Do Beagles Like To Swim? – (Do they like or not)

Have you ever seen a Beagle paddling into a lake after a tennis ball? Does your dog like to blow bubbles by putting his nose in the water? If yes, then it’s really fun to watch them doing so.

 What to do If your Beagle doesn’t like water at all? Are you worried about him? Do you want your pet to swim like other dogs?

 If yes, then you are absolutely at a right-click. This article will surely help you in solving all of your problems and will make your beagle a pro-swimmer.

Do beagles like to swim? Mostly Beagles are a bit shyer to water. Some of them like swimming while others don’t. However, you can make your pet comfortable to be in the water in a stepwise session at home. Similarly, you can teach them to swim in very simple ways. If you resolve your dog’s reluctance to water, he will surely learn swimming very quickly.

Swimming is one of the most excellent exercises for your dog. It gives you the opportunity to foster the bond between you and your pet friend. It does wonders for the overall health of your buddy. You can have a great time while swimming with your Beagle as it is a stress-relieving activity not only for you but also for your dog. 

Do Beagles Like Water?

Whenever we discuss swimming the first thing that comes to mind whether your dog wants to be in water or not. However, it highly depends on your Beagle’s personality. Like humans, Beagles have different personalities.

 Some are reluctant to water for the first time, once they see some other dog jumping in, they can imitate and learn to swim. While other dogs of this breed are always ready to try new experiences. They enjoy being in the water, whenever you provide the opportunity to do so.

5 Reasons Why Beagles Don’t Like Water

 At the same time, many dogs of this breed are not fond of water. Even if you put in all of your efforts, you cannot convince them to swim. Why do they do so? Here are the most common 5 reasons why your Beagle doesn’t like water.

  1.  Probably, your dog has never experienced being in water larger than a bathtub.
  1.  During the early years of life, if your pet had faced some accident of slipping or gulping mouthful water during the bath time, the fear sits in his mind.
  1. Perhaps, you have forced them to bathe which they never liked and also if your buddy has ever slipped on the bath floor.
  1. It may also be due to confusion or fear of being drowned after seeing a lot of water around.
  1. If you have ever scolded your Beagle during bath time he will memorize and associate this event to shower time.

Note: let us solve another confusion of dog owners as they have a misconception that hydrophobia in dogs is due to rabies, but this is wrong. Actually, hydrophobia only in humans is associated with rabies, not in dogs.

Tips to Over Come Beagle’s Fear of Water

If your Beagle dislikes water, firstly, you have to notice that is this the only issue during bath time or it happens when you want him to swim? In both of the cases, we have some excellent tips that will certainly help you to handle the situation.

Start training from home

It’s your patience and behavior that will train him for sure. If your buddy hates the bath, the first step is to make him comfortable with water at home. He will surely setbacks by understanding the instinct of heading him towards the bathroom. What you have to do is put him on a leash and don’t let him know that he is going to bathe. Sit near the bathroom door and play with him, if he gets relaxed, give him treats. Don’t get disappointed if he doesn’t follow you, keep practicing till success.

Training at the bathtub:

Once you have succeeded in making your beagle comfortable at the bath door, The next step is to take him inside, your goal is to make him enter the bathroom in a relaxed mood. Once you have done this, the next step is to play with him in the bathroom. Try this interactive puzzle toy to calm your dog. Don’t forget to appreciate him and treat him after every success. Start with an empty bathtub, if your Beagle becomes used to playing in the dry bathtub,  now the most difficult step is to make him calm in the wet tub.

Minimize water fear

Your positive reinforcement will make your beagle more secure in the tub. Remember, don’t wet your Beagle at first. When he will feel secure in small water he would certainly surrender, even if this doesn’t happen, Don’t be sad. Try this dog lick bath toy, it will not only help to relieve anxiety during the shower and also in diverting the attention. Apply some peanut butter on the lick toy and turn on the shower. Keep practicing, your efforts to make him fearless to water will eventually prove fruitful.

Use of a doggy pool:

If your Beagle has become agreeable to bath, go for outdoor fun activities, and arrange a portable pet dog pool. Train him slowly, wherever he feels comfortable, start from that point. If he is hesitant to enter the pool, throw treats, and bath toys in the pool, he will surely follow the treats. In this way, your Beagle will be habituated to water. 

Note: Never force your dog to enter the water. Make sure to use a rubber mat at the bottom of the tub in case if your dog quickly tries to escape. Also, keep his nails trimmed during training sessions. Remember, Beagles have a thin skin coat that can dry up if you will frequently wash, a detailed shower after two to three months is sufficient. However, if your dog is soiled and becomes very dirty, It’s fine to give him a bath.    

Are Beagles Natural Swimmers?

You will be surprised to know that Beagles are natural swimmers. To understand this, we have to preview some historical background.

 The word Beagle is thought to be derived from an old English word “Beag” which means “small”. Historically, they were bred with foxhounds, so they are considered as hounds. They are actually scent hounds who were primarily used for hunting small animals.

What makes them good swimmers is their body shape that is ideal for swimming. They have a muscular body with a broad chest that has the ability to float on water, while the front and back legs are designed well for paddling naturally. 

It doesn’t mean that whenever you will put them in the water, they will automatically start swimming. Never do this to your buddy. First of all, recognize your pet’s nature, then train him to swim step wisely.  

How Do Beagles Learn To Swim?

Once you are confirmed that your Beagle is no shyer to water, your next step must be to give him the opportunity to swim. Even if your dog has not done this before, our tips will make you a dog trainer at home.

Let me tell you the story of one of our Beagles named Peter, he was much afraid of water, as he was an adult when we brought him home, it was pretty much difficult for us to train him. So here’s a tip, if you are planning to bring a Beagle, make sure to own a puppy, as it can be trained easily. For Peter, we put in a lot of effort, and at last, we succeeded. Now, whenever we have fun at the beach, Peter keeps busy with water, even the water currents scare us but not Peter.

Do you want to know the tips and tricks we followed to train Peter to swim? If yes, then keep reading.

can beagles swim

Tips to Train Beagles To Swimming

Do you think that Beagles swim training is pretty much tricky? It can be tricky if you will lose temperament, if you are cool, your pet friend will also calm. The following tips will surely help you if you are the owner of a Beagle and if you want to enjoy swimming with your pet friend.

  • Beagles are naturally stubborn. Initially, you have to make your dog fearless by water by following our home training.
  • Now if you have trained your dog at home and he is no more reluctant to water, then start outdoor swimming fun.
  • You must arrange a pool in your yard and engage your dog in the play.
  • If your pet is still hesitant to play with water, then try positive reinforcement like dog bone-shaped treats
  •  Well, your pet companion is now ready for some local pet pool party with you. It’s time to have a start with some slow-moving water like streams. Avoid taking him near fast-moving water, this can scare him.
  • Water temperature is one of the most important things to consider. These dogs feel comfortable in warm water, So you must check the water prior to swimming. Warm water not only relaxes the dog but it also acts as a pain reliever.
  • As your buddy has not experienced swimming before, So it’s preferable to show him the entry and exit routes before swimming.
  • A hound life jacket is a must accessory, that you have to arrange before swimming trails. This will make your dog more confident and secure while paddling.
  • If your Beagle is still hesitant to swim, bring another playful swimmer dog as a role model, it can be your other dog or your friends or neighbor’s dog. After watching another dog having fun, he will surely imitate him.

Note: Make sure that swimming water must not be too hot. If you live in a hot region, normal water is fine. However, during winters, warm water swimming is recommended. Make sure don’t keep your wet puppy outdoors in cool weather for a long period of time as it can make him ill. Take care of all safety precautions prior to swimming. Never leave your pet alone in the pool. 

Benefits of Swimming for Beagles

 There are lots of health-related benefits of swimming for Beagles.  According to a veterinary surgeon and Physiologist Dr.Arleigh, if a dog swims for only 1 minute, it is equal to 4 minutes of running.

Swimming is an aerobic workout that does wonders for the overall health of your pet. Now we are discussing the 6 top health benefits of swimming.  

Stronger and toned Muscle Build-up

As we know that Beagles are hound breed dogs, So they are much energetic and active. If you will not help them to take advantage of this energy properly, they will end up in a disaster. As they like eating too much, If they will not utilize this food energy properly, they will certainly become obese along with other diseases. Apart from other land exercises, floating and paddling helps in strengthening muscles. It also maintains overall fitness by giving energy to vital organs like the heart and lungs. 

Weight Maintenance

Beagles are one of the dog’s breeds that are vulnerable to obesity. If your pet is already overweight, then swimming is an excellent exercise for him. Usually, fat puppies or adult dogs get tired quickly when they do some activities like running, walking, and fetch play. Plus they can experience body aches and joints pain because of body weight. In this case, paddling in water will help them in losing fat more easily as water bears body weight, and keeps the skeletal system stress free.   

Rehabilitation and Recovery after Surgery

If your dog has undergone some injury or surgery, swimming has amazing benefits in the recovery and rehabilitation process. Aquatic or warm water therapy is highly recommended by vets after surgery. Warm water not only acts as a pain reliever, but it also helps improve blood circulation, hence reducing the risk of further injury by decreasing the inflammation. If you don’t have a warm water faculty at your home pool, you can check for local pet rehab centers, as they have faculty of warm water pools.    

Sleep Maintenance

Overall studies have shown that the Beagle breed may experience some sleep problems. They either sleep too much or sometimes they don’t sleep at all. This can be highly irritating for owners. The reason is that your Beagle has too much energy, plus he needs to consume this energy in physical activities like playing and having fun all the time. Sometimes you get tired but your doggy is still active. Swimming helps a lot in this scenario as your buddy can be tired within only some minutes of paddling. In this way, he can enjoy a sound sleep the same as you. The deeper he falls asleep, the stronger will be the immune system.

Helps in Cooling Down 

As we all know that dogs have no sweat glands. They cool down themselves by panting. If you live in the region with high temperatures, obviously your Beagle needs to cool down. It may not be possible to give a bath daily, so again swimming helps your dog to stay cool. If you don’t have a pool nearby, you just need to arrange a pool in your backyard in which you can have fun along with your pet. If you are lucky enough to live near a creek or stream, it can be more refreshing.

Bones and Joints Health

As your Beagle gets older, he can face many health issues related to bones and joints. Mostly, they are likely to develop arthritis, stiff joints, and other mobility problems. Even if your dog is suffering from arthritis, dysplasia, or some other neurological injury, you can minimize other exercises but not swimming. It provides numerous health benefits including flexible joints, improvement in bone density, and stress-free skeletal system. Your pet friend can be more powerful if he starts swimming at an early age to avoid the risks of joint disorders.  


Sadly, it’s time to end this informative article!

I hope after reading this article you can easily teach swimming to your Beagle. And if your dog already knows how to swim then it’s great! 

After learning about the health benefits of swimming, you will surely plan a weekend trip to the ocean, creek, or nearby stream. Even if this is not possible, you will definitely arrange a pool party in your backyard.

Have you found this article helpful? Don’t forget to comment below about your experience. If you want to learn more about Beagles, Stay connected. We’ll be right back with some more interesting Info!

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