Beagles Average Weight: – (Age Wise Weight Table)

average weight of beagles

Whenever you and your friends gather with their pets on any occasion, a comparison game begins. “Your Beagle is skinny,  contact your vet. Look at mine, he is perfect”.

 Others may say, “Your buddy is overweight, you should put him on diet’. All of these gossips are enough to make you wonder what actually should be the average weight of a Beagle.

Finally, we have decided to solve all of your concerns relating to the weight of your dog in this article. So, read it till the end to know if your pet is overweight or not.

Do you know the average weight of Beagles? Normally, the pups are about 5 to 10 ounces at the time of birth. The approximate weight of the Beagles with a height of 13 inches or less is 22 to 30 pounds(9.97kg to 13.60kg), while those with a height of 13 to 15 inches are of 25 to 35 pounds(11.33 to 15.87kg).

Generally, beagles are hounds, their historical background shows that being hunters, they have an instinct of running all day in the woods in search of prey. They have an endless hunger that can eventually end up in an overweight Beagle if their diet is not supervised properly. Moreover, these dogs are too friendly, unlike other dogs, they don’t get aggressive if some other pet has shared their food.   

What Should Be Healthy Beagles Average Weight In Kg?

When you compare your furry friend with other dogs of the same age and breed, you may feel that your buddy is skinny or overweight. 

But if your pet is healthy, you should not worry because some dogs can be lighter or heavier than the standard weight. Every dog has different genetics and bone structure. So, a little difference in weight as compared to the AKC standard doesn’t matter. If you are going to buy your dog from a breeder, make sure to see the parents, it will give you an idea of what size your pup will be when fully grown up.

According to the American Kennel Club, there are 2 varieties of Beagles, One with a height of 13 inches or less weighs approximately 9.97 to 13.60 kg The other variety of this breed can grow in height from 13 to 15 inches and their average weight is between 11.33 to 15.87 kg. 

What Should Be The Weight Of Beagle Puppy With Age?

The most important query of every Beagle owner is how to know if our Beagle has a healthy weight. Here is a table showing the weight milestones of your pooch from newborn to a fully grown Beagle. Let’s have a look to learn more:

Table to Show Agewise Weight of Beagle 

AgeApproximate Weight in lbs/ kgs
At birth5 to 10 ounces
0_2weeks1lbs (0.45kg)
3_4 weeks2_3 lbs (0.9_1.36kg)
5_7 weeks3.5 to 4lbs (1.5_1.8kg)
8 weeks3.5_6lbs (1.5_2.7kg)
16 weeks8_12lbs (3.6_5.4kg)
6 months10_15lbs (4.5_6.8kg)
1 ½ years20_24lbs (9_10.8kg)
18monthsFully grown Beagle.13inches and less heighted should weigh between 22_30lbs(9.97_13.60kg),while those with 13 to 15 inches of height have weight of 25_35lbs(11.33_15.7kg)

At What Age Beagles Are Fully Grown?

Mostly Beagle’s owners keep on asking at what age their furry companion will fully grow-up? Don’t worry Guys, these little souls grow fast. At the age of 18 months, a fully grown male Beagle weighs 22 to 24 lbs(10 to 11 kg), and a female weighs 19.8_22lbs(9_10kg). At this age, normally the height growth stops, but if your dog keeps on gaining weight, it means that he is getting obese.

Beagles are tiny souls with less than a pound at the time of birth. Depending on the parent size, the newborn can be 5 to 10 ounces. The most rapid phase of their growth is from 0 to 6 months, at this age, they gain weight fastly. After the age of 6 to 12 months,  their growth becomes a bit slow. At 12 to 18 months of age, a slow but steady change can be observed in the weight of these dogs. Eventually, a beagle will grow up fully to be an energetic and enthusiastic dog at the age of 18 months. 

Do Beagles Get Overweight Easily?

Yes, it’s true. Beagles are always hungry and this uncontrollable hunger prone them to obesity. But it is not the case every time. If your pet doesn’t get enough weight by the age of one year, it means that he must have some underlying health issues and you should ensure a full veterinarian checkup to identify the cause.

On the other hand, if you provide healthy food to your dog but not enough exercise and playtime, he may get overweight easily. The reason is Beagles are hunting dogs, they were used by ancient people for hunting purposes. In the wild, they used to run and walk all day in the search of prey, and their energy was utilized positively.

 As a pet, they have nothing to do at our homes instead of eating and sleeping. Bringing a pet home is easy, but its quality life management is quite difficult and a matter of responsibility. So, be prepared to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your Beagle before purchasing it. 

How To Know If Your Beagle Is Overweight?

Have you any idea how to know that your Beagle is gaining extra weight? I think you are taking it easy. If your pet companion is getting heavy day by day, you should notice this change before it is too late. Just like humans cannot follow a strict diet, similarly, putting your dog on diet is a very difficult task.

But the question is, how will you check early weight gain in dogs? Below are some simple ways to assess that, so, check these:

  • Have a look at the ribs of your dog, if you can see them easily it means that he is thin. If the ribs are not visible and you cannot feel them upon touch, it means that there is a layer of fat under the fur and your pet is gaining weight.
  • When you feel that your dog is feeling breathlessness during exercise and walking, check his weight regularly. You can use this pet weighing scale. 
  • Similarly, if you can see your dog’s spine, then he is thin if it is not visible even 
  • if you cannot feel it upon touch, then your Beagle is getting overweight.
  • Beagles can become fatigued easily when they are overweight, even some after some activity, they may stop to rest and regain energy.
  • If your pet feels difficulty even in grooming himself and cannot turn enough to scratch, you should consider that it is the right time to put him on diet. By the way, you can use this grooming brush for the ease of your obese Beagle.

5 Tips To Lose The Weight Of Your Beagle

No doubt, putting a Beagle on diet requires a lot of effort because these dogs love to eat every time. The below-mentioned tips will surely help in the weight loss of your pooch, so have a look to learn how:

01. Keep mealtimes twice a day:

Beagles love to eat almost anything. Unlike they don’t realize that they should stop after satisfying their hunger. This habit can devastate their health. So, you should keep the mealtimes twice a day. As Beagles are fast eaters, you can use a slow feeder bowl.

02. Replace your Beagles regular diet with low-calorie food:

You should not decrease the quantity of food instead replace the regular diet with low-calorie dog food. With this, you can add fruits and vegetables to their diet. Raspberries, green beans, green peas, and small carrots are not only good in taste but also a great option for weight loss.

03. Swap out regular snacks for low-calorie snacks:

When you own a pet, you will better know the importance of snacks and treats for training purposes. Normally the dogs eat more than one treat, in this way the calorie balance disturbs causing weight gain issues. You should use low-calorie treats and snacks, it will help in the weight loss journey of your Beagle.

04. Make a schedule for running and exercise:

If your Beagle has a healthy weight, you can carry on with a normal diet but exercise and playtime are essential for maintaining this weight. However, if your buddy has crossed the weight limits, you should be concerned. What you have to do is gradually increase the time of exercise for up to one hour. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, so start with 10 minutes. If you will force them to exercise for longer periods from the start, they may feel stressed.

05. Swimming is a low impact and joint-friendly exercise for weight loss:

Some aged dogs have bone and joint issues, plus, they can’t do exercise regularly. In this situation, swimming is the best, low impact and joint-friendly exercise. Beagles may be a bit shyer to water at first. But you can use pet life jackets to make them feel secure while swimming. Warm water swim therapy not only helps in weight loss but also acts as a pain and stress reliever. 

How Much Food Should A Beagle Eat Per Day?

In the weight loss journey of your dog, per day calorie count matters a lot. Being prone to become heavier easily, if you do not strictly keep a check on the diet, there are more chances that your puppy or adult dog will soon transform into a fluffy ball. 

Do you know how much food a Beagle should eat per day? The amount of food that a beagle needs highly depends on the age, activity level, and food quality that you are feeding. One cup of dry food divided into morning and evening is enough for maintaining a healthy weight of an adult Beagle. However, puppies need 2 cups of dry food divided three times a day or sometimes more.

Now it is crucial to discuss the per day calorie need of your pooch. Usually, Beagle puppies require fifty-five calories per pound of body weight. For adults, forty-five calories per pound of body weight are enough, and aged dogs need forty-two calories per pound of their body weight.

Final Words

Finally, our informative article about the Beagles average weight comes to an end.

So the final words are, being little balls of energy, beagles require a lot of exercises to burn this pant up energy. You should be vigilant in maintaining the proper diet and activity schedule of your pet.

If you will monitor their diet carefully and provide the opportunity to utilize their energy positively, they will certainly prove to be the best pet companions for life with the least health issues.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with other Beagle parents.

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