Are Centipedes Poisonous to Dogs? [All Facts About Non- Edible Insects]

are centipedes harmful to dogs

Could you imagine the thought of putting worms in your mouth? Eweeeeeeeeeew, gross! What if your doggie loves to eat non- edible bugs or insects? Similar is the case with centipedes or millipedes. Canines are often found chasing them, eating them up, and even stung by them in worms- dominated tropical regions.

Here dog owners are concerned whether it’s good for their furry- friend to feed on centipedes or stung by such creepy worms Or not?

To know the answer read on are centipedes poisonous to dogs? Whether centipedes are poisonous or not depends on the fact that which type of centipede your dog has eaten up. Few types are toxic but not enough to kill your pet. The majority of centipedes from urban areas are mostly non- toxic. They emit specific odors with poisonous substances when dogs approach them. This odor can cause allergies and other symptoms.

Research shows that creeping worms usually emit cyanide along with odor. That’s poison! During summer, dogs mostly get the chance to encounter such crawlers while they are outside in gardens or damp places.

Keep reading to explore more facts!

Are Centipedes harmful to a Dog?

The best way to answer this query is to think about it from two perspectives. One is whether a centipede sting is harmful Or not? The other is whether feeding on Centipede is harmful or not? Normally, these worms are nontoxic but it depends on certain factors

  • How much your centipedes your dog has eaten.
  • What type of centipedes your dog has taken in.
  • What is the health condition of your dog before eating up centipedes?

One thing more is that we can’t say they are totally toxin-free creatures. They have poison bite but not much serious that animals like dogs could not tolerate.

I would say both Yes Or No. Centipedes are harmful if they belong to a deadly type. They are Ok or without harm if they are living in urban areas or they are house centipedes.

Is Centipede Bite Painful for Dogs?

Dog lovers sometimes get emotional when they witness their pet is stung by centipedes. They think that it would be painful. Some even start rubbing the area where they suspect a bite. I have even heard dog owners applying ointment to the affected area.

Will this be helpful? Centipede bite will create pain just like a bee wasp sting. It would feel like a pointed needle is punched deep in the dog’s skin. But dog skin is not as sensitive as humans. That’s why it would not be very painful at the start. However, for more poisonous centipede’s type, it would be really annoying. The dog would bark or cry with pain after such a bite.

Remember bite- marks on the skin are alarm signals of a serious condition. If not treated on time this wound can catch the infection. Ask you vet about this

Are House Centipedes Poisonous to Dogs?

Can you identify the house centipede? Expectedly, the answer would be,No. Many homeowners don’t know much about different types of these creepy insects. Lets first read a few points to identify this creature in your house.

House centipedes got this name because they can easily live inside your home.

They release mild venom that is not much toxic for most of the canines. But individual differences do exist in animals too. Sometimes house centipede’s sting may be harmful to medically complex dogs with allergic symptoms.

But it does not mean that you should treat your dogs with centipedes. It’s best to avoid such insects and feed high-quality dog meals to your lovely hound.

Can dogs eat House Centipedes?

Dogs can be vigorous eaters or taste checker. But they are not much taste conscious like humans. They love to taste anything even drywall or Jalapeno. 

They are very sensitive to any living creature they found around them whether bigger like a cat or smaller like centipedes. Sometimes they would love to drive them away without chewing up. However, most of the time dogs would attack insects or worms to kill them and then ate them up for safety reasons somehow. House centipedes can be found in basements, bathrooms, and moist areas inside or outside the home. Dog’s vision will catch them even more quickly than ours. It’s Ok if your dog has eaten only one small-sized centipede. But it would not be good to have more than one.

Below are the side-effects of eating up excessive centipedes

  • Allergic reaction
  • Respiratory infection
  • Vomiting fever
  • Irritation or diarrhea

Can Dogs Eat Millipede?

Is your dog barking on a millipede found in the garden? If yes, there is a possibility that your pet would try to eat it up even if this worm is dead or alive. In fact, dogs are curious animals that always want to taste new things. That’s why they sometimes kill insects for safety and then eat them up as they recognize the taste of anything later than humans.

Suppose the taste of millipede is bad, the dog will know this fact later than humans. Like centipedes millipedes are too poisonous. However, it depends on which type of millipede your dog has eaten. Dogs can eat anything, even walls or even pieces of clothes! 

Eating one millipede will be OK if your dog is in good health condition. But it can be harmful too. Centipedes or millipedes both release smelly mucus-like liquid that can cause allergic reactions in dogs as well as humans.

For urban dwellers, there is good news that centipedes here are not much harmful to your pet. But few millipedes of rural areas are rather more toxic in their bites.

It’s a reality that you can’t stop your dog from eating millipede, it may get aggressive. But you should go on for preventive tips given at the end of this article.

What to do If Centipedes Bite My Dog?

Oh, Centipede under my dog’s fur? Possibly it might have stung my dog’ tummy. It was badly stuck there when I killed it. I am one hundred percent sure that it has bitten my pet! Oh, poor pet! What can I do for you?

Have you ever been through such a situation? If yes, we’ will guide you about what you should do in this situation? 

Below are things you should do if your dog is stung by centipedes:

Stop Worrying: 

Stay calm buddies! There is no need to get anxious unless you find something wrong with your dog. So, follow your normal routine without much anxiety

Wait And See

Maybe you find nothing wrong right after your dog is stung. But after a few days, you find some allergic or other symptoms arising gradually. So, the best policy here is to wait and see! Maybe nothing bad happens after this mishap. Anything is possible!

Double Check your dog for Related Symptoms

Being a responsible caregiver, it is advised to keep a double check on your dog’s health and behavior. You may find symptoms later or may not find anything wrong. It depends on the immunity system of your animal mainly.

Consult the Vet

If you find nausea, vomiting, sickness, and irritable behavior in your dog after a  centipede attack, its time to consult your vet immediately. They know well how to treat such cases.

Editor-Note: Never try pest control sprays or self-medication on your sensitive dog. It would be even more fatal than a centipede’s bite. Ok!

Extremely poisonous Centipedes for Dogs

Do you think all centipedes are harmless? No, not at all. There are so many types of worms like insects. Some of them are less venomous while others are deadly poisonous and they release an irritable odor that is not good for pets with some types of allergic symptoms and even for humans.

How can you identify which type of centipede is Ok and which one is fatal? Here is an interesting table with the area wise distribution of centipedes and images. This table will help you to find centipedes invading in your area.

Table of Poisonous Centipedes with Invading Country names and Images

Names of Poisonous CentipedesHighly populated Area NamesImages
Giant ScolopendridaeAustralia
Scolopendra CataractaSoutheast Asia
Scolopendra Cingulata Mediterranean Area
Scolopendra GiganteaGalapagos Islands
Scolopendra GiganteaSouth America, the Caribbean
Scolopendra HerosSouthwestern United States, Northern Mexico
Scolopendra MorsitansAustralia
Scolopendra polymorpha Southwestern United States, Northern Mexico
Scolopendra SubspinipeIndian Ocean, Tropical and Subtropical Asia, South & Central America, the Caribbean
Scutigera ColeoptrataMexico, the Mediterranean)

What Will Happen if Dog eat up Centipedes?

The Vets often encounter such complaints from dog owners: What to do Sir, I witnessed my dog eating centipedes. Gosh! Unless I stopped him, he ate up the whole worm. What can I do now?

There is no need to get anxious if you find your dog eating up these creepy-insects. Because they are non -venomous or they will not add poisonous substances in your canine’s circulatory system.

However, few types of these insects can be harmful to allergic hounds. Check for these possible symptoms and then you need to worry about:

  • Vomiting
  • Sickness
  • Irritation in skin
  • Diarrhea or nausea
  • Breathing problem

If you find these symptoms take your pet to a nearby pet as soon as possible. Hopefully, these are not fatal signs and your furry friend will recover soon

Are Centipedes in Florida dangerous to Dogs?

Are you Dog owners from Florida? If yes, be careful then! Centipedes as well as millipedes have become ever-increasingly common problems here. The reason is of course tropical weather. People living in Florida may encounter three types of centipedes namely

  • House centipedes
  • Florida blue centipedes
  • Bark centipedes

The fearful fact is that they can bite dogs. However, its sting will not kill your pet. But keep an eye in case of any disturbance in the dog’s behavior and consult the vet if you feel something wrong.

The most affected areas of Florida are  Port St Lucie, Treasure Coast, and Martin County. Another threat is that people are using different sprays and pest control techniques that can also harm your pet in that area.

If you are an inhabitant of South Florida you should be well aware of this troubleshoot.

House centipede
Florida blue centipedes
Bark centipedes

Tips to Keep Your Dog Away From Centipedes

The growing population of centipedes in tropical regions of Europe, the USA, and the Uk has always been the biggest concern of pet owners. The good news is that centipedes can’t invade indoors as their food sources are mainly outside in gardens. However, they can enter inside in case of flooding and heavy rain. Preventive measures can be helpful in keeping dogs safe from centipedes sting. 

Below are a few effective tips to keep your dog away from centipedes or other crawling insects:

  • Beware of your outdoor areas like backyard or gardens for the presence of crawling insects. They mostly invade in damp, shady, and dark areas. Don’t let your dog go near the dense shady trees where sunlight is hard to reach. The chances of centipedes stung are high in such areas.
  • Such insects usually come out at night when moisture is relatively high. But they are very sensitive to light. Keep the lights of the backyard or garden lamps on to drive them away. Monitor your dog not to go near moisty areas at night.
  • Wooden logs and piles are favorite places for centipedes to hide. Put all these logs in a separate area away from the dog play area. It’s a good idea to place the piles on the rack rather than on the floor.
  • It’s best to buy a Steel Wood storage rack to avoid centipedes. Nowadays these racks are even available with rack-covers.
  • One more thing,  if you keep your dog at night time in the basement, there are greater chances of a centipede bite. Areas like the basement are not well ventilated. To keep centipedes away, install fans, and avoid moisture indoors.
  • Monitor cracks in sanitary pipes, tiles, or windows. Centipedes can enter from holes in damp places indoors. Before the rainy season, seal all the holes under doors and windows with weather strips. 

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, I would advise the dog owners that centipedes or millipedes are the worms that you should avoid for your dog. By chance, if they eat up or get stung by such worms you should keep an eye on your animal for any possible complication. If you live in a more affected area by such worms, you should call pest control authorities near you.

Here again, keep your dog away when chemicals or sprays are used for insect eradication. These sprays can cause different allergies and health issues.

I would never wish my dog to eat up creepers. Personally, I don’t like critters because they are smelly. But Who does? I would whistle up my dog to offer him something more delicious so that he may leave eating up centipedes or millipedes.

But what if he ate up in my absence? No matter through this article you can diagnose the symptoms of centipede’s feeding and bite. Take care of your dog! Bye Bye!

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