Are Dogs Allowed in Starbucks? Is Starbucks Pet Friendly?

Are Dogs Allowed in Starbucks

I love Molly, my dog, pretty much. Every evening we go out in the park and return exhausted after the sunset. On our way, we come across the famous Starbucks shop. I was indeed tempted to go inside with Molly. But one thing always restricted me. I always asked myself the following questions, “Are dogs allowed in Starbucks?”

The short answer is- dogs aren’t allowed inside Starbucks coffee shops. Although they have dog-friendly policies and even some dog people claim kennels love Starbucks’ Puppuccino or whipped cream, your dog isn’t allowed inside.

It has its reason deeply rooted in Starbucks’ commitment to human health and food safety. And it has raised questions among dog lovers. So, I will dig deep into the conversations of dog’s access inside Starbucks, their dog policy, and friendliness.

Does Starbucks Allow Dogs Inside? Is It Dog-Friendly?

Starbucks has a confusing dog policy. And I came to know it only later when I took Molly inside Starbucks to have my favorite latte. Of course, as soon as I entered, I was given a concerned welcome. But, since I left quickly, I couldn’t find the reason promptly.

But, it evoked curiosity in me, and I wanted to read out Starbucks dog policy. And I was shocked, truly shocked!

Does Starbucks Allow Dogs Inside?

Starbucks doesn’t allow dogs inside their café. And this is highly confusing since Starbucks claim to be dog-friendly.

However, their dog-friendliness is limited to a point-

Yes, until your dog stays outside the Starbucks door and in the parking spot. As a dog owner, I found this pretty frustrating as I have to leave my clawed friend outside. But that’s not the entire story.

What’s more confusing is that Starbucks doesn’t have a sign prohibiting you from entering Starbucks with dogs. So, naturally, many people would feel embarrassed as they are politely asked to leave their dogs outside by baristas and managers.

I talked with my fellow dog owners and found my speculation true. Two of them said, “We entered Starbucks with our dogs. But their baristas gave us an annoying stare. Also, the manager immediately responded and asked politely to leave or dogs in the parkway. It was embarrassing.”

The most surprising fact was that Starbucks prepare Puppuccinos for dogs- their secret dog recipe.  But that’s the way they go.

Also, their policy is strict, and all their workers thoroughly know about it. Starbucks policy said that dogs could be fussy and noisy at times. Hence, it might distract the coffee lovers’ attention and may even harm people unwillingly. So, they restrict dogs’ entrance inside Starbucks.

Can I take my dog to Starbucks to order?

No, you can’t take your dog’s inside Starbucks to order coffee. However, even if you enter Starbucks with the dog, the barista will quietly and calmly request you to leave the kennel friend outside before approaching the table or ordering point.

Thus, you should never plan to visit Starbucks with dogs. You will feel frustrated and embarrassed as baristas will refuse to offer you any service until you leave the dog outside- alone and frustrated. Also, during my visits to Starbucks, I didn’t find their parking spots any special arrangements for dogs.  It hasn’t any spot to keep dogs with leashes, either.

So, I would recommend you not to take dogs while you visit Starbucks. However, when you visit Starbucks, you can always bring the whipped cream as a treat to the dog. They will love this secret recipe for sure.

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How do I get my dog in Starbucks?

No, in any circumstances, you won’t be allowed to get in Starbucks with dogs. However, Starbucks will permit you to keep the dog outside as you enjoy your favorite coffee inside.

What’s more, you can ask the barista for a cup of Puppuccino for your dog. This is a secret recipe for dogs as a gift to dogs. Once you ask for the food, baristas will happily serve you to carry and feed dogs. 

If you forget the name Puppuccino, you can simply ask for whipped cream. The trained baristas will surely understand your requirements and serve you with the famous dog drink.

Nonetheless, no matter how delicious the whipped cream seems for dogs, you won’t be allowed to take the clawed friend inside Starbucks.

Can I bring my puppy to Starbucks?

Starbucks’ nationwide dog policy is pretty strict. It doesn’t allow you to take even puppies inside irrespective of their breed and age. This is a pretty confusing rule since most restaurants and chain shops actually allow dongs inside their shop.

But Starbucks has a rather unusual policy based on their strict health and food safety policy that prohibits dogs from entrance inside unless it is a service dogs.

Yes, you read it right.

Starbucks has a pretty friendly policy for service animals, including dogs. So, they welcome any service dog inside.  We will discuss this policy in the respective section elaborately.

Is Starbucks UK dog-friendly?

Up until now, I have discussed the Starbucks dog policy in the USA. So, my UK dog lover mates might be interested to know whether or not UK Starbucks permits dogs inside their shop.

But I am afraid that I have a disappointing answer for you.

Starbucks UK is dog-friendly as long as the dog is kept outside. Likewise, their USA rule, Starbucks in the UK, restricts dogs, including the puppy’s entrance inside the café. So yes, they will provide the famous whipped cream to dogs and puppies staying outside the door. But that’s not worthy repentance for not allowing the dog inside.

It’s indeed pretty frustrating, and at times it might cause anger in you- if you are truly a dog lover.

Is Starbucks UK dog-friendly?

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The Starbucks service dog policy

When it comes to service dog policy at Starbucks, it’s entirely the opposite of regular pet dogs. Starbucks always allows service dogs, likewise all service animals inside the café.

So, why is this distinction between the regular pet dogs and service dogs’ policy in Starbucks?

To understand it, you have to learn what a service dog or service animal is. 

Service dogs are professionally trained to help disabled persons. They go through extensive training with proper knowledge on various etiquettes too. The dogs are trained and engaged in offering various tasks for older and disabled persons.

What’s more, a well-trained service dog will inform the disabled person when it’s time to take medicine.  So, many disabled persons depend entirely on their service dogs for safe movements, especially when they are outside.

Hence, Starbucks happily permits service dogs to go inside along with their owners. Also, baristas will gladly serve the famous whipped cream to these service dogs.

Also, American Disability Act (ADA) strongly describes that service animals, including dogs, must be allowed inside retail stores and restaurants. The act suggested this policy since service animals will perform many tasks for disabled persons.

ADA also has a clear suggestion on the use of service dogs-

The service dog or other service animals must always be under 100% control of its handler. ADA further suggests that the handler must use a harness, leash, or tether for their dogs as they bring them outside. But there is an exception. If the disabled person cannot use the harness or leash, the dog can roam with them without such devices.

Thus, according to the ADA rule, Starbucks is forced to allow service dogs inside their café even if their dog policy is different.

In fact, there was an incident when a Starbucks barista didn’t allow a disabled person to enter the shop with his service dog. The person later mailed Starbucks customer care about the incident and asked for an official apology.

It created a massive hue and cry among Starbucks fans and general people too. Luckily, Starbucks acted quickly and sent an official apology to the victim.

Why Are Service Dogs Allowed Inside Starbucks?

Service dogs are trained to help disabled persons in various tasks. These dogs will make life easier and comfier for the handler.  So, most retail shops and restaurants will happily allow the service dog along with their owner to enter their place.

As the premier coffee shop in the US and other countries, Starbucks doesn’t want to cause any sort of inconvenience to their customers. So, they allow dogs inside their shops.

And in the USA, Starbucks I actually compelled to permit service dogs inside their shops. It is because American Disability Act (ADA) states every retail shop and restaurant allows handlers to enter their space with service dogs.

Any exception to this rule may lead to the cancelation of business approvals and fines for the company. So, Starbucks must follow the rule, and so, they allow service dogs inside.


Is Starbucks pet friendly?

The clear-cut answer to this question is- no.

Starbucks won’t allow dogs inside their coffee shop unless it is a service dog. Also, you can give the dog a fantastic treat in the form of Starbucks’ famous Puppuccino. Your dog will indeed love it. This dog policy is the same for worldwide Starbucks shops.

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