Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes? Yes! (Guide & Recipe)

can dogs have mashed potatoes

Is there anyone who doesn’t like potatoes? Even from toddlers to elders, everybody loves to eat them, either boiled or mashed or in the form of fries.

Is this veggie safe for canines or not? Can you feed mashed potatoes to your dog or not? Probably the biggest concern of dog owners: how to include this veggie in their pet’s diet and how much to include.

To make this easy for you, get through this article and know everything good or bad about feeding mashed potatoes to your lovely pet.

It’s safe for your dog to eat only a small quantity of plain mashed potatoes. It’s also safe to feed either sweet or white potatoes without any salt, onion, gravy, butter, or fat content. However, KFC mashed potatoes, raw potatoes, and potato peel should never be recommended. Avoid giving an excessive potato diet to canines. It may prove fatal.

There are many fruits and veggies that are safe for dogs’ consumption. But you must check the vet attested dietary menu for your pets because dogs have different digestive systems in comparison to humans. Sometimes, the things that are safe for humans can be dangerous for pets.  

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Can dogs eat mashed potatoes? Is it Safe for Dogs?

Yes, It is safe and healthy for dogs, you can add a small portion of cooked potatoes either mashed or baked without any sauces, salt, garlic, and onion. These dressings can cause toxicity in a dog’s digestive system and can even prove fatal.

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes? Is it Safe for Dogs?

Below is  the table showing the nutritional value of 100grams of potato:

Table of Nutritional Value of Serving 100 gram Potatoes:

Calories77gVitamin A0%Calcium1%
Fats0.1gVitamin c32%Iron4%
Carbohydrates17gVitamin B615%Magnesium5%
Proteins2gVitamin D0%

You should not give a potato diet in excess to your furry friend. However, a limited amount is ok.

Can Dogs eat  KFC Mashed Potatoes?

Whenever you plan a KFC trip along with your dog or order some meal at home,  the first thing that comes to your mind, “I must order something for my doggy too,” and you might think that mashed potato can be a healthy option for him.

But keep in mind, KFC mashed potatoes are rich in calories plus they are prepared with a lot of unnatural ingredients as compared to the one cooked at home. They contain butter, salt, full-fat cream, and only these high-fat ingredients are enough for upsetting the stomach of your dog.

The nutritional value of plain KFC mashed potatoes  is given below:

Table Nutritional Value of KFC Mashed Potatoes:

Net carbs14g
Total Carbs15g

Being a dog owner, I won’t recommend you to feed this dish to your pet. However, only a small portion can not harm, but if your dog has accidentally eaten a large amount, you must check for any unusual conditions like:

  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness

Seek vet help in case of any of the above symptoms.

If you already know that your furry friend will look at you with demanding eyes while you are eating, pre-plan a healthy treat for him so that he might not bother you. 

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Mashed Potatoes?

Yes, your dog can eat cooked potatoes, either boiled or mashed without any seasonings like onion, ginger, salt.

Onion and Ginger can cause toxicity, salt can lead to dehydration, and butter, oil, or any other fat content can cause abdominal disturbances. Overall, this starchy veggie is good for a dog’s and even pups’ health, as it contains proteins, iron, potassium, and healthy carbs, but only in limited quantities.

Avoid potato diet on a daily basis. You can follow a 10-20 % rule, which means whenever you want to give a treat to your pet, add 10 % fruit and vegetables to its diet along with healthy pet food. This limited amount will not only fulfill the nutritional need of your furry friend but also make him happy as well

Can Dogs eat Boxed Mashed Potatoes?

Boxed or instant mashed potatoes are prepared industrially, can be reconstituted by adding milk or hot water, and are rich in sodium(5g). Such high sodium food can induce toxicity in the delicate digestive system of your dog and can even prove fatal.

Similarly, the instant version of this dish contains high cheese content which can upset your dog’s stomach.

 If you are planning to cook it for yourself, it’s Ok. But for your pet, it is not recommended. Do you want to give a special party for your pet? There are other options that you can easily follow.

  •  Introduce this tasty dog food to your dog’s menu. Keep changing the dietary menu, try new flavors.
  • If your dog has a sensitive stomach, try this pet food formula, your canine would certainly love this.
  • Try this convenient pet treat bag for homemade treats, even helpful while traveling and training puppies for surprises.

4 Mashed Potato Serving Ideas for Dogs

If your dog loves the taste of this veggie, we have marvelous serving ideas that you would certainly like. 

Here we go:

1. Plain Mashed Potatoes

One of the easiest ways is to serve plain mashed potatoes. Below are the steps to prepare this food and serving details:

Plain Mashed Potatoes
  • Firstly, take a golf ball-sized white potato
  • Peel it and boil
  • Mash it with a fork or you can even blend it using a hand blender
  • Pour it in a bowl and serve
  • Enjoy potato party with your buddy
  • For taste enhancement, you can add a scoop of Greek yogurt(a good probiotic for canine intestinal health) and some dog-friendly fruits. 

2. Mashed potatoes and corn

Mashed potato and corn, what a good combination. Corn is the most nutritious cereal, as it not only is a filler but also contains healthy carbs, proteins, linoleic acid, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Mashed potatoes and corn

But keep significant caution in your mind.

  •   Be moderate in feeding corn to your dog.
  •  It’s better to add the kernels as toppings.
  •  Boiled corn is good as compared to raw
  • Raw corn if given in larger amounts can block the intestine causing constipation.
  • Don’t give corn core to dogs
  • If your pet is allergic to corn its better to avoid.

Let’s have a look at serving ideas.



Potato: One(medium-sized)

Boiled Corn: 2tablespoon

Egg: 1only

Steps to prepare:

  •  Take one medium-sized potato
  • Peel it, boil and mash it
  • Take around 2 tablespoons of boiled corn,
  • Take some ground white meat of turkey or duck
  • Put the egg in the meat mixture and bake it in the muffin tins
  • Top each muffin with a tablespoon of mashed potato.
  • Garnish with boiled corns 
  • You can also add some carrot chunks to enhance the taste
  • Treat is ready. Pour in the bowl and serve. 

3. Mashed Potatoes and Peas

Green peas, being a good source of dietary fiber, can be added to your pet’s diet. This is a low-calorie veggie, contains a high level of vitamin K, besides vitamin A vitamin C, iron, folate, thiamin, manganese. It’s a very healthy option if you will add some peas to enhance the nutrition of mashed potatoes. Moreover, you can give frozen, fresh, or even boiled peas to your dog.

Remember, don’t give a large quantity to your dog as it can cause flatulence.

Mashed Potatoes and Peas



Potato:  One medium Sized(Boiled)

Fresh Peas: 1 tablespoon

Dog-friendly fruits:  Recommended per serving

White meat: Mince

Steps to prepare

Let’s try a mouthwatering recipe:

  • Boil a medium-sized potato and mash it.
  • Add one tablespoon of fresh peas over the potato mixture and give it a mix.
  • You can also add dog-friendly fruits as a taste enhancer.
  • In the muffin tin, first, put some ground white meat base
  • Then add a spoon of potato peas mixture You can also add dog-friendly fruits as a taste enhancer.

 Serve the muffins in a bowl and watch your pet enjoying the treat.

4. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a healthier option for your puppy as compared to the white potatoes. There is a long list of health benefits of this veggie. 

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Let’s discuss good things about sweet potatoes:

  • Sweet potato contains beta carotene, an antioxidant that helps in fighting cancer.
  • This veggie is an excellent source of dietary fiber
  • Its consumption will boost the dog’s immunity
  • It is easy to digest and helps to maintain digestive health.
  • It contains vitamin A which plays a vital role in maintaining healthy eyes, muscles, nerves, and skin.

Note: you must keep in mind not to exceed the amount of feed at a time, start with a small quantity, one teaspoon for puppies, and a tablespoon for adult dogs. Similarly, for the dogs with some health issues like diabetes, you must keep caution while inducing a sweet potato diet. It has a high glycemic index and can cause an increase in blood sugar.

                                     Recipe 1: Oven Baked Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potato:   One Sliced

Note;Preheat Oven for 2min

Steps to prepare:

Follow the steps to make this delicious baked potatoes food your pet:

  • Take a medium-sized sweet potato
  • Cut it into slices and dry the slices
  • You can dry slices in the shade, not under direct sunlight
  • You can also dehydrate the pieces in a preheated and switched off oven.
  • Once the slices are dried crush them and add a small amount to the dog’s diet
  • If your dog is aggressive chewer, try this, interactive chew toy it will not only keep your pet busy but also help in training for treats

                                  Recipe 2: Steam-Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Potato: 1 Small in size

Carrots: Shredded one teaspoon

Egg: One (beaten)

Steps to Prepare:

  • Take a small sweet potato, peel it and boil.
  • You can also steam it or roast it
  • Take muffin tins to add some ground white meat at the base
  • Add shredded carrots and egg and bake it.
  • Add a spoon of mashed potato mixture over the baked meat
  • Add some green beans, bell pepper or apple chunks
  • You can also add some cranberries, for extra flavor. 

Can dogs Eat Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Gravy?

Whenever you ask a vet, “Can my pet eat mashed potato and gravy?”. As you love this dish, certainly your pet will also like it. And the vet looks angrily at you and seems like saying,” “Absolutely not, Are you crazy man”? And you look here and there thinking,” Am I?”

Can dogs Eat Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Gravy?

The two main ingredients of gravy are butter and sour cream, which can cause extreme trouble to your doggy friend if consumed in large amounts. The high sodium content of gravy can cause excessive thrust and even one or two tablespoons of gravy will be havoc on dogs’ tummy.

Similarly, garlic is used to enhance the taste of gravy, you can enjoy it but you must avoid giving it to your pet. According to a vet attested manual, all the veggies of the allium family including garlic contain thiosulfate, which is toxic to dogs but not for humans. Thiosulfate interferes the oxygen-carrying function of red blood cells, hence resulting in hemolytic anemia

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes Every Day?

As we all know that excess of everything is bad, not only for you but also for your doggy friend.

If your pet will consume a potato diet on a daily basis, he will obviously fall ill. You must keep in mind that the dog’s digestive system is not designed to digest a carb-rich diet.

Moreover, the daily consumption of this starchy veggie can never be recommended. It can cause some serious health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, abdominal discomfort, obesity. However, if your dog is a picky eater and wants to eat everything that you eat, and also demands from other people, he needs to be trained, you must follow this training program to have a perfect trained puppy.

Can dogs Eat Raw Potatoes?

If you have planted potatoes in your garden, it is highly recommended to keep your dog away from them. This is due to the reason that potatoes belong to the nightshade family of vegetables named Solanaceae. It contains a compound called solanine, which is toxic to some dogs if consumed in large amounts.

So it’s better to fence the plants properly. Also, keep the supermarket bought potatoes Out Of Reach.

However, if your pet companion accidentally eats this raw veg, seek medical advice immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Potato Chips and Fries?

Whenever I used to go to the supermarket with mom in childhood, buying our favorite brand chips was the first priority. Even now being an adult, on any occasion if  I want to enjoy this snack, my doggy comes and sits in front of me begging. This makes me guilty as I know that they are not good for him.

You must be careful while having snacks. The same thing applies to french fries. Don’t allow your canine to consume a large number of chips.

 Deep frying in the oil or butter plus the addition of so many artificial flavors makes them too unhealthy. You can give some other treats to your doggy while eating snacks.

Can Dogs Eat Potato Skin?

Have you ever thought of feeding potato peels to your dog? If no, then you are right. 

Actually, potato skin is rich in oxalates, its small consumption is ok but if eaten in larger quantities, it can cause kidney problems. 

It’s highly recommended to use this veggie after removing the skin. So, it’s fine to put the peels in the waste bin. 


Sadly, the end is there!

I hope you love this article decorated with mashed potato treats for your pet. Next time while serving this veggie you will be cautious.

In the end, I will share important research by the Food and Drug Authority, they found that the dogs fed by lentils, peas, and potato-based diet eventually developed the symptoms of Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

So, you must be moderate in feeding this veggie to your canine. Stay connected with us if you want to learn more about dog-safe foods.

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