Can You Use Desitin On a Dog? Yes! here’s why!

Is Desitin Poisonous to Dogs?

Desitin is a type of ointment cream used for humans to treat and prevent rashes caused by the diaper and protect humans, especially kids, from minor burns and scrapes. The best-known use of Desitin is to heal diaper rashes for babies.

However, dog people also use Desitin to treat and heal rashes for their dogs and puppies. But the question is, “Can you use Desitin on a dog? It is safe for them?”

Yes, Desitin is applicable for dogs too to heal rashes, minor scrapes, and wounds. However, you need to ensure that the dog can’t lick it since some of its chemical ingredients may be harmful if swallowed or ingested.

In this Embora dogs guide you’ll learn the following:

Hence, we will discuss the appropriateness of Desitin on dogs, its amount, precautions, possible issues, and finally, its alternatives. So, dog people,

let’s stay with it.

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Is Desitin Poisonous to Dogs?

Desitin is a human category medicine, and it is rated as pet safe too. However, it can be poisonous to dogs if they somehow swallow it and it gets into their intestine. Hence, there’s no quick answer to the question.

Desitin is made baby safe. So, most people think it will be safe for their dogs too. To some extent, it is true, too, unless you apply too much of the diaper rash cream on the rashes or wounded spot. Also, you must be cautious to prevent the dog from licking it.

Desitin has zinc oxide in it, which acts as the main healing agent for wounds and rashes. It can’t penetrate the skin of both humans and dogs. But, if it goes inside the intestine, it can take many tolls on the dog’s health.

Too much ingestion of the cream may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even abdominal pain for the dog. So, you need to be aware of it.

Can You Use Desitin On a Dog?

Desitin is made to heal rashes, wounded spots, and minor scratches on the human body, especially for babies. It is also suitable for dogs to treat wounds in the anus caused by diarrhea. Also, it is used to treat small rashes on the other parts of the dog’s body.

However, you need to keep the dog under surveillance, ensuring that it doesn’t swallow the ointment cream. It is crucial because both cats and dogs have the habit of licking their anus and other wounded parts of the body.

As they lick the wound, Desitin can easily reach their intestine. Hence, the dog may feel the hit of it. If they swallow too much Desitin, its zinc oxide may cause vomiting and loss of appetite for a certain time. At the worst, the dog will face diarrhea and may even feel extreme abdominal pain.

If you see such complications, you should consult the vet immediately.

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What do I do if my dog ate Desitin?

Even if you keep your dog under extreme supervision after applying Desitin, it can still lick the cream. And it happens in a few seconds, which is almost unstoppable. Thus, you need to be ready to aware of the worst and know the processes to follow if the dog ate Desitin too much.

  1. Firstly, observe the dog figure out how much rash treatment cream it has licked and ingested. Also, observe the dog for the next few hours and the next day. If the amount is small, the dog will only face an upset stomach and vomiting. However, if it feels abdominal pain and it doesn’t go away quickly, you need to consult the vet.
  2. When you see the dog licking the cream, stop giving it any food. Keep the dog in fasting for at least 12 to 14 hours. This may feel cruel; bit helps them to fight the toxicity better. Also, an empty stomach will eliminate the toxicity quicker than a full stomach.
  3. After the 12 hours of observation is over, start feeding the dog with its regular diet. Plus, add probiotic food such as yogurt, onion, or kimchi with the regular diet of the dog.

Is Desitin harmful to dogs?

Desitin contains zinc oxide. It is a highly toxic chemical. However, applying the ointment cream won’t do any harm to the dog’s skin. It is 100% safe for the skin.

The problem starts when the dog accidentally swallows or licks Desitin cream. When it reaches the dog’s stomach or intestine, the cream can be indeed harmful to your four-footed buddy. The dog will have diarrhea or abdominal pain at the worst.

And even if the dog swallows a minimal amount of Desitin, it will still face a loss of appetite for the next few hours. If you force-feed it during such time, it will vomit severely, making it weaker. Thus, you need to stop feeding the dog if it eats the cream accidentally.

So, the short answer would be-

Desitin is harmful to dogs’ health only for a temporary period when it licks too much of it. But, it is less likely to cause any long-term health issues for the dog.

What Happens If a Dog Eats Zinc Oxide?

Let’s face the fact; almost all animals have zinc oxide in their body. So, it is an integral part of a dog’s body, too, and most dogs’ food actually contains zinc oxide. However, consuming too much of the mineral will hurt the dog’s health.

It will cause tropical poisoning of the dog. Too much swallowing of zinc oxide can cause the following problems for the dog-

  1. It will feel weak and become lethargic for the next few hours. It will most likely seat and sleep in a fixed position.
  2. Some dogs will face rapid breathing. If the breathing frequency is too much, you may consider giving it breathing aid.
  3. Most dogs will lose their appetite. Hence, it is better to allow the dog to fast and fight the toxicity better.
  4. The urine can become too much concentrated or discolored for the time being.
  5. At the worst, the dog will suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea.  If it continues for more than 12 to 15 hours, consult a vet.

Can You Use Zinc Oxide On a Dog?

Zinc oxide is a common ingredient for most ointment creams for both dogs and humans. The good thing is that it is skin-safe for dogs. It heals the scratches and wounds on the dog and also treats anus rashes due to diarrhea.

Hence, you can use zinc oxide on the dog’s body. But make sure the dog doesn’t lick the wounded part where you have applied the zinc oxide. It is pretty important because dogs have the habit of licking their wounds.

Applying zinc oxide is safe for dogs as long as dogs don’t lick it too much.

How Much Zinc Oxide Is Toxic to Dogs?

Zinc oxide is also known as zinc salt sometimes. If you use it as an oral treatment, the recommended limit is around 100mg/kg. For dogs, the estimated amount of zinc oxide is measured at around 108mg/kg as a safe restriction.

If it goes past the recommended limit, the dog may get sick.

What Topical Cream Is Safe for Dogs?

Topical creams are also known as over-the-counter medicines. We looked into the dog-safe topical creams and found the following list, including the medicines-

  1. Neosporin® is a common topical ointment cream. It is a kind of antibiotic. You can use it treat to heal wounds and minor cuts of the dog.
  2. Pepcid AC® and Tagamet® are two medicines used for dogs too. These medicines will reduce the secretion of gastrointestinal acids. It prevents and heals heartburn.
  3. Pepto-Bismol® is categorized in the Bismuth subsalicylate.  These two medicines are used to treat the intestinal and stomach upsets of dogs.
  4. If the dog suffers from diarrhea, you can use loperamide medicines such as Lmodium® to treat the sick dog. It is safe for dogs too.
  5. You can relieve and treat the allergic symptoms of the dog using Benadryl® and Zyrtec®. Always consult the vet for the right amount to apply for the medicines.

Please note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

Is it safe to use A&D ointment on dogs?

Yes, you can safely use the A&D ointment on the dogs. However, stop applying the ointment if your dog suffers from a lanolin allergy. If you are unsure of its uses, you can quickly consult a vet.

What Anti-Itch Cream Is Safe for Dogs?

If you observe itching issues of the dog, you can use Hydrocortisone Cream to treat the clawed buddy. You may even use the cream for cats and horses. You need to bathe the dog using dog shampoo and allow the dog to dry properly. Then, start applying the cream 3 to 4 times per day till the itching issue is solved properly.


The application of Desitin is safe for dog skin. But it becomes harmful if the dog ingests it too much. It will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and loss of appetite for the dog for the next few hours. At this time, fast the iron instead of force-feeding it. After that, start the regular feeding and see how the dog behaves.

If the dog still vomits or suffers from diarrhea, you should take it to the vet.

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