Do French Bulldogs Eyes Change Color? – As They Grow!

Do French Bulldogs Eyes Change Color? As They Grow

When the puppy was born, its eye color was different. Now it has changed! Why? Do you think my puppy is sick? Is it safe for my puppy to transform its eyeshades? Frenchie owners are often worried and ask such questions from the breeders.

To answer all such puzzling queries ,we’ve decided to pen down a comprehensive article on this coloration phenomenon common in French Bulldog breed.

Keep going till the end and you will enjoy the details here!

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Do French Bulldogs Eyes Change Color?

Yes, it’s true that most of the French bulldog breeds change eye colors. By birth, they do have light blue, grayish, or light color eyes. After 10 weeks, this eye color will turn into brown. However, this change in color will not happen in a rare French bulldog blue breed which is exceptional.

Do French Bulldogs Eyes Change Color?

Dog lovers are very keen to buy rare color breeds. Maybe they love the unique eye color feature or its fur. Whatever might be the reason, the reality is that every puppy of this breed is born with blue eyes that are actually transparent. At birth, they have no pigmentation. So, they reflect the color of sky from every light that passes through their eyes.

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Can French Bulldogs Have Blue Eyes?

Frenchie owners often ask experts: Can my dog have blue eyes?

Simple and the plain answer is that its 100% percent possible to have blue eyes French bulldog breed. Right after birth, almost all puppies of Frenchie breeds do have blue eyes or some light shades like grayish. Actually, they dont have blue eyes. In fact, their eyes have colorless Iris with no pigmentation. So, they get the reflection of the sky as the water gets.

So, your dream to have a blue colored eye dog is about to turn into reality if your Frenchie is pregnant. But will this color stay for life or not?

If you are raising a rare breed of blue, lilac, merle, and Isabella, this blue eye color will not change throughout life. However, for other breeds like black, white, fawn, and cream, this blue color will turn into brown when the puppy is 10 weeks old.

Editor Tip: If you want to see blue color eyes permanently in your bulldog breed, spend a few more bucks and buy the expensive rare breed of the dilute gene with the color options of blue, merle, lilac, and Isabella breed.

How do French Bulldogs get Blue Eyes?

Finally, Frenchie puppy’s eyes are exposed to the world after 2 weeks of birth. Cute puppies with blue eyes! They are not able to open up their eyes fully right after birth.

These questions may arise in the dog owner’s mind from how my dog gets this eye color.

Below are few reasons of blue eye color in Frenchies:

  • They get blue eyes by birth because of no pigment in Iris.
  • They are naturally projected to be born with blue color eyes
  • This blue color is also due to pigment melanin that is present in puppy eyes after birth.
  • This color is inherited in the genes of dogs.
  • M-locus gene in Mele is responsible for blue color in eyes
  • S-locus gene is responsible for blue eye color in piebald pooches
  • They have blue eyes throughout their life if you buy a rare blue color dog breed.

Do you want to keep the eyes of your bulldog blue for a lifetime? The best tip is to plan to buy unusual rare colored breeds. In this way, you will adore your favorite blue colored eyes for life long.

Why do French Bulldog Changes Eye Color?

It’s a reality that Frenchies bulldog changes eye color. By birth, the color of the eyes is blue or grayish or somehow yellowish or even lighter. As the dog grows up, it will turn into brown or darker colors. However, this color change will not happen in blue french bulldog as its exceptional breed.

Below are few reasons of eye color changes:

1. Age Factor:

One of the main reasons behind this shift in eye color is a birth factor, By birth, dogs have bluish eyes. This blue color is totally uniform from Iris to Pupils. As they age, the coloration process will start and eyes would turn brown. It would be the final color and will not change throughout life.

2. Birth Factor:

By birth, puppies have blue color eyes. So, the birth factor is the main reason. Puppies don’t open their eyes fully until 8 to 14 days of their lives. But when they open up eyelids, you would observe that their eyes would be blue in color. It can be lighter too or grayish also. But it’s temporary and will change soon.

3. Gene factor:

One of the Bulldog breeds is very rare. Its color is blue. In this breed, you may not observe coloration. Here blue color or green color will remain permanent throughout childhood and adulthood. These bulldogs are expensive with a dilute genes factor that is inherited. This also happens when a bulldog carries the recessive gene during mating.

Common Eye Colors of French Bulldog with pictures

It’s really not surprising to see a variety of eye colors in different Frenchie breeds. There are so many colors from lighter to darker. The most common colors are light blue and dark brown.

However other common eye colors of Frenchie bulldogs are yellow, green, blue, grayish, and golden. Colors of Bulldodeyes depends on

  • Color of the breed itself
  • Genetic factors
  • Age of dog

Below is the table in which you can learn different eye colors French bulldog breeds with images.

Table of Bulldog breed Color With Eye Colour and Images

French Bulldog Breed ColorEye ColorsImages
FawnBlue(by birth)Brown(adulthood)
lilacBlue(by birth) or grayishBrown(adulthood)
BlackBlue or light blue by birthBlack in adulthood
CreamBlue(by birth)Brown(adulthood)
TanYellow, blue, light blue(by birth)Brown(adulthood)
SableYellow, blue, light brown 
MerleBlue, gray, brown 
IsabellaLight blue, green.grey
ChocolateGreen, brown, golden, bright yellow

What Age do French Bulldog Eyes Change Color?

Like humans, French bulldogs also change eye colors as they age. They have blue colored eyes when they are born. At what age this shift in color happens? It’s essential to know if you are planning to own Frenchie puppies.

Right after ten weeks of birth approximately, Frenchies of fawn, cream, white, or other accepted breed change eye color from blue to brown. However, this change is not common in a rare breed of blue, merle, lilac, and Isabella.

So, the right age to get the final color is 10th  weeks. Bulldogs open eyes fully right after 2 weeks of birth and from the first week to the 10th week after birth, they have blue eyes.

After the 10th week, slowly this color will shift from bluish to brownish. At first, it will be lighter brown then it will be uniform brown color from Iris to the pupil. And this brown color will not change again. It will be final. Right? However, in rare breeds mentioned above, blue-eye color will remain throughout life.

Health Risk of French Bulldogs with Sudden Blue eyes

Is it normal for the adult bulldog to have sudden bluish cloudy eyes? No, not at all…As I told you before that adult dogs have brown colors, that’s permanent. But if you notice a sudden change in eye color with a cloudy appearance, it might be some disease or infection. 

Health Risk of French Bulldogs with Sudden Blue eyes

Below are the risks of health problems as a result of this sudden coloration:

1. Nuclear Sclerosis:

This condition is more common in old age. The main reason for this diagnosis is the toughness of eye lenses that happens with both eyes. Though it may result in minor vision issue but the dog will still be able to see well. So, no medication is necessary. But you should add a few supplements to a dog’s diet to improve eye health with your vet advice.

2. Corneal Dystrophy:

This condition also results in sudden blurring of eyes. However, it will not affect sight but affect cornea only. This problem is mainly inherited and will develop as the dog ages. So, you need to feed the dog eye supplement if you find any symptoms.

Disclaimer: Self-medication can harm. Get your vet advice before adding any supplement to your dog’s diet.I am not a Vet. All of these products need further assistance from your pet.

3. Cataracts:

This is a rather serious diagnosis. It can bring change in vision and can affect one or both eyes. Early symptoms include whitish, cracky eyes. It develops slowly and can even turn into blindness if not treated on time. Try these advanced vision bites to boost your pet’s sight.

4. Glaucoma:

This is another serious condition that may also lead to blindness. In this disease, eye fluid will not get the proper way to drainage. It will result in pressure in the eyes. It’s good to start treatment early with your vet advice.

5.Anterior Uveitis:

Its type of painful infection plus inflammation on the interior portion of the eye. Common symptoms include scratching, redness, and cloudy eyes with discharge and tears. If not treated at early stages, it may result in surgical removal of the eye.

Do French Bulldog have Green Eyes?

Yes, Its possible to find green color eyes in bulldogs. But in which color breed, green color is common?

It’s rare to find green eye Frenchies. But you can find in black bulldogs breed and Merle. Green color Iris of these bulldogs will make you Wow with surprise!

It will not change after 10 weeks as this happens in exceptional breeds that don’t shift from one color to another in a lifetime.

When will my Frenchie Puppy Eye Color be Permanent?

Will my dog’s eye stay blue permanently? It’s an important question, Frenchie lovers often ask. It’s interesting to note that what will be the permanent color of the eye depends on the color of the breed itself.

Some rare breeds have only one color by birth as I mentioned above in the table

While cream, white, fawn color dogs will get permanent eye color after they are 10-12 weeks old. The final color of the majority of breeds is brown except Siberaean and Husky.

Before this, they will keep on shifting from blue to brown or sometimes gray to brown. They usually shift from lighter color to darker eye color as they age.

It’s easy to judge permanent eye color if you can tell about your puppy’s age and breed color. Obviously breed color is a visual factor but age is hidden. So, if you are buying a puppy, ask about its age from the breeder before.

In this way, you can judge better about permanent eye color.

What Colors do French Bulldog See?

Is my bulldog color blind? Can they see colors like me? Are they sensitive to some color spectrum? An interesting fact is that Bulldogs are not color blind but they see bluish or grayish shades more than us.

We as humans observe rainbow spectra like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. However, French bulldogs observe this spectrum not as humans do. They can see only three basic colors yellow, blue, and gray.

They are more sensitive towards grayish shades. They can see a gray color more than us. But it is a misconception that they are color blind and can’t see many colors.

Why French Bulldog has two Different Colored-Eyes?

Have you ever seen a Frenchie with different color eyes? It is common with this breed to have two colored eyes. But Is it normal?

This condition is known as heterochromia. Whenever you observe this condition, its time to get vet advice. It might be due to some eye infection or underlying disease.

Blue colored Frenchie breeds are easily prone to eye diseases for example Huskies and Siberian. So think well before buying this breed.

These odd-eyes would be rather blue or brown or can be red or brown. It depends on the underlying causes. It can be allergy, ulcer, or some minor eye infection. Take this eye color factor seriously and get vet advice as early as possible to save a healthy vision of your lovely pet.

Tips for Healthy Eyes of French Bulldog

Eyes are an indicator of your animals health. If the eyes are healthy, your pet’s physical condition would be satisfactory. That’s why when you take your pet to the vet, he always observes eye color as the first clue for further diagnosis. Frenchie breeds can catch eye diseases more frequently especially huskies and Siberian.

Below are the tips to ensure healthy eyes of your lovely pet:

  • Regular eye cleaning using vet eye rinse and eye wipes is essential for eye freshness and health.
  • Keep an eye check on discharge, booger, and color.
  • Add some good eye supplements to your dog’s diet.
  • Constant hot weather can also damage the eye cornea. Arrange sunglasses for pets whenever you plan to take your pet outside in extreme sunlight.
  • Consult your vet immediately at early symptoms or eye color changing situations. Never prolong eye issues untreated.


Now we’re relieving the bulldog eye color change topic. In this article, I’ve done my best job to cover all aspects related to the coloration of Frenchie’s eyes.

Honestly, I would not recommend you buy blue color Frenchie breed or any rare breed. The reason is that you have to spend much more not only purchasing but also on health issues of such rare breeds.

My last words are Eyes are precious and sensitive. Don’t experiment with any medication on eyes without your vet opinion. Clean up your pet eyes regularly to avoid bad eye health in the future! Wishing you a happy journey with your pet! Bye for now!

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