Can A Possum Hurt A Dog? ( Attack, or kill A Dog)

Can A Possum Hurt A Dog?

If truth be told, we must tell you that all animals know their boundaries. They have this sense of territory and you may not have much to fear about a possum hurting your dog in that case. What matters is that possums can be dangerous for pets only if they detect a threat.

So, if you want to know can a possum hurt a dog, then we to explain that they may be bearers of diseases and infections. This is something that may concern you and if you have a mutt at home, you better keep them away from these marsupials.

Are Possums Dangerous to dogs?

Are Possums Dangerous

Possum is the only marsupial animal to be found in North America. They go by the name opossum and have docile nature. This is why we can say that they usually keep a safe distance from dogs in most cases.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that your munchkin is safe with them around. However, what we are trying to say is that one cannot predict animal behavior. Why do these creatures get annoyed or feel intimidated is not dependent on this general discussion.

Remember the movie “Ice-Age?” Ellie’s two possum brothers, Eddie and Crash would act dead whenever there was a predator around. That is their true nature as they shy away from fights or confrontations of any kind.

Hence, you can say your pets are likely to be safe from possum attacks. If they see there is no chance of escaping an intimidating situation, only then will they grind their teeth and ultimately bite like any other animal.

Nonetheless, they are carriers of diseases like rabies (which again is very rare), tularemia, which may contain worms, ticks, and other harmful insects. This can be considered to be alarming for sure.

Do possums attack dogs?

We have again and again mentioned it in this post that possums or opossums are submissive creatures. They will never attack your dog if they know their territory. Yes, but if you go out and your dog invades their territory, then it could be a different situation.

You know we have this friend who is an avid camper and he took his German Shepherd, Tom with him to a camp once. Now, these are sniffer dogs and Tom picked up a scent and went deep into the woods. Our friend thought he was playing in the wild and called him when supper was served.

He was only concerned to have found Tom return with scratches and blood. The poor fellow had to cut his camping trip short and got a hint of what possums can do. So, you see different circumstances call for different measures. As we said earlier, it is hard to predict animal behavior.

At the maximum possums can play dead and avoid getting into a turf war back home, i.e. in the civilized world. They are timid creatures and playing dead is their defense mechanism. Yes, can you beat that? It is what it is and they will refrain from attacking your dog by all means.

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Can a possum hurt my dog?

We don’t want to repetitive, but we have to say that at large a possum will stay away from coming near to your dog. They better avert provoking your poodle because they know the consequences may not favor them. This makes it clear that you have nothing to worry about, but it is better to keep your sweetheart away from these filthy critters.

Also, you must make sure that your dog remains vaccinated if you have such brutes living in your vicinity. This will help them fight the germs that these beasts bring otherwise.

What happens if a possum bites my dog?

If your dog has been bitten by a possum then we suggest you take them to your vet immediately. For possums have a rare, but a chance of infecting your pup with rabies. Hence, it is advisable you get a shot or let the vet act quickly about this.

Moreover, as a first respondent, you must clean the wound and check the temperature of your canine friend. An untreated wound may get infected and that may cause vomiting, fever, and even diarrhea in dogs. So, be careful with a possum bite.

As far as rabies is concerned, it has been observed that possums have low body temperature. The rabies virus cannot survive in such conditions, but there is a slim chance and we know as a good dog parent you will not like to take that chance.

What smells do possums hate?

Possums are a menace and they can wreck-havoc if not warded off on time. Plundered garden, plantation, and half-eaten food remains can be distressing at times. This is why we bring you a few ways to hold your fort with dignity. Here are a few smells that can defend you against these wildlings:

  • Garlic
  • Smell of fish
  • Onions
  • Mothballs
  • Fertilizers from animals, like bones and blood
  • Camphor

Do possums carry diseases?

Ans. Yes, they are and you will not be pleased that some of them can be fatal for your dog. See, we have already expressed that there is a narrow chance of rabies infections, but then there are parasites, fleas, Cushing’s disease and:


Although, there are very rare chances of this, but yes, it is possible that your dog may be passed on with tuberculosis. Watch out for symptoms like loss of appetite, severe coughing, and high temperature.

Chagas Disease

This is caused by a one-celled parasite (protozoa) called Trypanosoma cruzi. The possum can transmit by a bite.


This is usually caused by a worm called nematode, which is also a protozoa. This causes infective cysts in the muscles of dogs which triggers gastrointestinal diseases.

Is it normal for dogs to kill possums?

There is no need to worry if your dog kills a possum. Yes, it may happen and the only thing you must look into is if your furry friend has sustained any injury in the process. Even it has not, we recommend you to bring them to the vet and get them checked thoroughly.

So, if your doggy has killed a possum, then it is better to call animal control to dispose of the body. Do not touch by any means.

Please note: I am not a vet. The notes on this website are based on my own experience, talking to my vet, and my own research. If in doubt, you should always seek a professional opinion from your vet.

What happens if a dog eats possum poop?

Please ask your cutie to fend off such habits. What a gross habit! Poop, what a “tasty snack!” Even with so much scientific explanation and logical deduction, we fail to understand this dreaded habit. What delight does Rover find in sniffing and even eating them (even if that is not his)? This is a condition and it is called coprophagia or feces eating. Yuck!

Come on, it is excretion and it may contain harmful bacteria and other pathogens that may bring you more worries. Possum fecal matter can also be laden with salmonella and leptospirosis that can damage a dog’s vital organs. Need we say more?

The bottom line is possums can be precarious only if they think your Fido poses a threat to them. Otherwise, as described earlier, all animals know their limits, which is why they will try their best to keep away from your hound. We hope this pretty well answers your query can a possum hurt a dog.

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