Are English Bulldogs Born With Tails? Yes! (Bulldogs Tail Types)

are English bulldogs born with long tails

What looks adorable in an English Bulldog’s personality? Perhaps its cutie tail!

Do you love to touch it? Sure, you have to search for it! Because it is not easy to trace. That’s why people often ask such questions to bulldog owners: Have you cut its tail off? Where is its tail? Is it a tailless animal?

Get ready to answer them with courage! We’ll assist you through this article to know everything about bulldog tail!

are English bulldogs born with tails?

are English bulldogs born with tails

Yes, English Bulldogs do have a tail by birth. It can be smaller like a corkscrew or bend like a cinnamon roll. Few breeds have even smaller hanging outgrowth that is actually tail. However, the long tail is less common but still exists in a few breeds.

Bulldogs are relatively shy animals yet extremely loyal to owners. These are medium in size and muscular hefty animals. What’s more hilarious is its nose and tail. The nose is pushed in that makes it more innocent.

For tail, a lot more words are needed.

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Do English Bulldogs Have A Tail Or Its Cut Off? Reality

At first glance, it appears that the tail of the bulldog is cut off. Reality is somehow different. They do not belong to dock breed. No one has the right to subject its tail to cut off for cosmetic reasons.

They do have a tail by birth. Because of the smaller size, it may not be visible right after birth. But it exists. However, the size of the tail varies in each individual. This aspect confuses dog lovers. They think that it might be cut off. In some dog breeds, the tail is extremely small just as an outgrowth. They have this kind of tail naturally. It is not cut off for any cosmetic reason.

English Bulldogs Are Tailless; Big Misconception

English bulldog does have tails. Its misconception to regard it as tailless animals.

Why do people think it to be without a tail?

There are few reasons for this misconception:

  • Bulldog tail is very small and not visible at a single glance
  • It is tightly tucked to the body and don’t spread out
  • The smaller size of the animal itself makes it tail smaller to be visible for the casual observer

So, don’t underestimate the cutie tail feature of this animal by calling it tailless. You can detect its tail right above the anus. Though it’s not much longer, still it’s tail!

English Bulldog Tail Types

Did the cute bulldog tail appeal to you? Kids really love this. They want to hold it in hand but eventually, it slips away. It varies in size and shape. Even puppies of the same mom can have different tails. Let’s see how many types of tail exist in English bulldog:

1. Straight Tail:

This type of tail grows downward. It’s more pointed towards the tapering end. Right after birth, it looks straight. When the dog will be an adult it will be still straight. By birth, this tail is soft, furry, and broad underneath. It looks like the handle of a pump. Sounds funny! This feature of bulldog is admired by the American Kennel Club.

2. CorkScrew Tail:

This type of tail is not extended outward rather it is wrapped downward. By birth, it looks folded though it’s flexible. When an animal grows up, it gets stiffened. At that point, it would look like a cinnamon roll. This shape and position of tail is acceptable by American Kennel Club.

3. Long or Wavy Tail:

Extra long and wavy tail is not acceptable yet it is still a part of a dog’s personality. It does not affect its behavior. However, it might affect its health if it catches certain infections. So, don’t bother too much about the size of the tail.

English Bulldog Types & Tail Pictures

Do you want to know more about bulldog tail? We’re going to show you the picture of each tail-type with the name of the breed. It will help you to choose your favorite one. Let’s have a look at the table below:

1. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

2. Alano Español (Spanish Bulldog)

Alano Español (Spanish Bulldog)

3. American Bulldog

American Bulldog

4. Continental bulldog

Continental bulldog

5. French Bulldog

French Bulldog

6. Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge

6. Perro de Presa Mallorquin

Perro de Presa Mallorquin

What Does it Mean by Dog Tail Docking?

Tail docking is a controversial procedure in which the tail is cut off for cosmetic or clinical reasons. It may be allowed if it becomes necessary for some medical conditions like an infection. But for cosmetic reasons, it is unnecessary.

Unfortunately, it happens with English bulldogs too. However, it should be for some medical reasons. To change the looks of a dog it should not be done. The natural beauty of this dog breed is enough to impress others. Why pose an unnecessary risk then. I would say it happens but it’s not favorable until it is done for some critical medical diagnosis.

Some English Bulldog Tail’s Problems

According to Vet, English bulldogs have to face certain health issues related to the tail. Though not fatal enough if addressed early. If you feel any of this problem, contact a Vet as it is good for dog health.

Let’s see what are the main bulldog tail problems:

  • As we know most of the bulldogs have wrap tails.They keep tails in curly position. This causes skin problems when it constantly remains folded. This problem can occur again even if treated once. So, there is a great need to clean up that curly area to reduce the chances of skin infection.Use this amazing paste to avoid wrinkles around the tail.
  • Glands under the anus are placed in such a way that the tail may hurt when the dog sits underneath. It may also cause odor. If you feel this contact,use a deodorizer to keep your dog healthy.
  • Other common infections may occur around stiff tail folding areas like dermatitis and intertrigo. Use dog tail bandage to stop infections.
  • Tail pockets are not very common in English bulldogs. These are caused by dirt inside the folded area that may cause infection.

Treatment of such skin issues is any antiseptic cream However, If you keep your dog clean, these problems may not arise frequently.

Is It Cruel To Dock Bulldog Tail?

Yes, of course, it does hurt the puppies. This procedure is carried out in the early life of animals. During this stage, it can be risky and stressful.

The tail is cut off through scissors or rubber band is tied to stop the blood supply. In both cases, it does hurt animals. For the sake of animal welfare, the Animal Veterinary Medical Association opposes this act.

Emily Patterson Kane says:

“Docking’s usually performed by a veterinarian or breeder without anesthesia, the rationale being that although it certainly causes pain, the puppy isn’t fully alert yet and won’t remember it,” (Have to published as a quotes)

Are English Bulldogs Tail Docked?

Unfortunately, this happens with English Bulldogs too. It is not a healthy procedure unless done for medical reasons. During this, the dog tail is cut off right after 2 to 5 days of birth to make it more adorable.

This is an unacceptable cruel process. It may cause other health-related issues too. Docking may result in a balance issue and bad behavior. However, it can be permitted if the tail catches an infection.

No matter, the tail is big or small, it does not affect a dog’s lifestyle. So, don’t hurt your pet for cosmetic reasons.

Are English Bulldog Born with A Long Tail?

Typically, bulldogs don’t have a long tail by birth. However, it depends on the breed and size of the animal. Each individual may have different shapes and sizes of the tail.

Generally, there is no fixed length of the tail in this animal by birth. It is soft, furry, broad at the end. But you can say it is not long enough at the time of birth. With age, it will grow in size. How much tail will grow longer depends on the size of the dog itself?

In American Bulldog it is quite long by birth.

Are English Bulldogs Born With A Short Tail?

Yes off course newbies are small enough and have a smaller tail. In bulldog, the tail is relatively smaller than other dog species. But at birth, its size is even smaller or sometimes there is just an outgrowth, not a proper tail-like structure.

It does not mean that the bulldog is tailless. It has a tail that is hidden under body fur or not quite large. When animals grow up, the tail may wrap, curl or grow straight. The shape and size of the tail are not similar in all newborns.

So, you can’t say anything about tail size with more certainty. It can be longer, smaller depending on animal size and breed.

Do Olde English Bulldog Born with A Tail?

Yes, Olde bulldogs are born with a tail. However, the shape and size of the tail vary in each individual. It may be long, curl, or small. According to the standards of the American Kennel Club, long-tail is more preferable in Olde Bulldog rather than shorter ones.

The tail will tell you whether your animal is happy or not. Sounds funny! The position of the tail mainly depends on the emotions of the dog. If the animal is relaxed, the tail would be flattened.

If the dog is moving,  the tail would hang along. If the dog is excited, the tail would be upward in position. The tail will grow in size with age depending mainly on the factor that you would dock it or not.

Olde English Bulldog tail

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Are American Bulldogs Born With A Tail?

Before I end up, let’s have some more info for dog lovers! American dogs do have a tail by birth. Even both types of this dog breed named Johnson and Scott bear tail by birth. Probably the main difference between an American bulldog and an English bulldog is the shape of the tail.

In American bulldog, it is relatively longer, stronger at the base than English Bulldog. The tail end is not thick enough but the base is broader.

If you want to identify American bulldog from English, look at the tails of both. You will recognize them. Watch this amazing video of American Bulldog giving birth.

Are American Bulldogs Born with a Tail

Is Docking Tail Legal Or Illegal In The US Or UK?

In both the UK and Us, docking is an illegal act. According to animal rights, it is allowed only for working breeds. English Bulldog does not fall under the category of dock- breed.

In the case, if someone breaks this law, there would be a fine and punishment according to the Animal Act. So, don’t try this if you are a resident of the US or Uk. If it is needed anyhow for some medical reason, ask your Vet to sign its permit. It’s a crime to hurt animals for no reason. It’s more like an inhumane act also. Love your pet and care for them!

How To Protect Avoid Tail Infections In Bulldog?

Did your dog’s tail smell? Did it feel uncomfortable when sitting on the floor? Are there dead cells along the folds of the tail?

These are all the signs of the tail- Infection in bulldog. As we know they keep it in the folded position. So, water and detergents don’t reach properly at the folded areas of skin when the tail is wrapped up. This may result in different kinds of infections like dermatitis, redness, tail pockets, and many more.

To protect your dog from such infections, try these tips:

  • Clean the dog properly. Use Shower Sprayer Attachment so that water could reach out to all hidden areas.
  • Use a scrubber to spread soap on the body of the dog properly. In this way,the whole body will clean up from germs and dead cells. Massage dog tail with this scrubber to remove any dust trapped in folds.
  • Always apply Clinical formula Shampoo or soap. It contains antiseptic to protect your dog from any kind of skin infection and disease. Also, it contains scent to remove specific tail odor.

Bottom Line:

We’re at the end of the topic. Now you are fully aware of the reality!

English bulldogs have a tail by birth. But its size differs in each individual. It may be small enough to be visible right after birth.

It does not mean that the tail is cut off. It’s all-natural!

That’s why dog lovers clear this misconception from your mind that this tailless breed.

In the end, I would recommend you to have pets only if you can take care of them properly.

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