Can Pugs Eyes Pop Out? [Treatment & Prevention Guide]

What Happens When A Pug’s Eyes Pop Out

Have you ever wondered what looks adorable in a Pug? The cute round crystal clear eyes full of emotions are the most prominent features in this breed. But have you noticed that these are too bulgy and it seems like they will pop out with sudden pressure or trauma?

Most Pug owners keep on asking whether the eyes of their dog can bulge at any time. Be sensible Guys, these are eyes, not buttons that can fall off at any time without any reason.

At the same time, it is a reality that this breed is more prone to eye-related problems. If your pug has faced the problem of eyes popping out, and you are worried, this article is dedicated to you. 

Read this article till the end. You will learn all the possible reasons, treatment plans, and how to avoid this problem in the future. 

Can Pugs eyes pop out? The short answer is YES, they can. Pugs belong to the short-snouted breed and they have shallow eye sockets. Sudden pressure, eye infections, or accidents can cause them to pop out and this condition is called Ocular Proptosis. This problem can be treated if diagnosed early. However, the eyeball doesn’t fall out if the dog sneezes, runs, or plays.

Pugs belong to the Brachycephalic breed, in which the dogs have smushed face and shallow eye sockets. The other dogs in this breed like English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pekingese, and Shih Tzus are also prone to ocular proptosis. 

What Happens When A Pug’s Eyes Pop Out?

If you are planning to bring home a Pug, you will do some research, or ask other pug owners about this breed. Finally, you will come to know that these pooches face many issues relating to eye health. The biggest concern that pug parents may experience is that their eyes may protrude out as a result of strenuous activity.

 Do you know what happens when a pug’s eyes pop out? The eyeball is displaced and protrudes out beyond the eye socket. This may prove to be a very scary scene. You can see the eyeball dangling from the socket. This condition is termed as ocular proptosis. As a result, your buddy may not be able to close the eyelid over the eye experiencing severe dryness and irritation.

 In severe cases, the eye is completely detached from the socket and only a few strands of tissue keep it dangling. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause blindness, discoloration, or complete loss of an eyeball.

Why a Pugs Eyes Pop Out?

It can be an extremely painful condition even beyond your imagination. Not all of us have enough courage to see our furry friends in extreme pain. So, for trying the best to avoid these situations in the future, you should be aware of the reasons that can cause ocular Proptosis in Pugs.

Here are some reasons why a pug’s eyes pop out. Have a look to find out:

  • Trauma.
  • Accident.
  • Facial skin being pulled too hard.
  • Fighting
  • Skin stretching by the scruff of the neck.
  • Head injury.
  • Internal pressure behind the eye due to some infection scar or tumor.

All the dogs of the Brachycephalic breed have bulgy eyes and shallow eye sockets. That’s why highly care is required in handling them. However, certain accidents are uncertain and can never be avoided. If your pet companion suffers from this problem, take him to the vet emergency as soon as possible.

Can Pugs Eyes Pop Out When They Sneeze?

Now, a question may come in the mind of most of you that if the pug’s eyes are too fragile, can they be dislodged when these dogs sneeze? The short answer is no. The pressure of the sneeze is not enough to pop the eyeball out. It is only caused when they experience trauma, head injury, or choked by a choke chain, or if they are picked abusively by the neck or someone pulled against their eye. Others may keep on asking how often Pugs eyes pop out? So, the answer is the same, any mishandling or trauma can lead to dislocation of the eye, plus, they do not keep popping often. 

Let’s solve another confusion of pet owners who think that the eyes of the pugs can fall out while they are chewing bones, or when they get older. Here’s a satisfying answer that It doesn’t happen like you are thinking. Though the eye muscles get weak with the time, that makes the aged pugs more prone to ocular proptosis, it can occur just in case of trauma, neither by chewing nor sneezing. 

Another funny fact is, some humans pop their eyes out just for fun. But it can be risky and they can permanently lose their eyeball. So, you should avoid such risky stunts, these are your eyes, not toys, ask a blind how tough life is for him.

How To Prevent Pugs Eyes From Popping out?

Well, you have fully understood what proptosis is. Surely you will not wish that your dog may go through this situation in his lifetime. However, what you can do is care as every accident cannot be avoided.

Certain preventive measures are discussed below, so, have a look to learn how you can prevent Pug ocular proptosis in the future.

  • Take your buddy for regular vet checkups.
  • If you have other aggressive pets at your home, try to keep the Pug separately.
  • You should use a pet harness instead of a collar because it will not put pressure as the collar does while walking with your Pug.
  • Teach your kids to play carefully, the eyes of their doggy are sensitive and can pop out if they will pull hard. 
  • It’s better if you’ll invest in the Pug pet insurance program.
  • Try to keep your pet’s eyes clean. You can use these wipes for your ease.
  • Groom your pug with this dog brush to prevent hair fall in the eyes.
  • Clipping the nails with clippers can prevent them from scratching eyes.
  • A refreshing bath with the pet shampoo also helps in maintaining overall hygiene, hence preventing eye infections. 

How to treat Proptosis in Pugs?

Unfortunately, if ocular proptosis has happened to your Pug, you must learn the first aid steps. Firstly you have to check the severity of the condition, it’s mean in mild cases if the eyeball protrudes out of the eyelid but not dangling, it can pop back by putting some pressure. 

Some of these first aid steps are given below, so, scroll down to learn more:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Clean the eye area with a sterile eyewash if it is dirty.
  2. Apply a protective neck collar if you have, it will save your dog from approaching the damaged eye region. 
  3. Grab a gauze and some saline solution.
  4. Dip the gauze in the saline solution and cover the eye with it.
  5. Once you have applied it, don’t remove it as it can cause damage.
  6. Sometimes the pets don’t allow gauze application. So, you can spray the misty saline solution on the eye to keep it moist till you reach the vet.
  7. If the eye muscles are too swollen, the eyeball cannot be pushed back, only your vet will proceed with the treatment, you should keep the eye moistened.
  8. If you have a vet office nearby, take your pet immediately. You should not drive, just hold him so that he might not scratch the eye. It’s better to let someone else drive the car.

Note: It is highly recommended not to touch or put pressure on the eye as it can cause severe pain. The vet will do this by giving anesthesia to your dog.

Pug Ocular Proptosis Treatment at the vet office

Your vet is the right person to provide the best treatment by evaluating the extent of the injury. After assessing the following conditions, he will determine the treatment plan.

  • Potential damage to the cornea.
  • Discoloration and vision problems.
  • Bleeding and swallowing inside the eye.
  • Damaged optic nerves and eye muscles.

After a proper checkup, your vet will tell you if the eye needs to be removed or it will be repaired. In less severe cases, a suture is applied on the eye for 1 to 2 weeks and some antibiotics are recommended that helps in the healing process. Eye removal surgery is critical in certain cases, don’t be panic because your furry friend can live well with one eye.

Home care of Pug after ocular proptosis treatment

If your Pugs ocular proptosis treatment has recently been done at the vet office, make sure to care for him properly at home. As you know, the eyes are one of the most sensitive body parts of your pet, any injury, or hand rubbing will affect the recovery process.

 We have mentioned some tips that may help in the recovery of your pet companion.

  • Don’t remove the neck collar if you are away from your dog.
  • Carefully follow the prescription, apply the ointment on time.
  • Check the fever on regular basis, if you notice the high temperature, ask your vet.
  • If any bleeding, swelling, or discharge occurs, contact the vet.
  • Sutures require special attention, so keep your dog away from other pets.
  • Never miss the follow-up vet visits to ensure recovery progress and suture removal. 
do pugs eyes pop out often

Dog Eye Proptosis Surgery Cost

After buying such an expensive pet like a Pug, you must get prepared for expensive vet bills.

Your vet may recommend two treatments depending on the severity of the condition.

If the eyeball is damaged enough with many torn muscles, detached retina, and damaged optic nerve, an enucleation of eyeball removal surgery is recommended. It is done by giving general anesthesia to the dog. After that, the eyelids will be stitched together. The cost of the enucleation procedure ranges from 1000$ to 1600$, sometimes more depending on the pet health facilities in your area.

On the other hand, if the eyeball is in such a situation that it can be reattached, then a temporary tarsorrhaphy procedure is done to attach the eyeball again with the eye socket under general anesthesia. Sometimes, lateral canthotomy and lateral tarsorrhaphy are also done depending on the injury. It costs more than 4000$ because frequent vet visits are required in this case along with the followup visits.

Common Pugs Eye Problems and treatment

Due to the unique facial anatomy, Brachycephalic breed dogs are always vulnerable to eye infections, abrasions, ulcers, and other issues. Though these buddies face a lot of eye problems, we have collected a few of them for your knowledge. 

So, have a look to learn about the most common eye problems of Pugs and their average treatment cost:

Table of Cost Of Treating Pug’s Eye Problems

Pugs Eye DiseasesTreatment/Surgery Cost in Dollars
Ocular proptosis(enucleation)1000$ to 1600$
Ocular Proptosis(Tarsorrhaphy treatment)1000$ to 4000$
Cherry Eye300$ to 800$
Entropion500$ to 1500$

01. Cherry Eye

In this condition, the tear duct gland becomes inflamed. It becomes reddish and swells just like a cherry, that’s why it is named so. It doesn’t bother Pugs a lot. 

Treatment: The solution to this problem includes the age consideration of your pet friend and his overall health. If the dog’s health condition is good, then topical antibiotics are prescribed first. Your vet will tell you how to massage the tear duct to bring it back to normal. If all of these non-invasive treatments do not prove helpful, surgery is required. It costs 300$ to 800$ depending on the selected procedure.

02. Cataracts

Just like humans, cataracts also occur in dogs. In this problem, an opaque or brown spot appears on the eyeball in the form of a small dot that spreads on the whole eyeball causing blurry vision or blindness.

Treatment: Normally, surgery is done to remove these cataracts. On average, it can cost 2700$ to 4000$. 

03. Entropion

It is also named as flipped eyelid in which the eyelid of your pug is flipped in an inward direction causing irritation. If this problem is left untreated it can cause redness and severe ulcerations. It mostly occurs in the pups under one year old.

Treatment: The solution of Entropion includes surgery. For this, some portion of the eyelid is removed, so that it may not roll internally. It costs about 500$ to 1500$.

04. Keratoconjunctivitis

When pugs eyes protrude as a result of any trauma or ulcers, it may lead to dry eye or keratoconjunctivitis. Normally, eye glands produce fluids that keep the eye moist and remove the debris collected naturally, But in this condition, tear glands don’t produce enough fluids causing irritation and dryness in the eye.

Treatment: This condition is treated by administration of the oral medications which stimulate tear glands. It is also recommended to clean your pet eyes on a regular basis using eye wipes.

05. Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA

Generally, aged pugs are more prone to this inherited disease. It progresses slowly covering the whole retina, as a result, the eye doesn’t respond to light. At first night vision is lost on the onset of the condition, eventually causing blindness.

Treatment: There is no treatment for PRA. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, here is the end of our article about Eye-Popping in Pugs.

The final words are if you are planning to bring home this little furry friend, remove all the objects like thorny plants, sharp edges surfaces even other aggressive dogs that can prove to be risky.

Regularly groom your buddy and maintain overall hygiene. It can minimize the risk of such happenings in the future.

If you find this info helpful, don’t forget to share it with other pug parents.

Also, comment below if your dog has ever experienced eye proptosis?

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