Can Dogs Eat Tamales? NO! Tamale is dangerous+ Here’s why!

Why tamale is dangerous for dog

There is a time when dogs become a part of our families. And when a family re-groups and enjoy tamales in holidays, the dog may seem left out at the moment. No one in the family should be assumed as an out of the box character so should we give our dog tamales?

How safe is it to let our dog have a meal that could be cheese, canned, pork, and corn flavor. Also, if we consider the tamales having husk rather than meat, how bad would it affect our dog?

Can dogs eat tamales? 

I would not recommend you to feed your dog tamales as they contain salsa cheese and other spices which are not suitable for dogs stomach. But if you feed your dog tamales (meat ones), it should not be that dangerous for your dog. However, the husk present in tamales could choke your dog!

Why Is Tamale Husk So Dangerous

Why Is Tamale Husk So Dangerous?

“However, the husk present in tamales could choke your dog!”

The statement may be a little rough, but it is true. Husk could also do more harm to your dog than choking it.

Tamales are not piousness, but they can get stuck in the digestive system as they are hard to digest. Just imagine husk lying in the organs of your dog, stuck there blocking everything. The hazard of coarse depends upon the amount that your dog ate, the size, and how healthy your dog is.

Other than the husk being dangerous, there are other things in some tamales that are toxic for your dogs, such as jalapenos, peppers, and various other spices. Spicy food altogether is not suitable for your dog.

Tamale Husk vs. Dog’s Stomach

If the tamales are steamed in a corn husk rather than being in a banana leaf, than your dog’s stomach would not stand a chance. It would not fight your dog’s stomach but block it as described above.

My Dog Already Ate It – What Should I Do?

If your dog ate it and pukes, then this will not be unusual because their body will naturally reject it. However, if they don’t throw it out after eating a considerable amount of husk, then you should be worried. It could go to your dog’s digestive system and could cause blockage, which would be a serious concern! It will cause pain to your dog and could eventually kill it.

If your dog ate it and shows the following symptoms, consult your vet immediately;

  • Abnormal movements
  • Vomiting
  • Pain
  • Restlessness
  • Stops talking diet

From a nutritious point of view

Let’s now see the impact of calories of tamales on a dog

Here is the trick; the calorie intake for a dog can be obtained by multiplying its body weight with 70 and raised to a power of ¾.

Now let’s take two dog breed, one a big dog and the other of considerable size. Let’s take a German shepherded because it’s a popular breed and a random small-sized bulldog.

Here is there daily calorie intake

  • German shepherd (35kg ) should consume up to 2158 calories a day.
  • A Bulldog (11kg) should consume up to 625 calories a day.

A serving of beef tamale contains about 250 calories, which makes 11 percent of your big dog’s calorie and up to 40 percent of bulldogs daily calorie intake! Let’s take another example of cheese tamales as they are the heaviest. A single serving of cheese tamale contains about 270 calories, and that’s 43 percent of your bulldog’s daily intake.

It is advised to serve your dog food not having more than ten percent of its daily intake, and as we can see, single tamale serving is way over that for an average-sized dog.

Calorie intake for a dog is not always the bottom line for his or her healthy diet; for example, above serving tamale according to our calorie calculating method may look fine, but still, it is dangerous for the dog as the food and spices itself are hazardous.

How To Make Tamales Safe For Dogs?

Want to feed your dog tamales while everyone is eating it? Why not make at home, the safe tamales for your pooch. Take the meat mix of tamales and remove the seasoning, i.e., salts, spices, jalapenos, etc. and then serve it to your dog, then it will be a lot safer.

Or you can serve the meat inside tamales only to your dog as it is not also that dangerous for it.

Can A Dog Eat Canned Tamales?

No! you should not give your dog canned ones because they are high in salts, which are not suitable for your dog.

Can a dog eat tamales, candy ones?

A question may come to your mind what about hot tamales the candy ones because;

  1. They have no seasoning that I keep talking about
  2. If you drop them on the floor by mistake, then your fast dog could grab It quickly as it is a small candy.

To answer it I will also give you two points;

  • Candys have sugar that could upset your dog’s stomach
  • These candies are specifically hot and could burn your dog’s throat

So no, you should not feed your dog candies, especially hot tamales, as they could destroy your dog’s stomach.

Bottom line

Concluding it’s not at all a good idea to feed your dog tamales husk, however, a little bit of an un-occasional treat may not affect your dog be sure to avoid the salts and spices that may upset the stomach of your dog.

As explained above, the risks that could be caused by feeding your dog tamales, so I don’t think it’s worth taking it.

Disclaimer: am not a vet. The advice that I give in my articles is, according to my research. You should always consult your vet as the first opinion on anything and then surf the web.

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