Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced: is it safe?

Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

Honestly, we did not know till now that this was even a trend. The question is why would someone like to pierce a dog’s ears? Be that as it may, let us dive into this topic and find out if you can pierce your pup’s ears or not.

So, this is going to be one of those posts where we get emotional and have to blurt out the truth quite bluntly. So, to answer your question can dogs get their ears pierced is a big “No.” Bold it, underline it, write in golden words, or do whatever you can to get the message across. You cannot pierce your dog’s ears. Period.

Why does my dog’s ear hurt when I touch it?

It has been observed that 20% of dogs of ear infections or are prone to them. In case, you have noticed your munchkin –

  • Scratching its ears around the ear region excessively
  • Odor in its ear
  • Too much shaking or tilting its head
  • Brown, bloody, or yellow discharge
  • Swelling in the ear
  • Redness of ear

All these are tell-tale signs of something big. Not to mention, we have lost one of our furry friends to Pseudomonas otitis. He was a Golden Retriever and a handsome fellow. He was named Prince and was 11 years of age when he left us for his heavenly abode. May his soul rest in peace.

Even years of maintenance could not help in this case. Although the vet found it to be something unusual, yet it happened. This is why we urge you not to play around with the ears of your pooch.

So, take every ear infection seriously and get to the root of it. Help them stay fit, love, and respect them. Be the protector that you are and do not get their ears pierced.

Is it safe to pierce a dog’s ear?

Absolutely not! If you love Fido, then why do you want him to undergo such pain? Why don’t you get creative and do something else instead of piercing? Like, get one of those cute little T-shirts that say “Look at me” or even better, customize it. However, we see no point in getting him hurt in due course.

Look, dogs shake their heads a lot, the earring will always bang against his head. Again, think of it getting ripped off when playing at home, or worse bitten off during a fight. What about snagging it to a piece of furniture when moving around? We don’t recommend this kind of cruelty towards animals and we will request you to stay out of it.

Thankfully the trend did not catch up as we have seen most responsible pet parents cringe at the idea. They fretfully have let this idea pass and most do not even want to think of piercing their coochie-coo’s ears. What’s wrong with you?

Why are you even thinking of it and what makes you contemplate – Can I pierce my dogs ears? Please, we say this again, do not let this thought cross your mind for once.

Be ready to feel the flak and get those dirty looks from other pet parents if you do this. Who treated you badly?   

Please note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

Can i get my dogs ears pierced?

No, you cannot and we vehemently disagree with this trend (if there ever is). Think of it, dogs are susceptible to ear infection, and piercing their ears can only make it worse. Ears are the most sensitive part of a dog’s body.  

Do you know ears have a nerve structure that may get hurt while a metal pierces them? You certainly do not wish to damage their nerves by piercing their ears. This may lead to loss of hearing, smell, and direction. Would you like them getting impaired for life for your whims and fancies?

We urge you once again that not to pierce your beloved’s ears no matter what. You know dogs scratch themselves a lot, what if they take off the metal while doing so. It is better not to invite trouble and clearly, this is one.

Can i get my dogs ears pierced

How does ear piercing work?

Very simple, you go to a professional; unless you are using ice and a needle. The professional will use the right tools for piercing your ears. You know those piercing guns are the best and pay a visit to those salons or hubs that use them instead of a needle.

Wait, this was to guide you for piercing your ears or your friend’s, human friend and not a pet friend. No do not ask us this again, because we have answered this very clearly. No, you cannot and should not.

The bottom line is, keep a few things limited to humans only. Not everything is for animals as they may be unsuitable for them. Daisy is your friend, but an animal first, so treat them as one. Do not humanize them this way and think about the consequences you will be bringing to them.

Is it animal abuse to pierce a dog’s ears?

Tattooing and piercing, both pertain to animal cruelty. There were some instances when animal groomers have been prosecuted and sentenced to imprisonment in the past for all this. Bills have also been passed to safeguard our friends from such monstrous acts.  

This means there are laws to protect our canine friends also. Like, the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York are very particular about such atrocities. They have laws in place that do not tolerate these misdoings.

It may look cute when we find pet parents pushing their pets in baby strollers, but a pet with barbells in their ears, no, not happening. Not on our watch and we stand against this norm.

Even if there were no laws, would you pierce your sweetheart’s ears? Since, when did humans become so unethical? Refrain yourself from giving into this “temptation.” Stay away from such thoughts and impulses.

We as parents of a girl baby have thought about it several times before piercing her ears. Now that she is grown up, she can decide. What makes you think that you can take a call on behalf of your dog?

Do dogs like ear rubs?

Yes, they do because as already mentioned their ears have many nerve endings. You rubbing their ear pleasures and delights them. If truth be told, then we have to agree that endorphins treat them the same way as they deal with us.

Yes, they love ear rubs because it stimulates the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. These glands release endorphins that makes them happy for endorphins to relieve the body of pain and stress.

Oh, yes we remember our playful Labrador, named Matt, rolling its eyes back and groaning with a long sigh whenever we rub its ears. Even while writing this post, he is loitering around for some additional treats and rubs.

Wonder what were these many people thinking when they were looking for this query – can dogs get their ears pierced? How can you even think of it? If you want to express yourself, why not do it by your body, instead of the poor mutt?

Think about it, we have already mentioned the health hazards this brings. Why even consider torturing them like this? Better not get a pet and do all this with them.

We plead you not to be cruel to animals, as no good comes out of it. Unless you are a Cruella De Vil, you cannot get pleasure out of this!

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