Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart? [Guide To Dog Policy]

are dogs allowed in walmart

Have you ever experienced shopping with your furry friend? If yes, you know well that it can help socialize your pet while boosting his or her confidence. Before you try this, get full knowledge regarding the Vet Policy of the relative store where you are intending to do shopping with your hound. 

Unfortunately, marts with grocery shops or eatables will not encourage Dog’s entry. Isn’t it disappointing to leave your pet alone while shopping? Check out your favorite store Walmart’s Pet-Related Policy here in this article.

So, read on are dogs allowed in Walmart or not? Dogs are not allowed to visit Walmart Stores except Service Dogs. Yes, Service dogs with proper documentation and tags can get in Walmart with the owner. Otherwise, no pet dog, no emotional support dog, no other breed of dog is allowed or welcomed here.

 Walmart is the biggest retailer that deals with grocery, baked as well as packed food items. According to the food authority of states, pets should be kept away from dining areas for hygiene and sanitary needs. 

Keep reading to know more counter facts!

Are Dogs Allowed In Walmart Near Me?

Excuse me, Can I  bring my dog inside the mart? Such questions are often asked by dog lovers before entering Walmart. Many feel disappointed to hear the answer: No Mam, Only Service Dogs Can join You! Not All Dogs.

 Many customers even return back with their pets without shopping as they can’t leave their pets alone outside the mart or inside the car. If you are living near Walmarts, you should first make a call to verify would they allow your dog or not?

If you are an applicable candidate for a service dog, you should consult Walmart administration first to know what kind of documentation you should bring with you to confirm the Dog’s identity as a Service Dog.

To avoid any inconvenience, it is always good to ask your local store employees about any change in Pet Policy.

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed In Walmarts?

Walmarts are the biggest retailers of America with thousands of customers daily. Unluckily, they would not allow your dog to get in. However, Service Dogs can go inside with owners. Regular customers of this mart often argue Why Can’t they get in with pet dogs?

Below are some reasons for not letting the dog enter Walmart:

1. Hygiene Or Sanitation problem

Walmart administration thinks that dogs may cause hygiene problems if they move freely near eatables. It’s true that pet owners take care of cleanliness. But we can’t say all owners are responsible to bring washed and odor-free dogs at Walmart. That’s why they deny dog entry.

2. People with allergic Symptoms Stay Away from Dogs

It’s a hard reality that dogs can increase allergic symptoms of people already suffering from an infection. Doctors recommend them to stay away from pets. For the safety of such people, Walmart would not allow entry of dogs

3. Not all People feel Comfortable with dogs

One more truth is that not all people feel good in the company of dogs. Some kids, even adults, are still scared of them. If Walmart allows them to get in then their customers would feel scared.

4. Dogs can cause Contamination

Sometimes dogs are not fully trained for urination. They can mess up the neat and clean floor of Walmart. And you know well that the odor of dog‘s urine will linger longer in the mart. That would be the major reason to restrict pet entry in Walmart.

Are Dogs Allowed in Walmart’s in Canada?

Walmart is a big chain of stores all over the world. They have the same policy about dogs everywhere. Just like America, NO DOGS ALLOWED in Canada Walmart stores.

They have a very clear policy regarding normal dogs or pet dogs. But for service dogs, they have no such restrictions.

You can go to Walmart with Service dogs or Guide dogs but remember it should be leashed or tagged well as being a service dog. Walmart employees can inquire to show the documentation of service dogs and to verify that you qualify to keep one with you. Never try to enter without proper documentation. 

Are Dogs allowed in Walmart in California?

Just like Canada and other states of America, you can’t go with your furry friend inside the Walmart of California. There is a tag outside each mart with the note NO DOGS ALLOWED.

But under this, you can read Service Dogs ONLY. So, it is clear that they accept service dogs entry in all chain stores of Walmart in California.

According to Section 114259.5 of California Retailers and Grocery Stores live animals are not allowed to come to a food facility. Only Service Dogs can go in but they can’t move near the dining area.

Walmart offers grocery shops and other bakery items. That’s why they are more concerned about the hygiene of  eatables.

Are Service Dogs allowed in Walmart?

You may have read tags outside the Walmarts with a note ONLY SERVICE DOGS! It means you can easily take your service or guide dogs inside without any restriction or hesitation. The reason is that denying service dogs anywhere is illegal in both state or federal policies.

If you find employees of Walmart refusing Service Dogs or behaving rudely, you can register complaints against this behavior to a lawyer according to legislation.

Service dogs are well trained to serve people with disabilities or old people. They are friendly enough and can’t harm any customer there. People with blindness and certainly mental issues depend on these dogs mostly. So, it would be an inhumane act to restrict Service dog’s entry in Walmart.

How to identify service dogs is an interesting fact you should know. They are always wearing a service dog vest with a tag on it that is easily identifiable. Moreover, the owner would have approved documents or certifications from the courtroom to prove that he or she is taking a service dog. These dogs are well trained through different training programs for urination and other contamination. So, there is less chance of messing up the floor or other products in Walmart.

Dog-Friendly Stores in America 2021

Ever found a dog-friendly tag on shopping stores in America? If yes, you can take your pet inside without any hesitation. Some stores are now opening gates for pets like dogs and cats. We are going to update a long list of dog -friendly stores in America around 2020.

Let’s check out the list below:


As the name suggests, this store would be for pet products. So, for customer attraction and fun you can take your dog here or even leash off it 

Home Depot

Homedepot is a hardware store but they have opened the doors for pets. They have a big space where pets can move easily.


Not all branches of Lowes are pet friendly. But many local stores still allow dogs. The best advice is to call them to confirm before leaving home.

Tractor Supply Co

This popular nationwide chain store has no restrictions for pets. They have even posted a pic of the dog inside the door to show how friendly they are towards pets. 


The store owner here allows peaceful dogs but with a leash to come inside the store. This store is for fashion accessories where people are expected to stay for a long time.

The Apple Store

Some branches of Apple Store are dog-friendly, not all because few are located in a small area. Kindly confirm this before leaving your home with the dog

Bass Pro Shops

This store administration warmly welcomes pet dogs to enter in. They even have a DOg Event once in a year where you can freely take your pet dogs and have lots of fun activities.

Pottery Barn

This store too  allows leashed pets to come in with owners. Though there are home goods or less attractive things for pets to buy, you can buy a pet bowl 


Buying cosmetics along with your furry friend can be exciting. You can get dog shampoo from here also. Feel free to bring your dog while shopping. Remember animal testing of any cosmetic is not a healthy activity.


Macy’s stores would encourage pooches or dogs. They have a long pet-friendly history. But few Macy stores are in larger malls with less space or lift issues. So, make a call to confirm their policy before taking your pet there.

Are Puppies Allowed in Walmart?

Dog owners often ask that the puppy is too small; they can’t leave him or her alone at home during shopping. Can they take the puppy into Walmart?

No, not at all! Just like dogs,  puppies also can’t do inside even with the dog owners. Why? The reason might be the sanitation of grocery items or other eatables there.

There can be other reasons too that some dogs behave aggressively in crowded areas that can drive away from peaceful customers. Everyone loves a good repute for their profitable shopping stores. That’s why they may not wish that their customers feel uncomfortable or fearful in the presence of a dog. Though it can be unfair too! Pet puppies are very friendly and they know well how to behave in-crowd. But the problem is that not all pets are trained well and not all puppies are peaceful outside.

But if you are a disabled  person with a mental illness, you can take your service dog or puppy if you prove that they are service dogs at the entrance. You are welcome then to accompany your puppy with you.

Blind people especially are allowed to take guide dogs or puppies with them.

Other US Stores Policy About Dog

Until now, you are well aware of Walmart’s rules about Dogs. Do other stores in the US have the same rules or offer some relaxation? Fortunately, not all stores in the US are as unfriendly to Dogs as Walmart. There are many Stores with the label DOGS ARE ALLOWED! Where you can enjoy shopping with your furry- companion.

Let’s read the Dog related policy Of  some popular store below:

Related Question

Are dogs Allowed in Lowes?

Lowes is a big chain of stores. Some of the local stores do welcome leash up dogs, not all. They are pet friendly despite the fact that they deal with edible products. 

Are Dogs allowed in Home depot?

Unlike Walmart, you can take your dog inside Home depot. Though there is nothing for pet attraction, you can still enjoy shopping with your furry-friend here. Remember to tie-up the leash or dog should be peaceful to strangers.

Are dogs allowed in Petsmart?

Canines are warmly welcomed here. In fact, this store deals with pet keeping and caring accessories. It would be a good feeling to buy any product that your Doggie loves. 

Are dogs Allowed in Walgreen?

Likewise Walmart, this Store has the same policy regarding Dogs. Only Service Dogs are allowed to come in, not pet dogs or other train-in dogs.

Are Emotional Support Dogs(ESA) Allowed In Walmart

Dog lovers often ask, can I take my Emotional Support Dog inside the Walmart? The simple and plain answer to this is NO, No, you can’t. You may ask Why cant?

ESA is not allowed in Walmart because they don’t fall in the category of Service dogs nor normal pets. That’s why Walmart would ban their entry.

Now where to leave ESA during shopping is the biggest concern of dog owners. If they let them sit inside the car that’s not fine! If they let them leash up outside Walmart, that’s unsafe!

Fortunately, there are other options available where you can go on with your ESA freely. You can go to Petco, PetSmart, Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, and PetSmart where leashed dogs are always welcome. But make a call to confirm before if you are visiting the sub-chains of these stores.

Editor Suggestion: Walmart Administration should manage some Dog Leash Space Outside to ensure the safety of dogs that are not allowed in Walmart

Can you take your Dog in Walmart in a Stroller?

The funny trend of taking a pet dog in a stroller inside stores is increasing day by day. Dog owners are often seen carrying them in the stroller and doing shopping. This scene makes kids and customers feel excited and protected.

Obviously, there are people who are still scared of pets. So, they feel good when they tend to witness them bound in the stroller. But keep one thing in mind Walmart would not allow dogs, puppies even if they are inside the stroller.

They have a clear policy NO PETS. However, they would allow service dogs to get in if you prove that you are a candidate for service dogs. For example, blind people or people with certain disabilities can take service dogs in even inside a stroller or leashed up no matter. But Dogs Should Be Service DOGS ONLY.

Taking dogs sitting inside the stroller has many good results. In this way, your animal would not mess up with the floor and would not cause contamination near the grocery. One thing more, people would feel safe from dogs in the stroller. Plus, they look funny!

Final Words

To sum up, the answer to are dogs allowed in Walmart is a firm NO. But you can take them to many other pet-friendly stores near your area. 

Walmart is a big store. It should at least build separate areas outside the mart where people could leave their animals safe during shopping. In this way, it will become a more attractive place for dog owners to shop without worrying much about their pets.

What is your experience of shopping with your Doggies friend? Don’t forget to share your stories with us in the comment box. We’d love to read them!

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