Can Dogs Eat McDonalds Ice Cream? NO! (Pros & Cons)

are McDonalds ice cream healthy for your dog

Isn’t it unfair when we eat mouth-watering ice creams in front of our dogs? My dog has no control over his appetite, and as I was munching through my McDonalds’s ice cream, he lingered on to me for a bite. Unaware of whether dogs can eat McDonald’s ice cream, I let him have a taste.

Later, the thought intrigued me about whether dogs can have a sweet tooth for such desserts, and I went on to explore, ‘can dogs eat McDonald’s ice cream?’

The composition of ice creams

Ice cream being a sweet dish is high in sugar and has almost no nutrition in it. The level of lactose is also high in ice creams as it is made of milk. Furthermore, ice creams are composed of a lot of fats.

Thus, with all these mash-up of ingredients, can our dogs enjoy eating this dessert?

Can Dogs Eat McDonalds Ice Cream?

Ice cream should not be on the menu of dogs as it is not healthy for them. In some cases, it might also turn out to be very harmful to your dog.

Why can’t dogs eat ice creams?

  • The composition of ice cream indicates a high level of fats, which is not suitable for dogs.
  • The level of useful nutrients is almost zero.
  • Some dogs are lactose intolerant and can show adverse symptoms to it.
  • Ice cream comes in different flavors, and chocolate is one of them. However, chocolate is toxic to dogs.
  • The sweetener used in ice creams, Xylitol, is very toxic for dogs.
  • Raisins sometimes used in ice creams are also proven toxic for dogs.

Later in this article, you will have a deep insight into some of these issues.

Effects of eating ice cream

It can cause Obesity to your dog due to the heavy cream and sugar content. A point not to forget is that Obesity can further lead to hypertension as a dog cannot digest milk, so it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. If you have fed your dog with a little amount of ice cream, it will do little harm, but if your dog is intolerant towards dairy or is facing obesity issues, it can cause big problems.

Not that your dog would die off eating ice creams, but he will surely come off with some unpleasant symptoms!

1. Lactose in ice creams

Just like humans, not all dogs can digest lactose, and ice creams have a high lactose content as it is made with milk. The missing of the enzyme lactase is behind the whole trouble. Without this enzyme, lactose wholly reaches the large intestine, and then digestions problems become the backbone of vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

2. Food Allergies linked with ice cream

Over time it has been proven that dogs do not find dairy products very friendly. Over 20% of the dogs face allergies due to dairy products, and ice cream is a dairy product! It brings out the second-highest ratio of allergies in dogs after beef. Thus, it can cause skin irritation and itching to your little pup.

3. Toxic ingredients of ice cream

Many ingredients in ice creams are proven to be toxic for dogs. As mentioned earlier, raisins, chocolate, Xylitol are some of those. Peanut butter and candies also pill up in the list of toxic ingredients. 

Raisins are listed in the highly dangerous ingredients list because they can cause immediate kidney failure for your dog if fed in large quantities. Thus, this can, in turn, be fatal! Chocolate, on the other hand, is not deadly, but it can inevitably cause some severe issues for your dog if fed in a large amount. It contains a chemical called theobromine and caffeine, which cannot be metabolized by dogs.

Sometimes ice creams are served with fruits, and some of the fruits are bad for dogs’ health, such as grapes and avocado. These fruits can are toxic for your dogs.

Thus, these toxic ingredients result in more significant harms for your little pup, and avoiding them is essential!

Comparison in calories in McDonald’s ice cream

A regular ice cream; let’s say a sundae from McDonald’s gathers in it around 510 calories. If you feed this to a regular-sized French bulldog, you would be feeding him almost 82% of their daily. And that too without nutrients!

A McDonald’s McFlurry has stocked in it 510 calories! These constitute 82% calories of French bulldog and around 29% calories for a Labrador.

We can see that for a large breed such as Labrador, these ice creams make a small number of calories, but it can constitute a significant portion of their diet for smaller breeds!

The daily dose of calories for a dog is defined as 25 calories per pound. From these calories, only a 10% reservation is for treats and cravings. Thus, you can calculate the weight of your dog and figure out your dog’s treats dose. And, that too if your dog doesn’t show any side-effects within 24 hours!

What if your dog ate ice cream?

Don’t panic! If your adorable doggie has had a bite of ice cream, then there is little to worry as there are more chances that he will turn out perfect. You can look out for any vague symptoms within 24 hours. If he feels down and clumsy or vomits, then you can take him to a vet.

However, if your dog has had a large amount of ice cream or if he is already under the problems of Obesity, etc., then I would suggest you consult a doctor immediately as it might cause trouble later.

Disclaimer: I am not a vet and the advice in this guide is based on my own common sense and what I have researched. Please always consult with your own vet on all matters regarding canine diet.

Alternatives for ice cream

Let’s not be mean towards our dogs and find a suitable alternative for ice cream. If you are looking for a summer dessert for your dog, then try feeding him with plain yogurt instead of ice cream. Yogurt is rich in taste and has a low quantity of lactose; thus, it can be digested easily by your dogs. Make sure you buy unsweetened yogurt and freeze it at your home.

Another dessert to satisfy the taste buds can be the ‘nine cream. It is a tasty and healthy fruit dessert made of bananas and can easily be made at home. It is entirely safe for your dogs; it can provide them with useful nutrients as well.


Naturally, you fall for your pup when he shines at you, his beautiful eyes, and demands a bite of ice cream. However, make sure that you don’t feed him regularly or in large quantities.

Take care of your pet, along with taking care of his cravings.

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