loveable. This will happen with training. First of all, if you find your dog is disturbing you when you are with a cat. Its time to draw the dog’s attention away from the cat. You can whistle, clap, and even name your dog to stop sudden approaches.

After making it calm, you should feed the cat first and then the dog. But remember, the other party should be ready to wait.

This type of behavior development needs time and patience. A dog might also suffer from a superiority complex. It’s your turn to make him feel that the cat is not inferior.

6. Boredom

Nothing to do for your pet?Getting bored!

Oh, the cat is there, let’s find adventure and run after it!
Don’t you play with your dog? Don’t you take your pet outside? Like humans, animals can also feel boredom if they have nothing to do.

To overcome this fact, arrange some flexible pet toys. Take your pet outside and play with him as much as you can. Don’t leave your pet alone for most of the time.

By nature, dogs are social. So when they have to stay in solitude they develop aggression. It’s the best suggestion to keep on changing the environment of pets regularly.

Train up your dog for exercise and good behavior through the train up course. About half an hour is a good time for outdoor activity.

Aggressive Signs of Dogs Towards Cat

How to tell if my dog is aggressive towards the cat or not?

Are you Curious to know aggressive signs? For dog owners, it is really informative to know the reason behind every type of pet behavior.

Aggressive Signs of Dogs Towards Cat

 Sometimes it can be a serious underlying reason. But most of the time these are part of normal life. So, you should know when to ignore these aggressive signs and when to respond.

Suppose your dog is outdoors and a cat or neighbor passes by, what would you expect your dog to behave.? But the dog’s reaction may not be according to your expectation.

Below are a few signs that you may count as aggressive signs towards the cat:

  • Growling and snapping
  • A Stiff  body and quickly wagging tail
  • Lip licking or yawning
  • Horrible averting  gaze
  • Raised fur or upright ears
  • Cowering and tail tucking
  • Seeing whites of the eyes

However, not all dogs show aggression more after these signs. Only the dogs who are in stress will proceed these signs into more aggression like an attack. Normally, these are warning signals. You need to take these signals seriously if the dog moves on to attack or hurt your pet cat.

Is It normal that My Dog Attacks Cats?

Did your dog hurt the cat? It’s not normal for dogs to harm other pets. It’s a major sign that your dog is facing severe depression.

Normally, after growling and gazing,  dogs would not approach cats. But if it happens that it attacks the cat and hurts it with teeth or crawls. It’s a serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately.

Abnormal aggressive signs towards cat include:

  • Constant Chasing
  • Attacking with extensive growling
  • Hurting with bites
  • Even Killing

It’s time to consult a vet as soon as possible.

How to Stop Dog from Attacking Cats? (4 Ways)

By now you understand fully that the relationship between dog and cat needs time to settle. At the start, you may have to feel some issues. But with proper training and timing, everything will get to normal.

How to Stop Dog from Attacking Cats

Let’s find out the easiest ways to stop a bad relationship between both:

1. raising them together:

Do you plan to raise both? It’s a nice decision, but it’s all up to your temperament. How much do you tolerate? Its point to ask yourself, Can you manage?

Be prepared, it’s like Tom & Jerry’s relationship! Sounds funny!

Below are a few points to keep in mind before planning this:

  • Be realistic,don’t expect a lot of harmony from both sides every time.
  • It’s better to raise both together when they are young. A kitten can tolerate puppies more than adult dogs. So, if you raise them together from the start, there will be fewer chances of quarrel.
  • It’s a time taking process, both will take time to understand one another. So don’t expect too much from them. In this way, you will get tired sone. In the end, you will have to abandon one for the sake of others.

2. Gradually Introduce your dog to the Cat

Hey Buddy! Now you will live with a cat! Here your new friend!

It’s not the right way. Don’t expose cats suddenly to stay all the time with dogs. Gradually introduce your cat. In this way, it will be less aggressive 

Let’s see how to make your dog used to live with a cat

  • Feed both of them on their turn in separate bowls. Make sure first calm the dog and feed the cat. After this, feed the dog and let the cat sit away and wait.
  • Bring cats in front of dogs from time to time at the start. Don’t try to let them stay together all the time.
  • Stop for a while when you feel the dog is noticing you with a cat. Check its response.
  • Put both in the separate crates and let the dog in touch with the crate bars to find cat there
  • When you feel hostility, move the hostile partner away.
  • Loosen the leash so that they may know about each other’s place at home
  • When a dog is well aware of the cat’s presence in the house, leash off.

3. Change Dog Focus When it Chases Cat

Now both are aware that they are in the same area. Give them a chance to be together outdoors. If you feel the dog is chasing and running after the cat. It’s time to train up.

Let’s see what to do now:

  • Let the dog chase and make it a fun game 
  • Whistle when it’s about teasing your cat
  • Draw a dog’s focus over something else.
  • Throwball or toys so that both animals start to play rather than chase up

4. Give Chance to Hang Out

Finally, they understand well what to do. It’s time to leash off both. For more positive reinforcement, give them time to hang out together.

What to consider when they hang out:

  • Keep eye on both
  • Give a whistle call if you find the dog is growling constantly
  • If the cat is fearful, hold it in your hand
  • Don’t let any party leave the area
  • Keep them together daily for sometime

Remember animals are not prone to show the same behavior daily. So, the chances of sudden change are always open. It’s good to supervise your pet’s behavior and activities on a daily basis to avoid any mishap in the future.

5 Tips to Stop Aggression in Dogs

Emotional outbursts may happen in most of the pets. You can handle such behaviors with knowledge, training, and patience. Remember, it requires time and consistent training. It will not happen overnight. To assist you, we have a few practical tips.

Let’s find out the tips that really works to stop dog aggression:

1. Visit Your Vet:

The first and foremost tip is to visit your pet when you feel something wrong. Because the vet is the right person to tell you the underlying reason. Maybe your dog is aggressive due to pain, illness, tumor, or lymphoma. So, it’s time to get proper medical checkups done immediately.

2. Call Animal Behaviorist:

If there is no medical reason behind the sudden change in the dog’s ways.It’s time to call an animal behaviorist trainer. Your vet would suggest one for you. They are professional trainers who would assist you to know the real cause and treatment. They would spend time with your dog and will let you know what’s the reason and what things you need to change.

3. Follow Trainer Advice:

It’s your turn to follow up. If the trainer suggests you plan some time for exercise, you should do it. If he advises you to bring him close to other pets. Follow what he recommends for you. Proper eating, drinking, and cat exposure plans can bring a considerable shift in aggression.

4. Stop Punishment:

Did you punish your pet when it’s rude with cats? It’s really discouraging. It would boost more aggression rather than stop it. Never punish it or slap it or hurt. Just try to change its focus point and separate it when it’s out of control.

5. Increase Play Time:

To control emotional issues, it is good to make your dogs used to with other pets. Take both of them together to walk and exercise. When you buy a new toy, let both of them play together. Increase your outdoor playtime to avoid depression.

Bottom Line

Now we are at the end of the dog and cat relationship story. It is really funny to raise them as a pet together. You would really enjoy interesting combats and quarrels over time.

In the end, you would also adore peaceful companionship. If you train both in a proper way, you can make this relationship happy as well as enjoyable.

Kids would really wow when they find both dining and staying together in harmony.

Don’t get disappointed at the start. Hope for good!

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