Do Beagles Like to Cuddle? Yes! [Reasons & Facts]

Do Beagles Like to Cuddle

Are you planning to bring home a Beagle? Are you confused about whether your pet would like to cuddle or not? I think you have listened a lot about the stubborn nature of these hounds from other pet owners that’s why you are worried.

Let me tell you one thing, though you cannot change the nature of your dog, you can prove yourself to be a very affectionate owner. Now you are thinking how is it possible?

You just need to read this article, all of your confusions will be solved. As we have explained every information on how you can interact with your dog. Plus, the reasons why these pooches like to be cuddled by human beings.

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Do Beagles like to Cuddle?

Yes, Beagles do like to cuddle. Because they have evolved the sense of being loved, hugged, and cuddled from their ancestors. You should express your love towards your pet so that he might not feel uncomfortable and insecure. Moreover, cuddling Beagles also have positive impacts on your mental and physical health.

 The most social, playful, and cuddly dogs you ever met are Beagles. They have a distinct personality, they always want to stay with people around. They can experience separation anxiety if you leave them alone. It’s pretty common for the dogs to make a sudden audible bite after seeing someone else’s dog, or to show overprotective nature towards food and toys. But this thing mostly doesn’t apply to Beagles. Sometimes you need no reason to show affection towards your beloved pet, it’s just the cuteness overloaded that makes you fondle for no reason.

Why Do Beagles Love To Cuddle? 5 reasons

Have you ever wondered why Beagles loved to be cuddled by humans? It is important to discuss some historical background. Actually, these dogs were the pets of people in ancient times. Those people used them for hunting purposes, moreover, they were habituated to live among human beings, hence they loved the sense of warmth and calmness hidden in human emotions. 

Generally, all of us like obedient and well-mannered kids. Of course, our expectations cannot meet unless we train them from an early age for how to be well behaved. In the same way, an untrained doggy can create a lot of trouble for people around like creating a mess in the house, barking for no reason, jumping and snapping on people. And eventually, you would always be angry at him. You won’t like to cuddle him. It is not his fault, he is a dog and you are expecting good behavior without training him.

Here are 5 reasons why Beagles love to cuddle:

  1. They are affectionate, that’s why they develop a strong bond with the owner, so they need to make sure that the owner also loves them.
  1. Beagle puppies mostly seek the warmth of a mother in anyone near them, that’s why they love to be cuddled by people nearby.
  1. If they are suffering from some pain, injury, or disease, they need to cuddle because they feel comfortable and relieved.
  1. If these pooches have some fears like thunder, car travel, or predators, they like to be hugged and patted. They do this to decrease their stress level.
  1. Whenever they achieve some goal, they need appreciation which is also a must step of dog training. If you will show your love, your buddy will absolutely try to do better next time.  

So, what we concluded is, a trained beagle is a blessing for you and your family. On the other hand, if you are facing bad behavior problems in your canines, Firstly you have to properly train them. At the same time, be patient and don’t show any aggressive attitude towards your pets. If you will do so, you may end in a disaster. 

Why Does My Beagle Love To Cuddle?

The most interesting thing I am going to share with you is, being a mother of two kids, whenever I hug one of my sons, the other will come quickly to share that love.

So, when we brought our two Beagles home, the same thing happened, at the moment when I accidentally cuddled one of them, the other one showed the same expressions as my son, and seemed like saying, “I am also present here mom”. It made me laugh so hard that I forgot all of my stress, and that was the moment when I realized that having pets like Beagles is equal to high doses of antidepressant pills.

 Actually Beagles are hound dogs. Thousands of years ago, people had pet beagles and they used them for hunting. They had to sleep in open forests or caves with their dogs. Obviously, they had to keep their pets warm to make them more comfortable and secure.

 So, they used to cuddle their dogs in order to keep them warm in a cold atmosphere. Hence, these loyal friends have evolved this sense in their genes to get hugged and petted by their owners. Well, I hope now you find the answer to this question: why Beagles love to be cuddled.

Why you should Cuddle back your Beagle?

If you are a dog lover, especially a Beagle, you can never resist cuddling, because whenever you look at the adorable face and heart-melting innocent eyes looking at you with a demand of love only. How can you stop yourself? It is really impossible to resist.

Just like when you have kids at home, you cannot ignore them. They always wander around you seeking attention. Even sometimes they compel you to hug them. Do you know what is the reason? Actually, it’s normal for kids to have their own space. They need your warmth to overcome their anxiety and to ensure safety.

  Similarly, if you are planning to bring home a pet like Beagle, you should be mentally prepared as you have to ensure significant love by cuddling back to your dog. If you will not do this, your dog might have problems in developing trust in you. For your convenience, we have gathered some expert’s opinions for why should you cuddle back your Beagle?

  • Cuddling pets improves your physical and mental health. Assuring your love and warmth also have remarkable health benefits for your canine friend.
  • When you snuggle and pat your pet, your oxytocin hormone will increase. It’s actually called the love hormone that decreases your stress level and brings happiness to your life
  • When you interact and play with your buddy, the bond between you and your dog strengthens, making them more truthful and loyal.
  • Cuddling a Beagle also triggers the release of insulin that not only helps in fighting obesity but also increases metabolism.
  • Expressing love and conversing with your loyal friends helps in improving the mood swings of both of you.
  • Whenever your furry friend is in pain due to some disease or injury, cuddling not only comforts him but also acts as a pain reliever.
  • If your pet is a Beagle puppy, then you must be patient as he will need more time to adjust and train. Besides, puppies need more affection as they are used to being cuddled by moms. 
  • If your furry friend has some anxiety and fears like thunder, car travel, vet visits, crating, problem barking, you must try this dog anxiety calming wrap. It will surely help your dog to reduce stress levels. 

Why Do Beagles Like To Sleep Under The Covers?

If you are a beagle owner, you might have experienced that when you wake up in the morning your pet is in your bed and still he is trying to fit himself under you? Do you know why they like to do so?

Why Do Beagles Like To Sleep Under The Covers?

As we know that Beagles are hound dogs. Primarily, they used to live in packs in the wild and slept huddled together under the pressure of pack leader. They have evolved a habitual instinct of burrowing and hiding them under the covers. They feel safe and comfortable by doing this.

The pressure of beddings gives them comfort, they actually seek the warmth of their mom by snuggling you.

 Just like swaddling a human infant makes him sleep more perfectly. In the same way, sleeping under the tight covers gives them a feeling of extra security.

 Also, they have evolved a habit of burrowing during winter nights as earlier they used to burrow in the dens to keep warm. Don’t worry if your beagle has a habit of burrowing in your bed, you just need to arrange this pet bed and your problem will be solved.

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Do Beagles Like To Be Held?

Well, it’s true, the majority of beagles love to be held and cuddled, while only a few may not like this. If your canine doesn’t like to be held, you should not force him. It may be due to some genetic reasons like their ancestors would not have evolved this habit. Or they have abandoned during the past.

Now the question arises, how to know if your beagle wants to be held or cuddled? If you already have a pet dog, you can understand the signs which they give when they want to be held.

However, if you are new with a Beagle, the following signs will help you to realize that your loyal friend wants to be in your lap.

  • Your pet will persistently follow you, he will come behind you no matter wherever you go.
  • He will do the stuff to gain your attention like bringing things to you and making you play with him
  • If you are sitting, your dog will sit near you and keep on trying to enter your lap
  • Your buddy will keep on staring at you with love demanding eyes

I think these are enough signs to make you cuddle your beloved pet.

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Do Beagles Like To Be Picked up?

You will be surprised to know that Beagles are highly affectionate. So they really like to be picked up and held by their owners. If they are born and brought up in your company, they will certainly like to be held and cuddled by you.

In my experience, if you have kids in your family, and you also have a trained pet dog like Beagle, then he will show more love and care towards the kids. When our elder son was only a few months old, one of our beagles was overprotective for him. He used to sit near him,  every time when the baby cried, he got confused and looked at us with inquisitive eyes. Now when our son has grown up, he picks him up and plays with him a lot.

Though Beagles have a friendly, playful, and cuddly nature, it doesn’t mean that they are clingy to anyone. If they have become your family member a long time ago, there are more chances that they will like to be picked up by only you.    

Do Beagles Like To Play?

Beagles, when cared and trained properly, can prove to be wonderful pets for your family.  They really like to play all the time. They have adventurous personalities even from an early age. They always want to try new things.

Do Beagles Like To Play?

As we know, they are hounds breed dogs, so they need a lot of activities to consume their energy in a proper way. If you are a Beagle owner, you must have to play with them. It’s also necessary to know which activities they like most. Although these pooches like a variety of play activities, we are discussing the most popular games that you can play with your buddy to keep his senses stimulated.

1. Fetch Play:

These canine friends are fond of playing fetch games. You just need to buy some fetch play toys for your pooch. These bouncy balls not only satisfy the chewing habit of dogs but also provide hours of entertainment.

2. Going for walks:

Whenever you go out for a walk with your Beagle, make this time period a fun time for your buddy. It will be very difficult for you to distract him in case he starts chasing an unknown scent. You can give him treats so that he can be distracted.

3. Scent tracking games:

As we know that beagles are scent hounds. It means that they have a strong instinct for tracking scents. You must need to distract them often in order to satisfy their hunting instincts. What you can do is purchase animal scents and play scent tracking games with your dog at home.

4. Playing with toys:

Though beagles are most joyful and friendly, yet they can be overwhelming sometimes. As you cannot play with them every time. Don’t worry, this problem can also be solved if you will purchase some stuffed toys that can give the company to your furry friend. The most popular stuffed toys for Beagles are Beagle Plush Stuff Toy and a squeaky plush dog toy.

5. Chewy toys for Beagle Puppies:

Most Beagles, especially puppies have a habit of chewing everything. This can be very irritating for dog owners because their valuable furniture and household items are at great risk. You don’t need to panic as we have a solution for you. You just need to arrange this chewy toy for aggressive chewers and the problem will be solved.


Dear Beagle lovers here is the end of this loveable Kochi Kochi I mean cuddly article.

I hope you have enjoyed this. After reading this article you just feel a strong urge to hug and pat your canine friend. 

Beware, don’t cuddle your buddy every time. Obedience must be your first priority. Again we must say that bringing up dogs as pets is a highly responsible task. 

If you think you are eligible to take this responsibility, then bring them otherwise not. If you want to read more about Beagles, Stay connected.

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