“My name is Christopher lily. I run the emboradogs.com website. I live in South Carolina, United States. I like to spend some time out in the countryside and love adventuring with my dog.”

Christopher lily

Our story

From the very childhood, I had a fascination with dogs. I remember our neighbor used to have an American bulldog. He was a lively pet. I used to play all the time with him. From that time, I knew how much dogs make me happy!

But I never got to have a dog of my own until my twentieth birthday. My mother gifted me with a Siberian husky. From then, he became my friend in health and sickness. I hang out a lot with him. He makes me feel relaxed and less stressed.

Since then, he has been a part of our family. We love him a lot.

We were so attached to him that we decided to open a breeding firm of our own. We went straight to the breeder’s house.

There were five cute and gorgeous puppies of bocker and chi chi breeds.

We decided to take them all. We went through the paperwork, paid the breeder, and started our new journey.

It’s been three years since then. Our breeding firm is running so well. Now they are a family of fifteen.

Over time, we experienced and learned a lot. I thought I would share my lovely experience with you through this website.

I made this website to talk about dogs and have a fun time.

This is a personal website:

Whatever I’m sharing on this website is from my personal experience with dogs. Everything you read here is a real-life experience.

Since I don’t have any veterinarian qualifications, most of the health-related information here is research-based. But I personally think that if you have any queries about your dogs, you must consult a vet.

Every article here is a sweet reflection of our lovely journey.

The goal of this website:

I mainly created this website to have a chat with you about my dogs. I love my dogs. And I have so many fun experiences with them. I want to share my everyday experience with my beautiful doggies.

Those who love dogs and want to have one of their own can go through my website. Here I try to give every detail of my journey with my dogs and the things I have learned over the period.

It’s a little approach to all the dog lovers out there.

Happy reading,