Are Stairs Bad For English Bulldogs? [Truth You Must Know]

Are Stairs Bad For English Bulldogs? [Truth You Must Know]

Wrinkly bucket of affection runs to chase you but oh wait! There’s the staircase! Watch out!

Do you also wonder are stairs bad for English bulldogs? How to make stair climbing safe for your dog? How to stop your English bulldog from climbing stairs? And a lot more? Get all the answers and solutions in this read!

Stairs sometimes are bad and dangerous for English bulldogs because these heavy-weight dogs can’t balance themselves on the stairs. They may also face difficulty climbing stairs because of health issues or fear.

Initially bred for bull-baiting but later the game banned. So, the fancy breeders tried improving the breed by lowering the aggressive behavior.

Can English Bulldogs Go Up Down Stairs?

They certainly can but you can’t say if they can keep up with the energy and speed. The reasons include that bulldogs are usually bulky and muscular as per their size and body while they rely on completely short legs, making it difficult for them to walk smoothly rather they walk sideways. This is where this breed isn’t suitable to be made to climb stairs so often.

How Do I Stop My English Bulldog From Climbing The Stairs?

Where it sometimes seems to be a challenging errand, there it has a quick solution. Guess what? Just block the access to stairs for your dog. For ease, you can place a large trunk, a sofa, or a table at the way of stairs but if you want a convenient solution that doesn’t even look weird, then get your hands on pet gates. 

The selection of pet gates entirely depends on the type of staircase you want for them. For instance, you may need a stair gate with the walls on either side for a spiral staircase.

Why Is It Difficult For English Bulldogs To Climb stairs?

First off, it’s the body size that is common among them. As we all know that the dogs belonging to different breeds have inherited a lot from their ancestors, ranging from the instincts to the overall looks. English Bulldogs, in the past, were used to entertain people with dog fights and herding. 

The aggressive nature is confirmed by the size of their jaws and underbites are now completely replaced with the affectionate nature that makes it possible for English bulldogs to blend in with the families as the family dogs.

However, the overall body type is still there. Bulldogs have a broad chest like a wrestler and massive shoulders. If their front body is compared with the rear one then that’s far heavier and muscular. This becomes problematic for English bulldogs to maintain their steps. Besides the body size, they possess short legs while muscularity undoubtedly makes them have trouble in a regular and fast walk. 

Stair climbing is as much of a nightmare for English bulldogs as it is for children. Due to the short sizes, both have the view of the stair-step zoomed in as if they’re climbing a mountain, unlike us adults.

Why is my dog having trouble walking up stairs?

It’s either too much of a task for English bulldog puppies or aged English bulldogs. But that doesn’t mean the adult ones can’t go through this particular ‘stair phobia’. It’s not always about your dog being scared, but there can also be the pain he is suffering from due to some issues which might appear internally or externally. Let’s discuss some of the common issues responsible for causing problems to your English bulldog in terms of climbing stairs;

1. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is usually mainstream in large breed dogs, but that doesn’t justify English bulldogs not being a victim too. It causes extreme hip pain and inflammation which makes it difficult for them to do stair climbing.

2. Joint pain

Even if your English Bulldog was fond of climbing it up repeatedly, but if it has suddenly started to give a cold shoulder to the experience, it can be an indication of joint pain. Take it to the vet asap before you get to regret the delay.

3. Arthritis

All due to the help of veterinary care, now our English bulldogs can live a longer life. But, some issues are what they may face which you barely notice. Aged dogs face arthritis which is a cause of extended or severe pain. Any limping, difficulty in sitting or standing may be the symptoms.

can bulldogs climb stairs

At what age can Puppies climb stairs?

Even the stair step is too zoomed in for your adult English bulldog so how can you expect your English bulldog puppy not to find it scary? The best age to introduce your English Bulldog puppies to the staircase is 12 weeks. However, the same age limitation is outnumbered for the large breed dogs like German shepherds and Labradors. Guess why? Because these ‘big pants’ are prone to hip dysplasia.

Not to forget that once you want your English bulldog puppy to go on with the stair game, make it practice the climbing in your supervision so you can save it timely and conclude if your puppy deserves to be trusted with stair climbing or not.

How do I get my English bulldog to climb stairs?

Make sure your English Bulldog is over 12 weeks of age, then start with the bottom making your dog go up through this easiest method. Let’s explore what that method is;

  1. Take treats like Wag training dog treats. These treats work especially to strengthen the hips and joints. Place 1 treat each stair, making a line upward passing through each stair.
  2. Your English bulldog may be hesitant at first, might even take time to go up following each treat but trust me, be patient.
  3. Once your dog has reached the top stair, following and chewing on the treat, place more treats going downward on each stair.
  4. The latter may be more time taking but never lose patience.
  5. Repeat it for some days and skip treating all the stairs but put a gap of one stair after one.

Still, if you can’t understand the strategy, watch this video to train your English bulldog to climb stairs.

How To Keep My English Bulldog Safe On The Stairs?

It’s not a big deal to make it all work! Did you get to introduce your English bulldog with the stairs, right? First of all, make sure the floor isn’t polished, linoleum, tiled, or waxed hardwood because if it is, then your dog can fall really bad. The fall may cause him injuries both internally and externally, besides lowering his confidence level. 

Sometimes, it even results in mortality and also a bill crossing your budget. Full recovery is also not always possible. So what to do? To make the stair experience safe for them, make the floor anti-slippery by gluing carpet or padding. 

You can also use stick-on stair treads for the purpose. You can also order away online EdenProducts Patent Pending Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads (Affiliate link takes you to website) because these have plenty of good reviews.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you know are stairs bad for English Bulldogs or not? The wrinkly frowny face of an English bulldog hides behind great love to shower their owners with. 

They have to struggle to climb stairs because the female weighs 18 to 23 kgs while the male weighs 23 to 25kgs approximately, but they will succeed anyways with just a bit of attention. The reason behind the triumph lies in their independent nature which allows them to undergo challenges without needing much of a support.

If you’re a dog lover and loved the ride to the ‘bulldog world’ then share this article ahead with your friends and family.

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