Can Dogs Eat Chicken Skin? (Fried, Cooked Or Raw)

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Skin

Is your pet dog fond of chicken skin? Does he go crazy just by the smell of it? Then you must be wondering whether it is safe to let him eat it or not. Well, my little dog is a fond lover of chicken skin and would not let it go without having a taste of it. This matter drove me to think,

can dogs eat chicken skin?

If we look at the calories of chicken skin, then we realize that it is not suitable for dogs to eat chicken or chicken skin. But why is that so?

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dangers of eating chicken skin (Short and long term)

Here are some of the damages that chicken skin might cause to your dogs:

1. Short term effects:

  • It can lead to an upset digestive system.
  • It can make your dog suffer diarrhea.

Your dog will start showing these symptoms within 12-24 hours if he faces problem indigestion.

2. Long term effects:

  • It can result in weight gain.
  • It can result in gastrointestinal problems.
  • It can cause pancreatic inflammation.

However, don’t panic! Your dog can face these issues if you have been feeding him chicken skins for the long term regularly.

Other dangers of eating chicken skin

Apart from the damages that chicken skin causes due to its’ constitutes, it can cause further more harm to your dog if you not correctly cut and sliced. Your dog can end up having a choking hazard if you provide him with large and thick pieces of chicken skin.

Another harm that it can cause is by the way chicken skin is prepared. Remember, dogs are not as digestive as humans so don’t give them chicken skin the way you qualify for yourselfSeasoning the chicken skin with oil, salts, peppers, and other healthy ingredients can prove dangerous for your dog.

It is common that whenever we make chicken or chicken skin, we apply garlic on it to get rid of the garlic smell; however, you must remember that garlic is toxic to dogs. Thus, garlic should be avoided entirely!

Why Is Chicken Skin dangerous?

You must be wondering that why is chicken skin so harmful to your dogs? The reason behind it is the high fat contained in the chicken skin. These fats prove to be unhealthy for your dog.

Adding more to it is the fact that chicken skin provides almost no nutrition in it. Thus, feeding chicken skin to your dog means that you are feeding him nothing!

how many Calories that chickens skin contains?

Lets’ make a comparison between the calories that chicken skin contains and the calories that a dog can consume. This will clear the whole situation before your eyes.

Calories In Chicken Skin:

A typical chicken piece without skin contains almost 284 calories and, if you consume it with skin, then it adds in it 100 more calories. The level of fats is also doubled and, this ends up making it an unhealthy meal. Chicken is preferred due to the proteins that it contains but, if we reduce the level of proteins and increase the number of fats and calories, then there is no use.

Calories That A Dog Can Consume:

Dogs do not have a substantial digestive system ,which is why they cannot take in many calories. According to a study, a dog can only take 25 calories for each pound that they weigh. For instance, a Labrador is 70 pounds and thus they can consume 1750 calories per day.

By examining the calories stated ,it could be said that a small portion of chicken skin will constitute a large part of its meal. So, then can dog eat chicken skin in large portions?

Find out how many calories your dog can consume and then decide the amount of chicken skin accordingly that he can consume (if his stomach allows the digestion). Ensure that you do not give your dog all his desired calories per day in the form of chicken skin because it won’t do your dog any good. It would be similar to giving a baby all the snacks without giving him proper food, stopping his growth and nourishment. 

my dog ate raw chicken skin, do i need to worry?

my dog ate raw chicken skin, do i need to worry

Now you must be thinking that what if my dog ended up eating chicken skin? Relax! There is nothing to worry about if it was just a little quantity and he is walking around fine. Let him enjoy his little feast without panicking.

However, if your dog shows you signs of illness within 24 hours then you should contact your vet and then follow the instructions that they state. The condition of your dog would not be severe in the first meal so don’t be tensed but as it is said that precautions should always be taken.

Here is a little that you can do to see if your dog can digest chicken skin:

You can feed your dog with a bit of quantity of chicken skin and look out the next 24 hours that what reactions it has caused. If your dog does not show any bad  signs then you can feed him chicken skin on alternative days in less quantity. However, if unfortunately, your dog shows signs of uneasiness, or unhealthiness then rushes to your vet and keep your dog away from chicken skin.

Do The Rules Differ According To The Size Of A Dog?

It is commonly believed that if your dog is more substantial, they have a better immune system and can easily take chicken skin. Let me clear this misconception because all dogs have the same digestive tracts. Whether you have a dog of small breed or large breed, they all contain a short digestive tract. Thus, chicken skin can cause harm to all kinds and all sizes of dogs.

1. Chicken skin: Raw or Cooked?

Although it has been established that chicken skin is not a healthy meal for dogs but still if you are planning on feeding your dogs with a little quantity over time then the question arises that whether the chicken should be cooked or raw?

As we see that the trend in today’s world is shifting towards uncooked/raw food for dogs. However, it depends on the liking of your dog and the recommendation of your vet.

The majority of the population do not agree on feeding their dogs with raw chicken skin. As per my own decision, I also prefer cooked over raw. Whoever is a dog lover would agree that we take each step with care when it comes to our adorable pets so dig deep into everything and grasp the information from its root. Raw chicken skin can be contaminated with salmonella or E.colli which yet again is harmful to dogs.

2. Calories In Raw & Cooked Chicken:

As we discussed previously the calories that a dog can consume so it is crucial to ponder over the calories that raw and cooked chicken skin contains.Whereas, if the chicken skin is cooked then the range of calories depends on whether it is fried or roasted.

  • 85 gram of raw chicken skin would contain 294 calories
  • 85 grams of roasted chicken skin would make 384 calories
  • 85 grams of fried chicken skin would build in 420 calories. 

3. Chicken Skin: Fried or Cooked?

Moving in line, the next question that pops up when we decide that chicken should not be raw is that whether it should be fried or cooked. There is a definite answer to this question that the chicken must NOT be fried.

Fried items can be a source of a lot of harm to your sincere pet. You must have heard that human beings cannot consume on a lot of fried food over the long term because it turns out to be harmful. Now imagine a dog whose intestine is far smaller than ours, how is he possibly going to react on oil intake (fried items). Hence, it is proved that fried chicken skin can never be an option for your dog.

Note: This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice.

Closing Remarks

This overall analysis answers our question that can dog eat chicken skin. It tells us that it is not healthy and should be avoided. If your dog is comfortable with a small quantity then to satisfy their taste buds it can be provided to them once in a blue moon.

However, fried chicken skin should not be an option on the menu and special care should be taken to make sure that garlic is not a part of it.

For your satisfaction, you can consult your vet as well.

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