Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds: Crackling And Pork Skins?

Can Dogs have Pork Rinds

Who doesn’t like snacks? Even when it comes to dogs, they want to pick up on a meal that we enjoy. But, not all are safe for dogs. Thus, before you move on feeding him something, do ponder over whether it is safe?

Not long ago, I was having my pack of pork rinds while enjoying TV. The moment my dog entered and started starring at me with those pleading eyes, I got trapped and let him have a bite of pork rinds. However, later it worried me that was it even safe or not?

So, this is when I compiled a search for all information on whether dogs can eat pork rinds or not. Whether it is pork scratching, pork skin, or pork cracklings, will it be safe?

Can dogs eat pork rinds?

A simple and precise answer would be no. Pork may be an option for your dog, but pork rinds can never make it a healthy snack. The way these pork rinds are prepared is not safe for your dog.

Why is it not safe?

The pork ring contains a lot of added flavours in it, such as salt, chillies, and other spices. While we enjoy munching on these spices, it might not turn out to be similar for our dog. These added flavours are not suitable for his health.

In addition to this, pork rinds are made through frying. Thus, it increases the level of harm as fried items are not at all encouraged for dogs. Adding more to it is the number of fats that are clustered in pork rinds. A high amount of fats is not safe for dogs. 

Harms Of Pork Rind

If your dog has had a little bite or one piece of pork rinds, it is unlikely that he will suffer any symptoms. However, look out for him for the next 24 hours, and consider a vet in case of any harsh symptoms.

Harms of pork rind

However, feeding your dog with a large quantity over time, then the results might be different. Your dog might start facing the long term issues associated with pork scratching, pork skin, or pork crackling.

1. Short term effects

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Upset stomach

2. Long term effects

  • Obesity
  • Dehydration
  • Digestive upset

The Dangers Of Spices

As mentioned earlier, spices are not healthy or safe for your dog. But why is it so? These spices can cause adverse reactions like:

  • Diarrhoea
  •  Gas
  •  Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting

These spices can make your dog very thirsty, which is why he might end up vomiting.

The Dangers Of Frying

Particular stress has been laid on no fried items for your dog. The reason behind it is that if your dog eats a lot of fried things, then the dangers of pancreatic issues will increase. Thus, this can also prove fatal to him if it is not treated in time!

The Dangers Of Salty Food

Pork rinds are known for their high amount of salt. This salt can prove to be extra harmful to your dogs as it can lead to salt poising. This can be a severe problem for your dog because it can cause kidney failure.

With all these harms and dangers of pork rinds, are you still planning on feeding your dog with some of it? I hope the answer is in negative.

Calories Comparison

For your further satisfaction, lets’ look down to a comparison between the calories of pork rinds and the calories that are supported by a dog. To find out how many calories your dog can consume, keep this in mind: dogs can consume 25 calories for each pound that they weight.


Thirty grams of microwave pork rinds contain almost 171 calories. Thus, this constitutes

  • 20% of calories for a French dog
  • 7% for a Labrador

Therefore, it forms a large part of the diet for a small or medium breed, which can prove to be unhealthy

Raw Pork Rind

As we have said, pork rinds are not safe due to the way they are fried and spiced up, so you might be wondering what about dull raw pork rinds? It’s a big no for fresh pork rind. Never even think of feeding your dog with it.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Raw Pork Rind?

Raw pork rind contains a parasite called trichinella spiralis larvae, and if your dog digests this, he might get roundworms or trichinellosis. Hence, this can cause a lot of adverse effects on your dog.

Harms Of Raw Pork Rind

If roundworms develop in the intestine of your dog, then he would come across these issues:

  • Intense muscles pain
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Body soreness

Pork Skin, Crackling And Scratching

Pork skin, scratching, and crackling are similar to pork rinds. They can cause related harms like pork rinds, and it is advised to avoid them. All are high in fats and have a mixture of spices that we have proven to be dangerous for dogs.

Pork cracklings in specific are extra harmful due to the use of garlic and onions. These two ingredients are toxic for your dogs.

What If Your Dog Ate Pork Rinds?

It is highly unlikely that your dog will face any issues if he has consumed a little of it. if your dog is allergic to rinds, then even a little can prove to be dangerous, so take him to a vet immediately.

With all the food that is not made for dogs, it is always said to consult your vet if the dog eats it. You can keep an eye on your dog’s health for the next 24 hours, and in case of any symptoms of illness, rush him to the vet. How to know if your dog is becoming ill?

 How To know If Your Dog Is Becoming Sick?

If your dog is struggling with a digestive upset, he will show you these signs of illness:

  • Difficulty in walking
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Curling up
can dog eat pork rinds

All the physical signs that your dog depicts can convey to you the message that he is going through a digestive upset, so take him to a vet immediately.

One of the dangers of eating pork rinds can be salt poisoning. Whenever your dog vomits or shows signs of dehydration, you might be worried about the reason behind it is salt poisoning. You can look out for these symptoms:

  • Tremors
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Frequent urination
  • Unquenchable thirst
  • High fever

How Can You Help Your Dog?

If your dog is facing any of these symptoms and you are concerned about how you can help him, here are some useful tips:

  • Keep fresh water available.
  • Limit his exposures to heat
  • Limit physical activity
  • Take him to a vet

Disclaimer: I am not a vet and the advice in this guide is based on my own common sense and what I have researched. Please always consult with your own vet on all matters regarding canine diet.

Alternative To Pork Rinds

There is a range of alternatives for pork rinds available in the market. Pet Pork chomps and Cannie Carry Outs are two of such products. These are readily available online and in markets as well.

Wrap Up

Take care of your dog and keep him away from all sorts of harm. Never include pork rinds in the menu for him as it also includes fatal dangers for him. Look out for healthy alternatives to complete your dog’s craving.

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