Can Dogs Eat Takis? NO! Here’s Why!

Love to eat spicy food such as chips? And also do you have a dog? So you may come to a moment when you tried to feed your dogs some of the spicy snacks, or you dropped it on the floor by mistake, and your dog ate it. Lets specifically talk about can dogs eat takis?, if yes then how much can it eat it.

It is not preferred to feed your dog, spicy chips, as it is not at all healthy for your dog because it does not contain any nutrients and a lot of spices; it could also upset the stomach of your dog although it will not kill your dog if your dog eats it by accident.

How bad are takis for dogs?

Spicy foods are not considered suitable for dogs, especially if some dogs are suffering from diarrhea, gastrointestinal pain, and flatulence. Also, a dog’s throats are more sensitive than humans, so that the chilies could burn the dog’s throat inside.

As we know that the sense of smell in dogs is forty times greater than humans, and the smell of takis is also too loud, so that could affect your dog.

Taki chips are spicy food, and we feel thirsty after eating it, so as discussed earlier that the throat of the dogs is weaker than humans, so that it could affect them more. Dogs will feel a lot thirstier than humans and could also vomit after overeating spices. Taki chips also have traces of onions that are toxic to dogs.

Takis vs. dogs pancreas

Spicy food makes your dog thirsty and could also kill your dog! While the thirst won’t is a problem for you, the life of your dog can be. Sometimes overeating spices can lead to inflammation of the pancreas of dogs and cause a life-threatening disease known as canine pancreatitis. This disease is more common in female dogs, especially the ones in older age.

Can takis cause cancer?

This question may seem absurd, but once it was assumed that takis cause stomach cancer in kids. So people wonder, can we feed it to our dogs or is it cancerous to them too. This allegation was later on rejected that takis cause cancer. However, what is true us that eating a lot of spices will cause stomach pain to both humans and dogs. But don’t worry, ‘takis will not cause stomach cancer to your dog.’

Feeding my dog takis

Do you still think it’s a good idea to feed your dog takis? So go on and do so. This will not make you a friend of your dog but an enemy. You will severely damage the health of your puppy over some attracting sparkling eyes, will you?

If your dog it’s it by mistake and thus has an upset stomach, it’s still your fault. You should keep a check of such minor things also if you have a dog at home, such as dropping your chips on the floor.

Here is an exciting thing that dogs have tastebuds up to 9000, and humans have up to 17000, so there is a probability that they will not as spicy as we do, but the effects on them of the chips are more than us.

From a nutritious point of view

Let’s see how much adverse affect Takis have on your dog from the nutritious point of view  (calories, fats, etc.)

A typical takis Fuego flavor contains up to 230 calories. Now, let’s take two dogs of two different sizes to compare and see the impact of takis on their diet, i.e., a german shepherd, a bulldog.

  • German shepherd (35kg ) should consume up to 2158 calories a day.
  • A Bulldog (11kg) should consume up to 625 calories a day.

Now, if we feed either of these dogs one packet of Fuego takis, a German shepherd will consume 11 percent of its daily calorie intake, and in the case of a small bulldog, it will consume up to 36 percent of its daily calorie intake. Your big dog may be able to eat a chip of takis without getting harmed, but it will surely harm your puppy.

An important note: Sometimes the calorie intake may seem fine like in the example above single serving of takis only consumes 11 percent of the german shepherd’s diet which is okay, but the food ingredients still have their hazard so consider the food itself before considering calorie intake as it is the second step toward health.

What to do when dog already ate it?

Its nothing to worry about if your dog ate a chip of takis or two but if it ate the whole packet or more and shows the following symptoms than you need to worry;

  • Your dog starts drinking a lot of water
  • Your dog’s stomach becomes upset
  • Your dog starts puking
  • Your dog barks indifferently
  • Your dog becomes dizzy

If any of the above symptoms appear, then consult your vet.

People’s food and not dogs!

Do you eat dogs food? Of course, not if you are sensible similarly, you should not let your dog eat snacks that are made for people. I know I wouldn’t let my dog eat takis. Let’s say you are eating a bag of chips and you want some snacks for your dog too so here is what you can give him,

  • Carry petfood chips for dogs
  • cadet rawhide chips
  • primal beef chips
  • Snook’s Sweet Potato Chips for Dogs

Disclaimer: I am not a vet and the advice in this guide is based on my own common sense and what I have researched. Please always consult with your own vet on all matters regarding canine diet.


The end of the conversation is that you should not feed your dog chips, especially takis, as they are extra spicy. People sometimes don’t even give these kinds of chips to their children, so why should you provide it to your dog who has much smaller and sensitive organs.

If your dog eats it by mistake and doesn’t have diarrhea and an upset stomach, consider your self lucky cause the case could have been very different.

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